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									                                      Monday Morning Memo
                                        October 18, 2010
               October is Disability Employment, Awareness, and History Month
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                                         The Week Ahead
Monday October 18, 2010
The Lanterman Coalition will be meeting from 1 to 3 pm in Sacramento and will discuss the
following topics: The need for a "one stop" information site for contingency plans when regional
centers are not being paid, Questions for the Candidates, Survey to Lanterman Coalition
Constituents, Budget Outcomes, and Get out the vote activities.

We’ll be participating in the public policy staff meeting for The Arc of the United States.
Directors of Public Policy in various state chapters of The Arc meet regularly to coordinate
efforts to advance sound public policy for supporting people with intellectual and other
developmental disabilities and their families across the nation.

We will be participating in Governor Schwarzenegger’s Health Care Reform Implementation
Task Force from 3:30 pm to 5 pm at the Department of Health Care Services Auditorium, 1501
Capitol Avenue, Sacramento. The goal of the meeting is for Administration officials to discuss
the status of and issues associated with implementation activity and for stakeholders to ask
questions and share implementation-related issues and considerations.

Cornell University will be hosting the webinar, “Business Perceptions and Trends from Senior
Executives on the Employment of People with Disabilities: Findings from 2010 Kessler/ NOD
Survey of Employment of Americans with Disabilities. On the twentieth anniversary of the
Americans with Disabilities Act, Kessler and NOD commissioned this new research to
understand current corporate diversity and disability policies and program; identify what steps
employers have been taking toward recruiting, training and retaining people with disabilities, as
well as the barriers they experience; and gauge employers’ perception of the impact of the
ADA.” The webinar will be from 12 noon to 1 pm (PST) and you can register at:

Tuesday October 19, 2010

                                                                                      Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                         The Arc of California
                                                                                October 18, 2010, page 1 of 11
                                                                             Tony Anderson, Executive Director
I will be presenting to the Inland Empire Disabilities Collaborative, at Inland Empire Health
Plan, 303 E Vanderbilt Way, San Bernardino. I will recap the significant successes of our
association this year and review the budget decision and other legislative outcomes effecting
out community.

The Alliance for Full Participation state team leaders will be meeting by conference call.

Thursday October 21, 2010
The Training Institute of Jay Nolan Community Services presents an upcoming training,
Burnout: Recognition, Treatment, Prevention with Ruth Myers, MD and ERVICES and Steve
Myers, PhD, BCBA. The training will be October 21, 2010 from 9 am to 4:30 pm at the Jay
Nolan Training Room, 15501 San Fernando Mission Boulevard, #200, in Mission Hills CA.
This training looks like an excellent opportunity for DSPs and other caregivers and a great
reminder that in order to be effective in support and service you must take care of yourself to
care for others. The training is free for Jay Nolan Staff, families, and people receiving services
and the cost for all others is $50.00 (3 hours CEU CREDIT MFT, LCSW is $65.00 – [PCE
2996]). Send check, money order, or purchase order to: Cindy Strully, Jay Nolan Community
Services, Inc., P.O. BOX 9604, Mission Hills, CA 91346-9604 (include your name,
organization, and email address). Space is limited, to reserve space now contact: Carole (818)
361-6400 X131 or

Friday October 22, 2010 – Furlough Friday for State Workers
The Alliance for Full Participation will hold another webinar, Create Incentives and Remove
Barriers, at 10 am. To participate in the call and webinar featuring Federal Agency partners
discussing programs, incentives and new initiatives to remove barriers and promote
employment click on this link: Joe
Meadours and Tony Anderson, the California State Liaisons will be featured in this webinar
reviewing the current work on the state team and the state scorecard.

                                        Action Alerts
The Arc of California (Greg deGiere, Public Policy Director, The Arc of California)

                        Register to Vote Today October 18th, 2010
                  Last Day to Register for the November 2, 2010 Election.

If you haven’t registered to vote yet (and you’re reading this on Monday October 18, 2010) you
can still register today for the election coming up on November 2, 2010. If you’re not sure of
your status you can check online at:

If you’re not registered to vote, and:
    1. you are a United States citizen,
    2. California Resident,
    3. at least 18 years of old,
    4. not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction, and
    5. you’ve not been judged by a court to be mentally incompetent,

                                                                               Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                  The Arc of California
                                                                         October 18, 2010, page 2 of 11
                                                                      Tony Anderson, Executive Director
then you can register by filling out this form and taking it into your county elections office: For the location of your
county elections office visit:

People with disabilities are known to be the largest block of voters who don’t vote. One way of
increasing our power in the disability community is to show we participate in the decision
process and that there will be accountability for leaders who make harmful decisions hurting
people with disabilities.

