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									                    STEVEN J. SPINELLI
                    Rochester, NY 14626
                    (585) 227-7716

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS                                                         Customer Support
   Accomplished Process Engineering professional with over 15 years of               Field & Sales
   experience with a multinational imaging and photographic corporation.                Support
   Advanced skill in analyzing customer requirements and engaging in hands-
   on involvement with research, development, product application, technical      Licensing Programs
   support commercialization and marketing support.                                   Product &
   Contributions include:                                                        Application Training
    Design and implementation of enhanced and web-based support tools,          Web-based Support
     including self-help options, in-house and user training tools, and
     innovative web applications which decreased printing costs by 60% over       Cross-department
     2 years.                                                                       Collaboration

    Process flow analysis with vision: Evolved, streamlined processes result      Consumer Affairs
     in higher revenue by 12% the first year, improved customer service and           Technical
     cost savings by 4% the first year.                                          Specification Review
    Co-inventions that resulted in two patents.

  Product Application Engineer / Senior Service & Support Engineer
  New position created to provide level-3 support and training on products and accessories to call
  centers and service centers worldwide. Concurrently serve on engineering team delivering technical
  expertise to sales, service and marketing organizations.
     Created worldwide support plan and training modules for new-to-market wi-fi supported
     products; reduced next generation support costs by 40%.
     Completed new product commercialization for 13 models, resulting in domination of market
     revenue share in the U.S. and Canada.
     Improved service and support of the $34 million accessory business, $2 million home printing
     product lines, and multi-million dollar digital camera business.
     Facilitated 30% and 25% reductions in support costs for digital devices and printer/photo docks,
     respectively, over two fiscal years.
     Developed pocket-sized training tools to demonstrate products to retailers and suppliers. That
     contributed to a cost savings of shipping products and additional materials for the sales teams.
     Utilized customer feedback to push development of a wider variety of Kodak inkjet products.
     Devised online self-help tools and easy, accessible printer settings to bring inkjet product line
     into an Internet presence.
     Developed support license agreements between company and licensee organizations
Steven J. Spinelli         Page #2                          585.227.7716

   Research & Development Technician – Inkjet Products
      Managed installation of new inkjet technology department, a role created to expand Kodak’s
      presence in an area that is now a $100 million business.
          Dealt with challenges of start-up, from assembling specialized teams to troubleshooting
          technical and business-related problems.
      Chosen to oversee installation of new lab for OEM product testing. Recruited, interviewed and
      hired 6-person team of technicians.
      Provided benchmarking recommendations – on performance, quality and compatibility – for
      the commercialization process.
      Managed with vendors for parts, chemicals, hardware, software and repairs.
      Educated sales reps, resellers and consumers on application usage of Kodak inkjet product line.
   Senior Research Technician
      Developed expertise in the areas of research, testing, analysis and troubleshooting issues
      specific to company product lines and businesses. Consistently contributed in ways that
      enhanced company’s prestige as an innovator in inkjet technology and paper quality.
      Credited as co-inventor on two patents; contributed to 25 related technical reports published in
      the Journal of Imaging Science & Technology, a highly respected venue for the publication of
      papers on research, development and applications in imaging.
      Developed experiments for emulsion optimization coatings for inkjet paper, which was
      commercialized on the first attempt and ultimately developed into related products.
   Technical Assistant / Supervisor
      Developed process for lower molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidene for the first printable
      compact Kodak writeable disk.
      Designed electrical testing equipment for production plant in Mexico; also developed report
      writing, job descriptions and operational procedures, and ensured Mexican plant’s compliance
      with company specifications, standards and policies.
        Adobe PhotoShop for Engineers ~ Electronic Imaging: System Fundamentals
        Digital Image Processing ~ Ink, Paper & Color
        Technical Specialist Training ~ Facilitator Training for Supervisors & Team Leaders
        Statistical Process Control (SPC) ~ Troubleshooting and Supporting PCs (Certified)
        Writing Advantage ~ Electro-Photographic Process: Core Technical Training
        Basic Electronics ~ Experimental Design Fundamentals ~ Digital Imaging
        Patents & Publications:
        United States Patent No. 5,334,477 AND United States Patent No. 5,358,820
        Monroe Community College – Criminal Justice – Police Science

        Volunteer work:
        Continuous Training with the President of SAFETYCHEXX
        Risk Management & Loss Control Company
        Safety Management/Training/Site Safety/Inspections
        Safety Training:
        OSHA: Construction Safety & Health (30 hrs.) ~ OSHA: Trenching & Excavating (4 hrs.)
        OSHA: Construction Safety & Health (10 hrs.) ~ OSHA: Scaffold Safety (4 hrs.)
        OSHA: Qualified signal Person – 3rd party evaluator – Mobile and Tower crane, voice signals,
        Electronic signals (radio, phone, etc.) (4 hrs.)

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