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									                                         CRAIG TESCHKE
                      Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 – 952-412-1951 (C) -
                                 Public Profile:

                             PROJECT ENGINEER / MANAGER
Hands-on, disciplined Engineering Manager with career-long expertise in engineering and quality control.
Proven analytical, strategic planning, and restructuring abilities, consistently resulting in improved
enterprise-wide efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Customer-centric focus with ability and drive to
ensure excellence in customer service and training. Astute ability to recognize and develop leaders and
key personnel. Strong communication and interpersonal skills that foster the development of strong, high
performing teams. International experience in technical advisory and performance capacities, coupled
with excellent organizational and time/resource-management skills.

  Strategic planning and                   Process and procedure                    Leadership and personnel
  implementation                           improvement                              development
  Vision and leadership                    Vendor and customer                      Team leader, motivator, and
  Organizational analysis and              relationship management                  player
  restructuring                            Exceptional technical
  Engineering and quality                  expertise
  Product improvement and                  Training and mentoring
                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Engineering Manager
Was hired specifically to technically support and invigorate seventy some year old family owned business that
had an aggressive market and product expansion plan. Also hired to help implement Lean Manufacturing
discipline. Was the driving force to replace 2D drafting with 3D SolidWorks modeling to automate and
enhance engineering support, including SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM), and to use
Finite Element Analysis in project/product development. Notable project/organizational achievements include:
     Technical management of sign structure project for the new I-35W bridge.
     Taking initial lead to restart design of complex decorative pole forming machine built in-house.
     With my staff, technically supporting the close to doubling of the market area served by the company.
     Shaping my department to technically support the company’s Rings and Cylinder Division, an area of
         the company having modern and older machine tools, this historically had no engineering support.

WESTMOR INDUSTRIES, LLC, Morris, Minnesota, 2003-2005 (Formerly Kleespie Tank)
Engineering / Quality Control Manager
Returned to reorganized company after previous Engineering Manager resigned. Recognized
need for, and quickly implemented organizational changes to streamline communications, bid processing,
and more quickly deliver engineering documentation to engineering's customers. Restored confidence in
company’s ability to respond technically to product customization and new product introduction
requirements as company's diverse customer base required. Started the process of implementing Lean
Manufacturing company wide. Emphasized engineering's functions of developing new products and reducing
costs by:
     Providing the technical support for new product to develop fueling Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
         for aircraft defueling for a major defense contractor.
     Creating tools, spread sheets and MathCad routines, to enable draftsmen (non-engineers) to do
         preliminary design work to more evenly distribute work load and reduce engineering project time.
     Designing an insulated jet fuel tank as part of an integrated aircraft chilled fuel system collaboratively
         with two partners, one being a major industrial gas company.
                                             CRAIG TESCHKE

                           PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED)
TAYLOR-WHARTON (Harsco Gas and Fluid Control), Theodore, Alabama, 1999-2003
Chief Engineer / Quality Assurance Manager / ISO 9001 Management Rep, January 2001- May 2003
Promoted internally to create and serve in dual role, also involving strategic planning and restructuring, for
international cryogenic containment vessel manufacturer.
Recognized need for and defined strategy to implement change, applying lean manufacturing principles
and engendering performance-oriented culture among employees. Lead department that acts as central
hub of global technical operations, including providing technical support / advice to sister companies
overseas. Reorganized department to improve efficiency, product documentation, performance,
productivity and profitability. Serve as go-to person for department managers; liaise, consult, and
coordinate with vendors regarding product integration and quality issues. Manage customer relations and
support /service. As global expert for ASME Section VIII, Division 1 construction code and ISO 9001
management representative, ensure employees' understanding of and compliance with system, including
its strategic importance. Manage all ASME, ISO, and local / international governmental regulatory
groups, including documentation / certifications.
Senior Cryogenic Bulk Tank Engineer, August 1999- December 2000
Hired predominately to fully implement the company’s major investment in PTC’s Pro-Engineer software. Led
4-person professional team and consulted with clients to define needs and efficiently design products
to specifications, ensuring maximum production efficiency and ease of support. Provided technical
support for global bulk-tank operations across United States. and three foreign countries. Tasked with
integrating Pro-Engineer into operation. Performed other functions similar to above position but limited to
bulk-tank product line.

KLEESPIE TANK AND PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT, INC, Morris, Minnesota, May 1995- June 1999
Engineering / Quality Control Manager
Seized opportunity to demonstrate in business environment the leadership and technical skills developed
during Navy career, leading engineering and QA activities for atmospheric tank / pressure-vessel
manufacturer with revenues of from$18 million to $38 million.
As the firm's first formally designated Engineering Manager, led 6-person team of highly trained
professionals. Researched, selected, and incorporated IDEAS software across enterprise; integrated
quality control into operations; managed large, complex field-centered projects of up to $750,000
involving vendors, internal fabrication, subcontractors, and customers; and performed critical problem solving
functions in difficult environment to rescue vital customer relationships. Collaborated with Sales
to develop hazardous-material truck transports as mainstay of product offering.

Engineering Instructor, Navigator/Training Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Main Propulsion
Assistant, U.S. Navy, various locations including Europe, resigned commission as Lieutenant
(pay grade 0-3) September 1992

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (1984) - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Engineer in Training exam: Passed 1992
Mini MBA for Technical Professionals (2006) - St Thomas University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Computer Tools: SolidWorks, SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM), MS Office,
AutoCAD, PTC's Pro-Engineer, MathCAD, Design Flow (fluid flow analysis for piping), various ERP
systems, IDEAS Master Series (solid modeling, FEA) Compress (Pressure Vessel Analysis program), some
SQL familiarity

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