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									wind tUrBine SUppLY CHAin COnFerenCe 2012
4-5 September | Kempinski Hotel Bristol, Berlin

                                                                     “The conference presented a good variety of topics
                                                                     & experts in the field of Wind Energy Supply Chain
                                                                               Management.” VP Supply Chain, Siemens
Utilise expert supply chain

knowledge and experience to create new
strategies, remain competitive and reduce costs                                                                              AgendA

                                                                      Expert speakers from:
redUCe YOUr COStS – Improve your wind turbine sourcing
strategy without jeopardising quality to remain competitive           Wind Turbine Manufacturers
OptimiSing YOUr tUrBine COmpOnentS – Get the most                                                                           SpeAkerS
out of your suppliers – cut lead times as well as involvement in
research and design alongside having the most technologically
advanced product

UnderStAnd YOUr ASiAn COmpetitOrS – Learn about Asian                                                                     AttendeeS And
strategies, where they intent to go and the impact they are           Developers
having on the supply chain

wind indUStrY And FinAnCiAL trendS – Get ahead of the
industry; discover the latest trends and global market predictions                                                         pASSeS And
                                                                      Other companies include:
for both the supply chain and investment                                                                                     priCeS

SOUrCing StrAtegY – Develop unrivalled strategies to become
an OEM’s supplier by understanding their selection criteria and
operations strategy
                                                                                                                           OnLine Here

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                                                                                                    Conference Benefits
“the premiere wind Supply Chain event in                                                            •	Utilise	real	life	experiences	from	over	25

the western Hemisphere” StrAn technologies
                                                                                                      world class speakers
                                                                                                    •	Create	the	most	comprehensive	business	
                                                                                                      strategy from the conference’s wind farm
The wind industry is continuing to grow!     Have the best supply chain strategy!                   •	More	OEMs	and	utilities	than	ever	before!
However the European wind market is                                                                                                                   Overview
saturated. Procurement managers are          There are many options available for you to
being told to ensure margins are retained    consider e.g. global sourcing or collaborations with
and profits through cutting costs. To do     other companies. But to put these options into
this the most competitive sources must       practice you must understand the Asian market,
be found.                                    the future of the wind industry and what finance
                                             is being made available. It is also important to
The European market is facing
                                             compare the wind supply chain with that of other       Following independent research a case study
competition from the Asian markets.
                                             industries, therefore coming up with a new and         driven agenda has been created to ensure
Developers are happy that this could
                                             unique strategy.                                       you remain competitive and make a profit!
reduce the price of wind turbines, but the
sliding turbine prices are having a knock                                                           The topics covered will be:
on effect to the rest of the supply chain.   where can you find this information?                   • Reduce your costs                                expert
European OEM’s are going to Asia to                                                                 • Optimise components
purchase low cost components, therefore      The Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference 2012
                                                                                                    • Competition analysis
decreasing Europe’s demand. The              has been put together to provide you with the
relocation of suppliers means that Europe    information to create the most successful sourcing     • Industry and financial insight
is becoming over capacitated. Could this     strategy. By attending in 2012 we will cover the       • The best business strategy
result in a cull of European component       most recent issues faced by key players in the                                                         AttendeeS And
                                                                                                    You will also meet, network and have             netwOrking
manufacturers?                               supply chain – from procurement managers of
                                             OEMs to the tier 1 component manufacturer. This        one-to-one meetings with over 130 senior
With the right strategy this industry can    year there is a strong focus on the entire wind farm   wind decision makers. At a time when it is
continue to be the lucrative renewable       supply chain which makes this conference one of        detrimental for you to have the best supply
energy source that it is. There is still     a kind. No part of the supply chain is distinct from   chain strategy, can you afford not to attend?
a lot of faith in the industry – it is the   the others, therefore it is important to understand                                                     pASSeS And
economic crisis that has temporarily         the difficulties faced at each stage.                                                                     priCeS
affected the whole supply chain. This has                                                             Carrianne matta
created higher risks in the investment of    In it’s 4th year, Wind Energy Update has a wealth        VP Supply Chain
your own product. Therefore attend the       of supply chain knowledge and really understands         WInd Energy Update
Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference         the issues faced by those in the industry. The focus
2012 to discover the best sourcing           of the conference is to develop a result driven          +44 (0)207 375 7164
strategy for your business.                  business plan which will put you at the forefront of                 OnLine Here
                                             the supply chain