The Arc of the United States
Tell ADD how it can make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities (IDD). An opportunity we can’t afford to miss!

What Do You Think:
- children with IDD need to live happy lives with their families?
- adults with IDD need to live meaningful lives in their communities?
- seniors with IDD need to long, healthy lives in their homes?

Come out to share your ideas with ADD Commissioner Sharon Lewis. Sharon has a long
history with The Arc and is the parent of a child with IDD.

As the recently appointed Commissioner for the Administration on Developmental Disabilities,
public outreach and strategic planning are critically important items on my agenda. There are
so many complex issues affecting people with disabilities across the country – implementation
of the Affordable Care Act, the new economic reality of states, persistent unemployment,
education reform efforts, and our aging population – these are only a small sample of the
significant changes that are shaping the future. Given this shifting landscape, I hope to hear
how self-advocates, family members, allies, and professionals describe a vision of the future
for individuals with developmental disabilities.
October 18         Philadelphia, PA*
November 8         Orlando, FL
November 15        Dallas, TX
December 2         Detroit, MI
December 6         Denver, CO
* In-person registration closed. Written comments still being accepted.

Why Should Chapters of The Arc and Affiliates of UCP Participate?

ADD oversees the programs created by the Developmental Disabilities Act:
1) Protection and Advocacy Systems (P & As)
2) Councils on Developmental Disabilities (DD Councils)
3) University Centers for Excellence in Development Disabilities (UCEDs)
4) Projects of National Significance

Chapters of The Arc and affiliates of UCP have extensive involvement which each of these
programs and have a vested interest in helping to make them as effective as possible. In
addition, Commissioner Lewis works with other federal agencies that run programs that are

                                                                                   Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                      The Arc of California
                                                                             October 18, 2010, page 3 of 11
                                                                          Tony Anderson, Executive Director
very important to people with IDD to make sure they best meet the needs of our constituents
and service providers. Our ideas will be used to help develop ADD’s five-year strategic plan.
What Should You Say at the Summits? You should share any personal or professional
knowledge and experience that you believe can help improve the quality of life for people with
IDD. You can also use the talking points we have developed for you. Thank you in advance
for your participation!

The Disability Policy Collaboration
1660 L Street, NW, Suite 701
Washington, DC 20036
Privacy Policy | Subscriptions
Please send any comments to

                                  Project Status Report
Partners in Policymaking
Below is an excerpt from the latest report and presentation to The Arc of California Board of
Directors on the topic of Workforce Development …

Partners in Policymaking is a dynamic advocacy-training program designed for parents of
children with developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities. In 2006 we
entered into collaboration with the California Association of Family Empowerments Centers,
Family Resource Centers of California, Family Voices of California to compete for the State
Council grant for three years. We were awarded the grant in 2007, in 2008 we added People
First of California to the collaboration, and in 2009 we were given an extension of one
additional year to end the project in 2010. Every class included advocates from a chapter of
The Arc and in every class new advocates joined either their local or the state chapter of The

The Partners program consisted of eight sessions one weekend every month for eight months
and we selected 36 participants for each class. All of their lodging and meals accommodations
were covered, their transportation, and many other services such as day care, behavioral
respite, respite, direct support professionals etc if needed to participate.

The program sessions followed the model created by the Minnesota Governor’s Office on
Developmental Disabilities, as directed by the grant announcement, which involves at least
130 hours of instruction. The sessions will included: (1) History of Disability Awareness,
Services, and Advocacy, (2) Inclusive Education and Assistive Technology, (3) Service
Coordination by Local Governments/ Regional Centers and Envisioning the Future, (4)
Supported/Independent Living and Supported/Customized Employment (5) Community
                                                                              Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                 The Arc of California
                                                                        October 18, 2010, page 4 of 11
                                                                     Tony Anderson, Executive Director
Organizing and Advocacy, (6) State Government and State Legislation, (7) Federal
Government and Federal Legislation, (8) Parliamentary Procedure and Serving on Boards.

