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Skype For Windows Phone coming soon


									                     Skype For Windows Phone coming soon
Skype For Windows Phone coming soon – According to the results of interviews conducted at CES 2012 with
Skype’s vice president, Rick Osterloh, note that Microsoft is currently preparing a Windows Phone product which will
be released soon. It is known that earlier, Joe Belfiore, director of the program Windows Phone promise that Skype
will be present in Windows Phone at the end of 2011.

Skype will be released at first without deep integration into Windows Phone up to the planned Apollo edition
appeared in 2012 this end. Microsoft has also been demonstrated at MIX 2011 Skype application ago.

This application is predicted to be launched in Barcelona next month, when the Mobile World Congress. Display of
this application seems to be the same as the demo shown some time ago.

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