            get the latest news on speakers, attendees & the agenda:
Conference Agenda

                             OptimiSing YOUr COmpOnentS
COnFerenCe At A gLAnCe
                             UnderStAnd tHe SOUrCing                           reSeArCH And deSign AdviCe FrOm
industry trends              QUALitY reQUirementS OF A                         A COmmerCiAL And StrAtegiC
                             tUrBine mAnUFACtUrer                              perSpeCtive                                                  Overview
Oem selection criteria       •	 nderstand	the	quality	requirements	of	
                              U                                                 K
                                                                               •	 now	your	customer’s	motivation	in	order	to	
                              components	in	order	to	make	sure	your	            keep	it	simple,	avoid	unnecessary	components	
Quality requirements          product	would	receive	approval.	                  and	reduce	your	part	count
                             •	 iscover	what	needs	to	be	fulfilled	in	order	
                              D                                                 U
                                                                               •	 nderstand	and	implement	the	holistic	
reduce costs of components    to	be	a	supplier	for	a	leading	OEM                approach:	cradle	to	grave	&	factory	to	site	
                                                                                strategies	on	sub-assembly	logistics	and	final	
                             •	 ew	technology?	What	analysis	and	
                                                                                on	site	construction
Operation strategy            surveillance	of	the	product	is	done	before	a	
                              purchase	is	made	                                •	Hear	the	levelised	cost	of	energy	you	need	to	
                                                                                 deliver	and	why	quality,	cost,	reliability,	logistics	
research and design          Neil Frost, Sourcing Quality Manager,               and	efficiency	are	all	equally	important	
                             GE Energy                                                                                                       expert
                                                                               •	Understand	the	levelised	cost	of	energy	you	will	
investment                                                                                                                                  SpeAkerS
                                                                                 deliver	and	how	quality,	cost,	reliability,	logistics	
                             impOrtAnCe OF                                       and	efficiency	are	all	equally	important.
risk management              reSeArCH And deSign CASe StUdY                    Stephen Crosher, CEO,
                             COLLABOrAtiOnS in                                 Fleet Renewables
Optimising components        SUppLier-Oem pArtnerSHipS                                                                                    AttendeeS And
                                                                               tHe impOrtAnCe OF redUCing LeAd                             netwOrking
Asian market                  L
                             •	 earn	from	experience	why	you	must	be	
                              involved	in	the	research	and	design	phase	       timeS
                              to	give	your	business	a	head	start	               U
                                                                               •	 nderstand	the	effect	increased	lead	times	
                             •	 nderstand	the	benefits	of	being	involved	
                              U                                                 are	having	on	the	whole	supply	chain	and	
                              and	the	better	tailor	made	products	which	        techniques	which	could	help	you	get	your	lead	
                                                                                times	down	                                                pASSeS And
                              come	out	of	this	involvement.	                                                                                 priCeS
                             •	 iscover	case	examples	of	where	this	
                              D                                                 S
                                                                               •	 hould	turbine	and	component	manufacturers	
                              has	happened	and	what	came	out	of	it;	            collaborate	in	order	to	bring	down	lead	times?
                              improving	old	and	creating	new	tailor	made	       I
                                                                               •	 dentify	the	positive	impact	of	critically	
                              products                                          reacting	to	orders	–	it	could	increase	the	
                                                                                chance	of	winning	business	
                             Marc Stahl, Head of Supply Chain,                                                                              regiSter
                             REPower                                           John Kop, Sales Director,                                   OnLine Here
                                                                               Advanced Tower Systems