On Saturday September 25, 2010 we graduated the Class of 2010 in Ontario below are a few
quotes from the graduates:

      When my husband I decided to start our family we envisioned what out lives would
      like...Family vacations, sports, camping, PTA, Sunday school, pizza nights, etc. A family
      centered life full of love with our kids wrapped up in the middle of it. BUT when your
      children are diagnosed with life long disabilities you have to rethink all of your plans. Not
      the Love part, but everything else. It took me a while to come to terms with my life's new
      definition, but when I did I decided that our journey would not be in vain. It was my
      dream that all the struggles of my family would pave a road for families that followed.
      Partners have shown me how to make that dream go even further. I plan to make this
      world a better place for people with disabilities. I plan to work at a local, state and
      federal level to ensure that " life" lessons that my children have taught me does not stop
      at me. As I learned in class; when I Pray, I will move my feet.
      - Pam Houtchens

      I have learned that one person can make a difference. I will not stand back and wait for
      change to be made but will be a part of the change. I have submitted my application to
      be a member of our local Community Advisory Committee (CAC) which has been
      approved by the executive board and waiting to be approved by the Board of Education.
      I really want to encourage other parents to get involved with the school district before
      there is a problem they need help with. I really believe it is better to be proactive then
      reactive. I will also be attending training for an Alternative Dispute Resolution program
      know as a Solutions Panel later this year. I hope to attend the advocate certificate
      program at USD in the near future. Being a part of this program has been a real eye
      opener for me. I want to be as informed and involved as I can be.
      - Raylene

      "Don't let disability define you...define yourself with the choices you make and the life
      you live."
      - Lucas

…Six Partners in Policymaking graduates attended the board meeting for The Arc of California
to testify on the impact the program has had on their lives. 2007 graduate Raymond Hampton
and 2009 graduates Doug Fletcher and Bret Gordon urged the board to continue the Partners
program past the State Council funded period. Doug, newly appointed member of the Area
Board 10, traveled from Los Angeles to thank The Arc for their commitment to advocacy
training and talked about how he learned so much from the program and especially from the
self-advocates who showed him there is a bright future for his child with a disability.

Workforce Development
Below is an excerpt from the latest report and presentation to The Arc of California Board of
Directors on the topic of Workforce Development …
                                                                                Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                   The Arc of California
                                                                          October 18, 2010, page 5 of 11
                                                                       Tony Anderson, Executive Director
In 2005 then President of The Arc of California, Shirley Dove appointed Kim Olson as chair of
a subcommittee to address the issue of workforce development for Direct Support
Professionals who support people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and
their families. The Arc CA eventually contracted with the College of Direct Support, Learning
Management Systems (LMS) provider, which began a four-year business relationship. From
this initial committee report the board has put motion the following activities:
1.       Establish the California College of Direct Support Program Initiative
2.       Developed a Statewide Social Marketing Campaign about workforce issues.
3.       Sponsored the National Association of Direct Support Professional and provided
trainings on the national certification.

…The national credentialing idea is still moving forward with all the competencies and
requirements already completed and ready for students. As described by NADSP, “the
purpose of this credentialing program is to provide national recognition for the contributions
and competence of Direct Support Professionals who apply for and meet the credentialing
standards. The NADSP credentialing program affords DSPs the opportunity to commit to the
profession of direct support through its three-tiered credential program. The DSP career path
begins with the Registration Level (DSP-Registered). As a DSP-Registered you will then be
eligible to complete expert training in the key DSP competencies of empowerment,
communication, planning, ethical practice and advocacy to become a fully certified Direct
Support Professional (DSP-Certified). The third level of NADSP credentialing (DSP-Specialist)
recognizes DSPs who have obtained specialized training and have demonstrated competence
in providing specialized support to individuals with disabilities in community human services.”

The Arc of California has presented the DSP credential at events with DSPs and we have
received favorable response from each presentation. However, since we do not actually
credential the DSPs we have no idea of the follow-up from DSPs. I recommend The Arc of
California pursue the possibility of becoming the state chapter of NADSP and investigate the
viability of certifying DSPs for the national credential.

Lisa Burke, President of NADSP and staff of The Arc of Mississippi reported to The Arc of
California board of Directors on the purpose and status of the national credentialing program
and the current status of the workforce and future trends. Lisa Burke’s presentation was
excellent and well received by the board of directors which continues to be supportive of
national credentialing and supports furthering our involvement.

