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					This is the guide to configure uTorrent to use with HTTP Tunnel.
It has been tested with uTorrent v1.6
Please note that its only a configuration guide,we do not provide any support related to this specific
Once you have Http-Tunnel installed, run the application, The main window will appear, choose the
configure option. There you will be presented with three ( 3 ) options.

1. You can Select Auto detect if you want Http-Tunnel to detect your settings.
2. No Proxy, only a firewall if this is appropriate.
3. Specify Proxy, Here you will enter the IP address and Port number of the proxy that you use.

Complete 1 of the 3 options, then click test, the client will bind to port 1080 and localhost by default
and connect to the tunnel servers if your settings are correct.

In Options -> Preferences. In the Connection section
    1. Click on Enable UpnP Port Mapping
    2. In “Proxy Server” section
        Type : Socks5             Proxy :     Port : 1080
    3. Check the “Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections”
In the BitTorrent Section
1. Set the Global maximum number of connections to the value you have set when using lvllord patch
2. Be sure to disable the “Enable DHT Network” Option
3. In Protocol Encryption,under Outgoing choose the “Enabled” Option and
   check “Allow incoming legacy connections”
PS : The above 3rd option may or may not work for you depending on your computer settings and
     ISP.If things don’t work then check “Disable” in the Outgoing DropBox and
     uncheck “Allow incoming legacy connections”
You should see it connecting via HTTP Tunnel

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