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 HOw tO redUCe tHe COStS OF YOUr                                   SCOpe OUt tHe COmpetitiOn
                                                                   tHe ASiAn mArket
 Finding COmpetitive SOUrCeS
                                                                   •	 ind	out	the	plans	for	the	Chinese	OEM’s	and	how	they	
 •	 ith	the	new	pressures	on	margins,	learn	how	to	dramatically	
  W                                                                 intend	to	implement	these	into	their	international	business	       Overview
  improve	your	sourcing	strategy	in	order	to	remain	                strategy	
  competitive                                                       G
                                                                   •	 ain	insight	into	the	effect	China	is	having	on	the	European	
 •	 onsider	the	advantages	and	disadvantages	of	having	a	           supply	chain	and	your	business	to	adjust	your	strategy	
  global	sourcing	strategy	and	receive	practical	tips	that	will	    accordingly
  get	you	the	highest	quality	products	at	the	lowest	price
                                                                   •	 nderstand	the	selection	criteria	of	the	Chinese	OEM’s	in	
 •	 hen	capacity	is	exceeding	operations,	ensure	you	are	           order	to	access	the	lucrative	Asian	market	                         AgendA
  getting	the	best	technology	available.	                          Speaker TBC
 Vijay Saproo, Sourcing Director, WinWind

 perFOrmAnCe inCreASe And COSt redUCtiOn in                         rOUnd tABLeS – diSCUSSiOnS
 BLAde mAteriALS                                                                                                                        expert
                                                                   The attendees are the experts, with your valuable ideas             SpeAkerS
 •	 he	challenges	composite	manufacturer	in	this	industry	         and input on the industry combined, we will be able
 •	 iscover	how	to	increase	performance	and	reduce	cost	per	
  D                                                                to overcome the challenges facing the wind turbine
  blade	                                                           components. The vital areas that drastically need industry
                                                                   wide co-operation and inspired solutions. This is why we
 •	 nnovations	in	blade	materials	and	moulds	for	longer	blades	
                                                                   have created component specific round tables – giving you         AttendeeS And
  and	increased	energy	production
                                                                   hands-on, direct involvement in shaping the very future of         netwOrking
 Rudolf Hadorn, CEO, Gurit                                         the supply chain.

                                                                   each group will feature a small number of attendees
 SUppLY CHAin riSk mAnAgement
                                                                   working with an expert moderator - engaging in dialog
 •	 ith	high	investment	involved	in	the	supply	chain	find	out	
  W                                                                about: blades, gearbox, towers and foundations.
  what	can	you	do	to	reduce	the	risk	to	your	company                                                                                  pASSeS And
 •	 pare	parts	are	always	needed;	discover	how	to	remove	the	
  uncertainty	of	having	a	back	up	supply                           “Wonderful event, I had the opportunity to understand
 Tom Teixeira, Practice Leader Global Markets, Willis Group        more the supply chain of turbine manufacturers, it will
                                                                       be very useful in my next purchase strategy”
                                                                             Senior Business Development, Electrabel                   regiSter
                                                                                                                                      OnLine Here

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inSigHt intO indUStrY trendS And wHere FinAnCe iS AvAiLABLe                                                                                       HOme

