Social Contract by dxPnAZ


									                        MSU Ballroom Social Contract
Ballroom dancing is a progressive skill, and MSU Ballroom Dance Club as an organization
operates to accommodate that. Because of this, it is impossible for someone who does not
regularly attend lessons and practices to stay at the same level as someone who does. However,
the Club does understand the varying time commitments facing students, and so will allow
students to learn at their own pace, provided they do not impede the learning of other members.

Therefore, in signing this contract MSU Ballroom commits to provide the following things:
    Lessons by Louis Soma weekly
    Membership to the MSU Ballroom Dance Club (includes free beginner lessons)
    Access to practice space and music up to 3 nights a week

In signing this contract you the student commit to the following things:
     Payment of Team dues
            o Must be made upfront or on a schedule agreed upon with the club’s e-board
            o Are non-refundable
            o Do not cover additional expenses such as shoes, events, and extra lessons
     Arrival prior to the start of practice with ample amount of time to prepare for the lesson.
     Attending weekly lessons by Louis Soma
     Understanding Louis Soma is providing his services first and foremost to competitive
        team members
     Understanding competitive team members have obligations to their partner and
        teammates and may not always be available for assistance
     Understanding partners may be limited and the club is not obligated to provide you with a
     Following the Michigan State University handbook rules at every practice and event
     Following the USA Ballroom Dance Association, National Collegiate Dancesport, and
        individual host competitor’s codes of conduct and rules at every event attended.
     Are expected to show respect to every other team member, and not discriminate based on
        age, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, etc.
     With violation of the above obligations, the club reserves the right to remove you from
        the team for more serious offenses

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