                                  Prevention Activities
           The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
                          Environmental Policy Bullets 10-15-10

In a very recent set of cases involving Chevron, a Mississippi court found that mental
retardation of several Mississippi residents was caused by Chevron’s leaking gas tanks. For
more information, see the article from BusinessWire.
                                                                             Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                The Arc of California
                                                                       October 18, 2010, page 6 of 11
                                                                    Tony Anderson, Executive Director

The link to a recent Time magazine article on the fetal origins of adult disease, which features
Frederica Perrara and her research out of Columbia's Center for Children's Environmental
Health, is found at Although the cover of
the article is sensationalized, the article itself reflects a current scientific theory with relevance
to IDD – that exposures before birth can greatly influence the chronic diseases suffered in

Our colleagues in the Breast Cancer Fund have released the 2010 edition of their landmark
report, State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment ,
which displays the latest scientific research showing how exposures to chemicals and
radiation affect breast cancer risk. As collaboratorsion a coalition to reform chemical policy,
they have demonstrated through one disease the impact on health from environmental
exposures, just as those with IDD are affected.

The Environmental Health Initiative has initiated its Aging webinar series held each
Tuesday from October 12 – November 9. The series will focus on what is known about the
environmental threats to aging and will urge both researchers and funders to consider the
need for more research on the special aging and environmental implications for those with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is sponsored by the John Merck Fund Please
visit the EHI website at to register. The webinars are:
    1. Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging with Ted Schettler, Maria Valenti
        Tues Oct 12th from 2-3pm Eastern Time
    2. Built Environment with Kathy Sykes, Rodney Harrell, Regina Gray
        Tues Oct 19th from 2-3pm Eastern Time
    3. Psychosocial Environment with Danny George, Peter Whitehouse
        Tues Oct 26th from 2-3pm Eastern Time
    4. Chemical Environment with Maye Thompson, Marybeth Palmigiano
        Tues Nov 2nd from 2-3pm Eastern Time
    5. Food Environment with Michelle Gottlieb, Emma Sirois
        Tues Nov 9th from 2-3pm Eastern Time

This series is a collaborative effort of AAIDD EHI with Physicians For Social Responsibility and
the Collaborative on Health and the Environment. It is.

Joyce Martin, JD
Director, Environmental Health Policy
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)
501-3rd St NW, Suite 200
Washington , DC 20001
(t) 202-387-1968 ext. 222 or 800-424-3688
(f) 202-387-2193

                                       Upcoming Events
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - SAVE THE DATE!
                                                                                   Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                      The Arc of California
                                                                             October 18, 2010, page 7 of 11
                                                                          Tony Anderson, Executive Director
Golden State Pooled Trust Disability Law Workshop Featuring an Exciting New Train the
Trainers* “Planning for Clients with Developmental Disabilities”. The event will be from 9 am to
4 pm at the Sierra Health Foundation, 1321 Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA. Attendees will
receive 5 hours MCLE California Bar Association credit $75 pre-registration or $100 at the
door. Seating is limited, so register soon! Topics include: History of the Parent Movement
(Tony Anderson), Lanterman Act 101 (John Shea and Chad Carlock), Community Systems
and Residential Programs Mary Eble), Limited Conservatorships and Alternatives (Stephen W.
Dale, Jennifer Steneberg). For more information, or to register, contact: Mary Eble, MSW,
North Bay Housing Coalition/Golden State Pooled Trust, (877) 336-3096 ext 83 - *This Train the Trainer presentation is designed to provide
attendees with an important tool to assist an underserved population within their community as
well as providing opportunities to work with referring attorneys and clients.