tHe gLOBAL SUppLY CHAin – prediCtiOnS FOr tHe                            inSide OUt & OUtSide in – ASSeSSing, AdOpting &
FUtUre                                                                   AdApting SUppLY CHAin BeSt prACtiCeS FrOm OtHer
•	 et	an	overview	of	where	the	supply	chain	industry	is	likely	to	                                                                              Overview
 grow	and	where	investment	is	going	                                      C
                                                                         •	 an	wind	turbine	manufacturers	achieve	operational	excellence	
•	 iscuss	whether	the	supply	chain	is	or	ever	will	become	
 D                                                                        in	supply	chain	more	rapidly	by	importing	best	practices	and	
 industrialised,	saturated	or	overcapacity                                observing	lessons	learned	from	other	industries?	
•	 iscover	the	best	strategy	for	your	business;	utilise	the	growth	of	   Dr Bruce Arlinghaus, CEO,
 demand	in	the	offshore	sector                                           EurBeacon: European Business Consulting
Steen Broust Nielsen, Director,                                          Kevin Duggan, Director & Founder,
MAKE Consulting                                                          Institute for Operational Excellence
                                                                         Kay Biebler, Project Manager, REPower
keY mArket trendS And impACt On                                          Stephen Freichel, Consultant, Logwin Solutions
                                                        CASe StUdY
SOUrCing StrAtegY - FrOm A tUrBine                                                                                                               expert
mAnUFACtUrerS pOint OF view                                                                                                                     SpeAkerS
                                                                         wHere iS inveStment gOing?
•	 nsight	into	market	forecasts,	industry	trends	and	how	they	may	
                                                                         •	 ear	forecasts	for	future	investment	and	finance	in	the	supply	
 affect	you.	Use	these	predictions	to	set	your	business	strategy	for	
 the	future
                                                                         •	 earn	what	financing	methods	are	available	in	the	wind	industry	
•	 iscover	Nordex’s	sourcing	strategy	and	incorporate	this	into	your	                                                                         AttendeeS And
                                                                          financial	sector	
 business	model	                                                                                                                               netwOrking
                                                                         •	 iscover	the	cross	country	financial	procedures	
Pierre Schneider, Head of Corporate Development, Nordex
                                                                         Mehul Bhimjiyani, Investment Manager,
                                                                         BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners
deveLOper inSigHt – tHe CHALLenge OF Bringing
dOwn COStS And tHe reQUirementS OF A deveLOper
                                                                                                                                               pASSeS And
•	 nderstand	what	developers	are	looking	for	in	their	selection	
 strategy	in	order	to	enhance	your	market	position
•	 et	a	developers	perspective	on	the	importance	of	quality	and	
 workflow	management,	competitive	sourcing,	design,	engineering	
 and	new	technologies
Claus Watterndrup, Director Commercial Projects, Vattenfall                                                                                    OnLine Here

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wHAt iS tHe BeSt StrAtegY FOr YOUr BUSineSS?                                                                                                    HOme

tHe impOrtAnCe OF mAintAining reLAtiOnSHipS witH                       vertiCAL integrAtiOn
                                                                                                                               CASe StUdY
YOUr SUppLierS
                                                                       •	 ecognise	the	advantages	and	possibilities	of	
•	 earn	how	to	build	a	highly	effective	relationship	with	your	
 L                                                                      vertical	integration	in	the	supply	chain	
 customer	which	will	improve	your	business	prospects                   •	 eal	life	examples	of	vertical	integration	–	the	best	and	worst	
                                                                        R                                                                     Overview
•	 ractical	steps	which	can	improve	the	relations	and	trust	between	
 P                                                                      moments
 you	and	your	supplier                                                  D
                                                                       •	 iscover	how	going	hybrid	could	benefit	your	company	and	
•	 ind	out	the	benefits	of	having	a	great	relationship	with	your	
 F                                                                      increase	your	control
 supplier	and	the	potential	partnerships	it	could	create	              Kaj Lindvig, Chief Sales Officer, A2Sea
David Sierwald, Business Development Director,                                                                                                 AgendA
David Brown Gear Systems                                               Oem SeLeCtiOn CriteriA – CHOOSing
                                                                                                                               CASe StUdY
Oem SeLeCtiOn CriteriA
                                                                       •	 nderstand	what	a	procurement	manager	looks	for	in	a	supplier
•	 verything	you	need	to	know	about	an	OEM’s	selection	criteria	
 in	order	to	put	your	company	at	a	competitive	advantage.	For	          R
                                                                       •	 ealise	how	you	develop	your	company	to	fit	your	customers’	
 example	do	you	have	a	quality	management	system	and	a	stable	          needs	                                                                SpeAkerS
 manufacturing	process?	                                                H
                                                                       •	 ear	real	life	examples	of	how	a	global	supply	chain	manager	
•	OEM’s	need	optimum	suppliers		-	discover	ways	how	you	can	            choses	his	suppliers	from	around	the	world
  develop	your	company	to	make	it	more	appealing	to	your	customers	    Matthieu Euvrard, Vice-President Global Supply Management, Areva
•	 he	best	kept	secrets	for	getting	you	to	the	top	of	the	supplier	
 wish	list	                                                                                                                                 AttendeeS And
                                                                       OppOrtUnitieS in tHe vALUe CHAin                                      netwOrking
                                                                                                                               CASe StUdY
Alberto Nichelatti, Purchasing Manager, Leitwind
                                                                       •	 iscover	how	to	get	improvements	of	over	30%	in	
OperAtiOn StrAtegY                                                      your	value	chain	
                                                                       •	 ase	studies	to	see	the	results	achieved	by	leading	operators
•	 ow	to	develop	a	better	operations	and	aftermarket	supply	chain	
 strategy	in	order	to	increase	profits	and	reduce	risk                  L
                                                                       •	 earn	ways	that	you	too	can	improve	your	value	chain
                                                                                                                                             pASSeS And
•	 dentify	the	best	spare	part	and	inventory	management	strategy	for	 Kim Lieberknecht, Senior Project Manager, Thomas-as
 I                                                                                                                                             priCeS
 your	business	                                                       Thomas Bruun, CEO & Founder, Thomas-as
•	 nderstand	the	investment	and	forecasting	needed	for	a	successful	
 post	installation	strategy	
                                                                         “Overall the event was worthwhile and educational.
•	 iscover	the	benefits	of	having	supply	chain	management	and	
                                                                            The variety of topics covered encompassed a                       regiSter
 what	it	can	do	for	your	supply	chain	                                                                                                       OnLine Here
                                                                         multitude of areas of interest and importance to me.”
Chris Holden, Offshore Operations Manager, RES Offshore

