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									Our Business is to see Your Business Succeed Says the Shop Fitting Shop

[15/06/2012] - When businesses are struggling and trying to make the most of their stores and
display windows, it’s refreshing to see a company that offers shop fitting and displays to help
businesses forge ahead with their marketing. From Slatwall Panels to accessories and mannequins,
The Shop Fitting Shop has it all.

The internet has drawn a lot of customers away from the glass fronted shops and put them in their
homes in front of their computers, this is why it’s become so important for shop owners to make the
most of the space they have. Displays in the windows, practical use of space and visual appeal are
key to making a shop work in this difficult economic climate.

Convenience and Practicality
Slatwall Panels are panels attached to a shop wall that enables the store to add accessories such as
display cases for gift cards, shoe stands, poster holders and mirrors on their walls without too much
effort. Every accessory slot into place, it’s convenient, practical and flexible while making the shop
look professional and sophisticated to the eye.

These panels have grown in popularity due to their space saving qualities. Stores are able to display
their merchandise on walls rather than cluttering shelves around the store. Any special promotional
offers can be placed in a poster frame and popped on the wall without doing any damage, enabling
it to be changed regularly and keep customers up to date and interested in their products.

Set Your Shop up Right the First Time Round
Setting a shop up right the first time is what makes a difference, you want customers to see
everything on sale, you don’t want them to miss a beat because once they step foot through the
doors, you don’t want them leaving without buying something.

Shop owners need to step up the game and through visual displays, space saving techniques and
promotional materials they can still get the clientele through the doors, Slatwall Panels just make
the job that little bit easier, slotting into place and enabling the accessories to be clipped into place
wherever you wish, adding to the convenience and practicality these panels offer.

About Us:
The Shop Fitting Shop is dedicated to ensuring shop owners enjoy the best shop fitting, such as
Slatwall Panels and the best retail displays. Their motto is “our business is to see your business
succeed”, welcoming words to many shop owners around the country.

The Shop Fitting Shop
4a & 4b Holmes Chapel Business Park
Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel
Cheshire, UK
Zip: CW4 3AF
Tel: 01477 534273
Email: sales@theshopfittingshop.co.uk
Website: www.theshopfittingshop.co.uk

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