April 29-30, 2011
It’s Their Life: Adults with Developmental Disabilities & Autism at the Sobrato Nonprofit Center,
1400 Parkmoor Ave., San Jose, CA 95126. All sessions should focus on adults (18+) with a
developmental disability. The themes for the conference include: Aging with a Developmental
Disability, Employment and Transition to a Real Life, Supported Employment, Health,
Wellness, Prevention & Sexuality, Continued Learning, Positive Behavior Support, Self-
Determination and Quality of Life, Person Centered Practices and Supports, Resources for
Individuals Affected by Asperger Syndrome, Mental Health in Adults with Developmental
Disability, Communication Supports for Adults with Developmental Disability, Legal Rights
Financing The Long-Term, Leisure/Recreation Activities, Living Options. To learn more visit
their website at:

November 3 – 6, 2010
The Arc's 60th Anniversary & National Convention: Insight. Vision. Empower. Act. These are
the keys to progress. Continuing 60 proud years of service and support, The Arc is charting a
clear way forward and calling community members from across the Country to join the
movement that supports opportunity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
The convention will feature an important recognition by The Arc of K. Charlie Lakin, Ph.D., for
his work in research as the distinguished Research Matters! Award recipient. “Dr. Lakin’s
efforts to document the changes, benefits and outcomes in disability-related public policies
have made major contributions to the literature on and advocacy for community residential
supports, family supports, waiting lists initiatives, and direct support workforce development.
During Convention, Dr. Lakin will give a presentation at the Research & Prevention Luncheon,
sharing research highlights from his over 30-year career and discussing how The Arc has
played and continues to play a role in the importance of research. Don’t miss this opportunity
to hear from Dr. Lakin himself and to show your support for The Arc’s research and prevention
efforts in both your local community and nationwide. Read more.” Also Actors Lauren Potter
and Robin Trocki (cast members from the hit show Glee) will be in Orlando, Florida, to accept
The Arc’s Inclusion & Image Award in recognition of their achievements in television for
breaking down barriers, increasing awareness and challenging stereotypes. Read more.

November 12, 2010
Leadership Training Institute: The University of Delaware's National Leadership Institute on
Developmental Disabilities is accepting applications for its Jan. 23 - 28, 2011 Leadership
                                                                              Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                 The Arc of California
                                                                        October 18, 2010, page 8 of 11
                                                                     Tony Anderson, Executive Director
Training Institute. This week-long, intensive leadership development program is designed for
current executive-level leaders and emerging leaders. Participants may work in areas of
management or program leadership in organizations that provide, advocate for, or fund
supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Applications will be
accepted through November 12th. Click here to see a preview of the application. To submit
an application, complete the online form at:

November 30-December 1, 2010 (Pre-conference: November 29th)
A Decade of Growth; A Decade of Goals! Career Technical Education & Equity through STEM
Careers. The CA Perkins Nontraditional and Special Populations Conference, for Perkins
coordinators; administrators; special populations coordinators; Title IX 504/Equity coordinators;
CTE deans; k-12, adult, ROP, and community college CTE educators; counselors; CalWORKs
One-Stop directors and staff; student support staff; grant writers; institutional researchers; etc.
The conference is intended to meet Perkins IV requirements, improve access, success, and
participation of all students in Nontraditional careers, improve success in the lives of students
from special populations who face barriers to success. Discounted Registration fees for teams
of 2 or more. $200 1st person, $150 2nd person from the same team, 3rd person FREE!
Preconference - $25. The conference will be at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel,
November 30, 2010, through December 1, 2010. For Additional Information and to Register:

January 2011
The Arc of California Public Policy Conference: This is the fourth annual Public Policy
Conference for by The Arc of California. All advocates for people with developmental
disabilities are welcome to attend. The conference includes updates from the Governor’s
budget and how the proposals impact people with disabilities and their families. More details
to come…

February 14 - 16, 2011
SAVE THE DATE: Disability Policy Seminar
1000 H Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

                           Recently Released Reports, Studies, etc.
AAIDD FYI October 2010, Vol.10, No.10, by the American Association on Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities.

SEVERAL LAWS The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill that eliminates the use of the words
"retarded" and "retardation" in health, education, and labor laws. The legislation known as Rosa's Law now goes
to President Barack Obama. "I'm pleased that the House has approved Rosa's Law, and hope the President will
sign it quickly," said Senator Mike Enzi, original co-sponsor of the bill with Senator Barbara Mikulski. "For far too
long we have used hurtful words like 'mental retardation' or 'MR' in our federal statutes to refer to those living with
intellectual disabilities...Rosa's Law will make a greatly-needed change that should have been made well before
today - and it will encourage us to treat people the way they would like to be treated." Read the entire news
release from the offices of Senators Mikulsi and Enzi. Read a statement on the passing of the bill by Dr. Margaret
Nygren, Executive Director of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) in

                                                                                              Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                                 The Arc of California
                                                                                        October 18, 2010, page 9 of 11
                                                                                     Tony Anderson, Executive Director
this article on AAIDD also renamed its definition manual Intellectual Disability in the recently-published
eleventh edition of the book.