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World Leading Supply Chain Experts
Wind Turbine Manufacturer               Developers                                   Other companies   (cont’d)

                Pierre Schneider                          Claus Wattendrup                             Rudolf Hadorn,
                Head of Corporate                         Director                                     CEO,
                Development                               Commercial Projects                          gurit
                nordex                                    vattenfall                                                                 Overview
                                                                                                       Mehul Bhimjiyani
                Matthieu Euvrard                          Chris Holden                                 Investment Manager
                Vice-President Global                     Offshore Operations                          Bnp paribas Clean
                Supply Management                         Manager                                      energy partners
                Areva                                     reS Offshore
                                                                                                       Tom Teixeira                   AgendA
                                        Other companies                                                Practice Leader
                Marc Stahl
                                                                                                       Global Markets
                Head of Supply Chain                      Kaj Lindvig
                repower                                   Chief Sales Officer
                                                                                                       willis group
                                                          David Sierward                               Stephen Crosher                expert
                Kay Biebler                                                                                                          SpeAkerS
                                                          Business Development                         CEO
                Project Manager                                                                        Fleet renewables
                                                          david Brown
                                                                                                       Dr Bruce Arlinghaus
                Neil Frost                                John Kop                                     CEO
                                                                                                                                   AttendeeS And
                Sourcing Quality                          Sales Director                               eurBeacon: european
                Manager                                   Advanced tower                               Business Consulting
                ge energy                                 Systems
                                                                                                       Kevin Duggan
                                                          Steen Broust Nielsen                         Director & Founder
                Vijay Saproo                                                                           institute for Operational
                Sourcing Director                                                                      excellence                   pASSeS And
                                                          mAke Consulting
                winwind                                                                                                               priCeS
                                                                                                       Stephen Freichel
                                                          Kim Lieberknecht,
                                                                                                       Consultant and
                                                          Senior Project Manager
                Alberto Nichelatti                                                                     Former MD
                Purchasing Manager                                                                     Logwin Solutions
                Leitwind                                  Thomas Bruun,                                                              regiSter
                                                          CEO & Founder,                                                            OnLine Here
                                                          thomas-as                get SpeAker UpdAteS Here Æ

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Attendee Breakdown and Networking Opportunities                                                                                         HOme

