2nd Grade Curriculum Guide in Social Studies

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					Curriculum Guide in Social Studies
Subject Description:
Course Code: BSOC02
           Summer                                                                Fall                                                 Winter                                                 Spring                          Remarks
   Lecture           Lab                                    Lecture                          Lab                    Lecture                         Lab                    Lecture                           Lab             Requirement
I. A Beautiful Country      a. Interactive Lesson,   II. Historical Event in the    a. Interactive Lesson,   III. Strength in Unity        a. Interactive Lesson,   IV. Be Proud of the Filipinos   a. Interactive Lesson,
                            Video Presentation       Country                        Video Presentation                                     Video Presentation                                       Video Presentation
a. Beautiful Land Forms                                                                                      a. Filipinos: The Country’s                            a. Rights and Duties of a
                                                     a. Historical Places                                    Treasure                                               Child
- Plateau
                                                     - Rizal Park                                            - Population                                           - Right to be Loved by
- Mountain                                                                                                                                                          Parents
                                                     - Fort Santiago                                         - Groups of Population
- Mountain Range                                                                                                                                                    - Duty at Home
                                                     - Magellan’s Cross                                      - Taking Care of the People
- Volcano                                                                                                                                                           - Right to Grow healthy and
                                                     - Mactan Island                                         b. Important Filipinos                                 strong
- Hill
                                                     - DambanangKagitingan                                   - Filipino Who Help Us                                 - Duty to Oneself
- Plain
                                                     - Corregidor                                            - Unity to Meet Daily                                  - Right to be Educated
- Valley                                                                                                     Needs
                                                     - The Aguinaldo Shrine                                                                                         - Duty to Study Hard
- Island                                                                                                     c. Characteristics of the
                                                     - Malacanang Palace                                     Filipinos                                              - Right to be Happy
- Coast
                                                     - Other Historical Places                               - Faith in God                                         - Duty to Others
- Summary
                                                     - Preservation of                                       - Helpful                                              - Right to Become Good
b. Scenic Bodies of Water                            Historical Places                                                                                              Citizens
                                                                                                             - Respectful and
- Lake                                               b.The Filipino                                          Thoughtful                                             - Religious Duty
- River                                                                                                      - Creative and Resourceful                             - Duty to the Community
                                                     - Rural Community
- Brook                                                                                                      - Hardworking and                                      - Duty to become Good
                           - Farming Community      Persistent                    Citizen
- Strait
                           - Urban Community        - Hospitable and Joyful       b. Special Talent
- Waterfall
                           - Industrial Community   d. The Filipino Tradition     - Right to Develop One’s
- Sea                                                                             Talent
                           c. Community Maps        - Religious Traditions of
- Ocean                                             the Christians                - Chance to Develop One’s
                           - Telling Directions                                   talent
- Gulf                                              - Religious Traditions of
                           - Sybols Used on Maps    The Muslims                   - Organizations that Help
- Bay                                                                             Children
                           c. National Symbols      - Civic Traditions
c. Natural Resources                                                              - Using Time Wisely
                           - National Flag          - Other Filipino Traditions
- Land Resources                                                                  - Filipinos with Special
                           - National Anthem                                      Talent
- Conservation of Land
Resources                  - National Language                                    c. outstanding Filipinos

- Water Resources          - National Hero                                        - Hereos of the Country

- Conservation of Water    - National Fish                                        - Outstanding Public
Resources                                                                         Servants
                           - National Flower
- Mineral Resources                                                               - Outstanding Filipino in the
                           - National Costume                                     Arts
- Conservation Resources
                           - National Tree                                        -Outstanding Filipinos in
                           - National House
                                                                                  - Outstanding Filipinos in
                           - National Dance                                       Sports

                           - National Game                                        - Honest Filipinos

                           - National Leaf                                        - Brave Filipinos

                           - National Fruit                                       - Other Outstanding
                           - National Animal

                           - National Bird