Success and Fate by muhammadsriduan


									                                  Success and Fate

Many people are found grumbling about the fact that their dreams don't come true.
Whatever they crave happens to be out of their reach. Ultimately they start blaming their
fates and reiterate that there wasn't any flaw in their efforts. How often do we see people
lamenting over some adversity and asking questions like "Why did ALLAH do this?"
Yes, it is quite natural that one gets disturbed when things run counter to our
expectations, but we mustn't start grumbling and be acerbic about the fate. Only ALLAH
knows what is best for us, and he definitely does everything on purpose. Albeit, the
hidden logic is always in favor of mankind.

I must confess that I also fell in the category of complainers; always placing the blame on
fate and being smug that I had done the best. Not until I learnt something, and that
something really changed it all around me. That something is just a simple sentence,
"Losing to fate doesn't matter. What matters is that how well you try to vanquish the

Success is a continuous process. One would face a failure once, twice, thrice but not the
fourth time! According to me success requires certain impetus which can either be
provided by any misfortune or some incident. It can also happen via some strong
inspiration. If we peek at history books every single individual who created a name for
himself raised himself from ashes. Despite all the criticism and witticism, they kept
crawling towards the destination. At the end, the one who once used to mock them were
seen succumbing to them.

Lives of great men all remind us;
That we can make our lives sublime;
And departing leave behind us;
Footprints on the sand of time.

Hazrat Ali RA says that, "If the path leading towards your destiny isn't fraught with perils
then you've surely chosen a wrong path". Sitting idly and hoping to become a legend
without any effort are just hallucinations. The world is too fast for such notions.

It is innate in humans that they want to be extolled and praised. They want to be at the
zenith of success. Though only a few transform their aspirations into solid reality.
Whereas, the others spend a lot of time building castles in the air without doing
something which may actually yield them tangible benefits.

The crux of the matter is that stop blaming the fate and keep on with your endeavor. One
finds a lot of shackles during the course of his journey. The ones who overcome them are
the winners and the ones who give in lack that spunk to be eminent.

"Winners make commitments; Losers make promises
Winners make it happen; Losers let it happen"

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