DISABILITY" HELD ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 On September 27, the American Association on Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) held a webinar, titled "Individualized Supports Planning in Special Education:
Applications to Students with Intellectual Disability" with panelists, Dr. Martha Snell, Professor of Special
Education at the University of Virginia; Karrie Shogren, Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University
of Illinois; and Paula Fallon, Special Education teacher at the Albemarle County Post High Program. Download
slides from the webinar. Listen to a recording of the webinar. The content of the webinar is based on best
practices in intellectual disability as presented in the 11th edition of the AAIDD definition manual, Intellectual
Disability: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports.

case study presented on October 3rd at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and in
San Francisco, California, highlights the possible link between gastric bypass surgery in adolescent girls and an
increased risk for neural tube defects. Neural tube defects can lead to varying degrees of disability such as
paralysis and intellectual disability due to damage to the nervous system in offspring. Neural tube defects in the
brain and spinal cord can be due to nutritional deficiencies. The case study presented, "Neural Tube Defects: An
Unforseen Consequence of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Young Female Patients?" reviewed the case of a young
patient who had undergone gastric bypass surgery prior to becoming pregnant. A literature review found six
additional documented cases of children born with neural tube defects thought to be due to maternal nutritional
deficiencies, particularly malabsorption (when the body cannot absorb nutrients), following bypass surgery. Read
a news release from AAP on the discovery.

AND NEW STUDY ON AN EARLY MARKER FOR AUTISM New research from the Centre for Addiction and
Mental Health (CAMH) and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada, provides further clues
as to why Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects four times more males than females. The scientists discovered
that males who carry specific alterations of DNA on the sole X-chromosome they carry are at high risk of
developing ASD. The research is published in the September 15 issue of Science Translational Medicine. Read
an abstract on "Disruption at the PTCHD1 Locus on Xp22.11 in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual
Disability" by Abdul Noor et al. Read a news release on the discovery. The Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore,
Maryland, announced new study results showing an early marker for later communication and social delays in
infants at a higher-risk for autism may be infrequent gazing at other people when unprompted. Read a news

SHOWS While preterm birth is a known risk factor for cerebral palsy, an examination of data for infants born at
term or later finds that compared with delivery at 40 weeks, birth at 37 or 38 weeks or at 42 weeks or later was
associated with an increased risk of cerebral palsy, according to a study in the September 1 issue of JAMA.
Cerebral palsy, a form of brain injury, could result in some form of an intellectual disability. Read an abstract of
"Cerebral Palsy Among Term and Postterm Births" by Dag Moster et al. Read a news release from JAMA.

                                                News Articles
Updated: September 20, 2010
Click Here

                                         Funding Opportunities

                                                                                              Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                                 The Arc of California
                                                                                       October 18, 2010, page 10 of 11
                                                                                     Tony Anderson, Executive Director
HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development LEAD-BASED PAINT HAZARD CONTROL
GRANT PROGRAM Modification 1

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention Occupational Safety and Health Training Project Grants (T03)
Modification 1

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources & Services Administration SUID/SIDS Prevention and Bereavement
Support Resource Centers Modification 5

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources & Services Administration Affordable Care Act (ACA) Grants for
School-Based Health Centers Capital (SBHCC) Program Modification 10

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health NIDCD Research Grants for Translating Basic Research
into Clinical Tools (R01) Grant

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development Family Unification Program
Modification 1

DOL - Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration Youthbuild Grants Grant

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement
& Leadership Through Allianc (DELTA) III Grant

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources & Services Administration Affordable Care Act (ACA) Grants for
School-Based Health Centers Capital (SBHCC) Program Modification 4

                                           Career Ladder
The Arc of California posts job announcements in the Career Ladder section every week because we
would like to contribute to steering quality candidates to professional positions that support people with
disabilities and we are trying to communicate to Direct Support Professionals and People with
Disabilities that there is a real “career ladder” in their chosen profession.

Updated: September 20, 2010
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                                                                                      Monday Morning Memo
                                                                                         The Arc of California
                                                                               October 18, 2010, page 11 of 11
                                                                             Tony Anderson, Executive Director

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