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									                                            Parish Council:
                                   ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS:
                  Next Meeting: Thusday, July 6--Did you do your homework?
                          please: 1. Review & correct the Long Range Plan
                      2. Review & correct the new Parish Council Guidelines.
                                     THANK YOU-- See you there!
                                  St. Joseph Parish Council Minutes
                                              June 1, 2006
                                          (not yet approved)
    Present: Fr. Denis, Laura Fabro, Francis Ruzicka, Gigi Pille, Kim Nye, Chuck Swearingen,
   Cyndi Love, Theresa Witt. Excused: Mike Fender, Jeff Ryan. Absent: Marilyn Batson & Ed
Opening Prayer: When I think of Jesus ascended into heaven, do I think of him primarily as
God, one with the Father, or primarily as Man, one with us? How does this affect my prayer, my
listening to his teaching, my imitating his behavior? Fr. Denis opened with a prayer.
Minutes: Approved as printed.
Finance: No report.
Liturgy: No report.
Building/Maintenance: The committee has received a bid for $56, 600 for the new roof for the
school. This includes a heavy-duty "skin" and insulation beneath. Council agreed to accept the
bid if that is what Building & Maintenance recommends. Question was raised as to the roof
vents—which ones are being closed/replaced. Hopefully the bathroom vents would be left as is.
Bids are also being submitted to replace the school windows—which are not very energy
efficient. City Utilities did a survey of the facility & recommended that the glass blocks, panes &
entry glass on the south be replaced. They suggested less windows and more walls. The current
bid is $120,000. Comment was made that perhaps we should wait and see if the new roof will
lower the utility bill considerably. The concrete retaining walls in front of the church need to be
fixed/replaced. Could that be done without tearing up the existing gardens?
There is a work day on June 10 – 8 AM—12 noon.
The Mary fountain has been fixed—there was water in the light socket. What will be the fate of
the fountain when the new brick patio is installed? The parish grounds look great! A big Thank
You to Glen & Marie Maxwell.
Centennial Committee: No meeting. Their next meeting is June 7. We hope they will have a
plan for the brick patio—size, etc.
School Report: School’s out!
Religious Formation: PSR is out as well. We had a good teacher meeting/breakfast to conclude
the year. RCIA – End of year picnic is Tuesday, May 30 at Matt & Marcella Fletcher’s. There
will be two open inquiry sessions this summer—dates TBA. The RCIA team meeting/evaluation
is June 14.
Long Range Planning: Gigi brought in a rough draft of the plan for parish distribution. Each
goal needs a contact person. We reviewed the plan. Suggestion was made to include the parish
Mission Statement in the introduction—as well as a statement of how/why this plan was
generated. Chuck will work on drafting an introduction. Our homework is to look this over
carefully and come next time with suggested modifications.
Landscaping: Looks great--- pretty, pretty--- Thank You! Thank You! Even the south side looks
good—Easter lilies are blooming profusely! Fr. Denis will put a soaker hose out for the south
side. There has been vandalism to the cherub garden—two statues stolen.
Youth Ministry: Colin Keller, a recent MSU graduate and former President of the Newman
Center will be heading up our youth ministry beginning this fall.
Music: No report. Comment was made that the current situation is fragile—cantors and organists
rarely get a break.
Pastor’s Report: Father Denis presented a letter from the Jerusalem Woodcarvers. They want to
offer their olive wood carvings for sale in the parish one weekend. Proceeds go toward
preservation of the Christian shrines & landmarks in the Holy Land. Council approved.
Parish Council Guidelines: Comment was made that the guidelines are very generic and that
we either need to customize these to our situation and/of write a constitution for our specific
parish council.
Parish Council Elections: Candidates are: Rebecca Saylor, Kathy Bolek, Daniel Mezzacapa and
Ken Sifferman. Each candidate will be asked to submit a one paragraph statement telling
something about themselves and why they want to serve parish council. A photograph will be
taken of each to accompany their personal statement. A bulletin insert containing photos &
statements will accompany the June 10/11 bulletins. The election will be held on June17/18.
Future Agenda items: Council would like to see the roof bids. Parish Council guidelines &
Long Range Plan will be taken up at next meeting.
Homework: Read, correct, make suggestions to BOTH the Guidelines & the Long Range Plan
and bring them to the July meeting.
August 3 Meeting: Should be a welcome for new members—perhaps a cookout? It was
suggested that we do another team-building exercise.
WOW! Look who's going to Steubenville, Springfield--July 7, 8 & 9
Andy & Matt Bird
Anna Donze
Maria Heath
Morgan Highfill
Evan Lawler
Paul & Scott Johnson
Jonathan Skalicky
Jesse Swearingen
Brad Bird
Colin Keller
Sally Mezzacapa
Dana Swearingen
Pray for all that this will be a wonderful, faith-filled, fantastic experience and that all will return
home with their faith renewed.
These parish students have been or are going to Camp Re-New All. May their experience and
their memories of this experience be happy and holy.
Sharon Witt
Liz Apperson
Crystal Broom
Ryan Mezzacapa
Jeremiah Luttrell
Anna Donze
Katie Sextro
Jobe Shirk
Caleb Witt
Claire Donze
Maria & Daniela Gargiulo
VBS from our Parish
Six students took part in Los Amigos-- I hear it was really fun and they did a great job helping us
get ready for Fiesta.
17 kids, grades KN-- 4th, and 12 adults took part in Fiesta (160 kids city wide). We're learning
through lots of excellent hands-on activities and great music. It has been a great week!
Our plaster footprint craft was made possible by some very devoted volunteers--Cindy & J.D.
Gibson, Francis Skalicky, Shelley Poindexter, Jeanette Hammett, & Mary Frances Kroutil-- Hard
workers! Thanks!

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