8th Grade Curriculum Guide in English

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					Curriculum Guide in English
Eight Grade
Subject Description: Afro-Asian Literature
Course Code: BENG08
            Summer                             Fall                                                                                Winter                                                  Spring                           Remarks
          NARRATIVE                          DRAMA                                                                                 POETRY                                                  ESSAY
    Lecture           Lab            Lecture                                              Lab                      Lecture                        Lab                      Lecture                       Lab                Requirement
I. Learning to Know        a. Short Story Writing     II. Learning To Do         a. Play let Presentation   III. Learning to Become      a. Writing a Haiku/Tanka   IV. Learning to Live        a. Descriptive Essay    1. Digital Presentation
                                                                                 from an Original Script                                                                                        Writing
a. The Man From Kabul      b. Afro-Asian Literature   a. The Spider’s Thread                                a. Like a Molave             b. Afro-Asian Literature   a. My Thai Cat                                      2. Actual Presentation
                                                                                 b. Afro-Asian Literature                                                                                       Afro-Asian Literature
Literature: The Man From                              Literature: The Spider’s                              Literature: Like the                                    Literature: My Thai Cat                             3. Museum and
Kabul                                                 Thread                                                Molave                                                                                                      Theatre Visits
                                                                                                                                                                    Language in Focus:
Language in Focus:                                    Language in Focus:                                    Language in Focus:                                      - Arriving at a Consensus
- Listening to Predict                                - Determining the                                     - The Tyranny of the False                              - Deducing Meaning of
Outcome                                               Objective of the Speaker                              Values Advertisement                                    Complex
- Emphasis                                            Through Note Taking                                                                                           - Sentence Structures
- Index                                               -Gathering Information                                Grammar: Forms of Verbs
                                                      through Mass Media                                                                                            Grammar: Direct and
Grammar: Prefixes                                     - Understanding Text                                  b. Hunger in Barok                                      Indirect Speech
                                                      through Illustrations
b. The Soul of the Great                                                                                    Literature: Hunger in                                   b. The Temple on Bukit
Bell                                                  Grammar: Informative                                  Barok                                                   Jong
                                                      Questions – Wh
Literature: The Soul of                               Questions                                             Language in Focus:                                      Literature: The Temple on
the Great Bell                                                                                              - Let’s Tidy Up our Fight-                              Bukit Jong
                                                      b. A Thousand Paper                                   Poverty Program
Language in Focus:                                    Cranes                                                                                                        Language in Focus:
- Listening to Discover                                                                                     Grammar: The Simple                                     - Narrative Structure of
worthwhile Ideas                                      Literature: A Thousand                                tenses                                                  Ballads
- Inflection                                          Paper Cranes                                                                                                  - Friendly Letters
                                                      Language in Focus:                                                                                            Grammar: Parallelism
Grammar: Suffix                                       - Core and Follow Up
c. A Little Incident         - Reading Information        c. We Filipinos are Mild    c. Once Upon a Time
                             Using Graphs                 Drinkers
Literature: A Little         - Modes Of                                               Literature: Once Upon a
Incident                     Communication                Literature: We Filipinos    Time
                                                          are Mild Drinkers
Language in Focus:           Grammar: Pronoun                                         Language in Focus:
- Newspaper Headline                                      Language in Focus:          - Reading for information,
                             c. Haikus                    - Forestalling and          Pleasure, And Appreciation
Grammar: Basic                                            Repairing Communication     Informal Invitation Letter
Sentence Patterns            Literature: Haikus           breakdown
                                                          -The Janitor Who would be   Grammar: Verbals
d. Savitri’s Love            Language in Focus:           a Millionaire
                             - Identifying the Speakers                               d. I Thank You, God
Literature: Savitri’s Love   and the Trend of Thought     Grammar: The
                             - Using Audio Visual Aids    Progressive Tenses          Literature: I Thank You,
Language in Focus:           in an Informative Talk                                   God
- Listening to Get the       - Expressing One’s Ideas,    d. The Vanity of the Rat
Message                      Attitudes and Feelings in                                Language in Focus:
- Scanning                   Writing                      Literature: The Vanity of   - Harmony and Rhythm in
                                                          the Rat                     Poems Journal
Grammar: Sentence            Grammar: Modals
Transformations- The                                      Language in Focus:          Grammar: Preposition
Interrogative or Question    d. Telephone                 - Circumlocution
Transformation, The          Conversation                                             e. Feast of the Dead
Imperative Sentence                                       Grammar: The Perfect
Transformation               Literature: Telephone        tenses                      Literature: Feast of the
                             Conversation                                             Dead
e. The Trial of the Stone                                 e. Run
                             Language in Focus:                                       Language in Focus:
Literature: The Trial of     - Identifying Changes in     Literature: Run             - Arranging Words on a
the Stone                    Meaning                                                  Cline
-Skimming to Determine       - Organizing Information     Language in Focus:          - Book Review
the Author’s Key Ideas       Through a Context Map        - The Lady or the Tiger     - Review Of “To Kill a
                                                                                      Mocking Bird”
Grammar:                     Grammar: Pre-Noun and        Grammar: Verb
- The Exclamatory            Post-Noun Modification       Modification                Grammar: Conditional
Sentence Transformation      structure                                                Sentences
and the Prepositional                                     f. The Old Man, His Son,
Sentence Transformation      e. Open House                and Their Bike              f. The Food of Paradise

f. The Lion-Makers           Literature: Open House       Literature: The Old Man,
                                                          His Son and their Bike
Literature: The Lion-        Language in Focus:
Makers                       - Asking and Giving          Language in Focus:
                             Information through the      - A Love Letter
Grammar: Sentence            Telephone
Transformations- General     -Showing Relationships       Grammar: Conjunctions
Yes-No Questions             Using a Chart                or Connectors
Grammar: Subject Verb

f. The Wrestling Contest
Between the Cat and the

Literature: The Wrestling
Contest Between the Cat
and the Tortoise

Language in Focus:
- Identifying Important
Points of the Speaker
- Relation Ideas

Grammar: Agreement of
Verb With the Special