Where Is the Real Estate Tax Certificate and Tax Deed Market Going From This Point by mutcool01


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									Where Is the Real Estate Tax Certificate
and Tax Deed Market Going From This
The Tax Certificate Sales have finally concluded in Florida and it was not particularly
rewarding for the Tax Certificate investors. Florida has 67 counties and each county has
their "once a year" sale. This always happens during the month of May and cannot go
past the first of June (Florida Statutes). As an investor, the past four years have been
exceptionally good, with plenty of Tax Deed opportunities at steeply discounted prices to
the value. But now the question is how much longer will "the good times" last?

Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds had been live auctions for many years in Florida. This
allowed only a select group of local investors to buy them because of the required
research and the daily drives to the auctions. The internet has changed that and has
literally opened this "niche market" to everyone in the world. Several companies now run
live online auctions in several Florida counties.

In many ways this is good -- for the delinquent property owners as it afforded them lower
interest rates for their delinquent taxes. This also leads to higher prices paid for their Tax
Deed properties. This rewards by putting more money in the delinquent property owners
pockets from the "excess funds". This is also bad --- for the investors, because it dilutes
the delinquent Tax Certificate buys with low bid prices for the interest rates. Also the
novice investors do little or no "Due Diligence" when the bid at these live online
auctions, buying sight unseen. Now a quarter of one percent is becoming the norm for the
bid Tax Certificate interest rates by several institutional investors.

Because of these and other factors, many foreign investors are also buying Tax Deeds
and Tax Certificates. Though this is good news for the real estate market and the overall
economy, it is not such good news for the individual investors wanting a better return on
their retirement investments. Remember, it is the investors who usually lead the recovery.

Today's real estate market is very different today than it was four years ago. There are
still some good investment bargains and fare rates of return for the wise and diligent
investor. Today's investors are in the forefront of the next real estate market boom that
will eventually return. There are very few places that will give investors the return rate on
their money that Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds can, but this window is starting to close.

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