Network with senior level executives of the companies                            “ The best networking event of 2011 ”
you want to meet and do business with                                             Sales Director Advanced Tower Systems BV

Attendees company type breakdown                                   Networking Opportunities
                                  30% - Turbine manufacturers
                                                              Share	ideas,	discuss	business	and	extend	your	companies	
                                  30% - Developers
                          30% - Turbine manufacturers         reach	through	networking	with	other	delegates.	To	help	
                                  20% - Component Manufacturers
                          30% - Developers                    with	this	we	have	organised	FIVE	engaging	networking	
                          20% - Component Manufacturers
                                  4% - Logistics                  opportunities	for	you:

                          4% - Logistics
                                  4% - Supply chain management Business card board
                          4% - Supply chain management
                                                                      Get your business card on the interactive board. See who
                          4% - Consultants sultants
                                   4% - Con                           would like to do business with you by having their card
                          4% - Investment estment
                                   4% - Inv                           placed on yours. Have all their contact details so you can
                          4% - Associations and Government Government follow up with them after the conference.
                                 4% - Ass     ociations and                                                                             expert
                                                                   2   pre-conference meeting planner
                                                                       Online messaging service which allows you to personally

Companies that attended last year:                                     connect with all confirmed speakers and delegates six
                                                                       weeks before the conference.

                                                                   3 round table discussions
                                                                       Small in depth discussions on relevant supply chain topics.
                                                                                                                                     AttendeeS And
                                                                       Share best practices and compare solutions. Ask critical
                                                                       questions about the problems you are having.

                                                                   4 networking drinks
                                                                       The ideal opportunity to meet existing and prospective
                                                                       clients. Discuss business in an informal environment over a    pASSeS And
                                                                       glass of wine.                                                   priCeS

                                                                   5 informal dinner
                                                                       Have a meal and get to know the people you would like
                                                                       to meet beyond a business level. Simultaneously network
                                                                       with colleagues to save time on all those meetings.
                                                                                                                                      OnLine Here
                 CLiCk Here to see to see who has confirmed and how you
                      can start networking with these leaders nOw!
Passes and Prices                                                                                                                                           HOme
                                                                                   diamond pass
                             BASIC PASS      BUSINESS PASS       DIAMOND PASS      Upgrade to the diamond pass to get your
                                                                                   complete learning experience.
Super Early Bird Price
                                 €995             €1095               €2130
expires 1st June                                                                   • Access to the conference, exhibition, presentations & roundtables
                                                                                   • Networking events                                                     Overview
Early Bird Price
                                €1095             €1195               €2230        • Lunch and refreshments
expires 6th July
                                                                                   • Access to pre-conference online meeting planner and delegate list
Last Chance
                                 €1195            €1295               €2330        • Access to presentation slides & audio after the conference
expires 3rd August
                                                                                   • Report worth €1295
Full Price                      €1295             €1395               €2430                                                                                 AgendA
                                                                                   Choose one of two reports to perfectly    worth
Post conference materials - €450                                                   accompany the knowledge and contacts     €1295
Access to presentation slides and audio recordings from the two day conference
                                                                                   gained at Wind Turbine Supply Chain 2012

  BASiC pASS                                                                                                                                               SpeAkerS
  • Access to the conference, exhibition, presentations and round tables
                                                                                    1. wind energy Operations & maintenance
                                                                                     report 2012
  • Networking events
                                                                                     Your critical guide to maximize wind power
  • Lunch and refreshments                                                           production, minimize turbine downtime and
                                                                                     plan for cost effective on & offshore wind O+
                                                                                                                                                         AttendeeS And
  • Access to the conference, exhibition, presentations and round tables
                                                                                    2. Offshore wind turbine Supply report 2012
  • Networking events
                                                                                     Your essential tool to identify key drivers in
  • Access to pre-conference online meeting planner and delegate list                supply chain strategies of Wind Turbine OEMs
                                                                                                                                                          pASSeS And
  • Lunch and refreshments                                                           to secure your place in the offshore wind
  • Access to presentation slides and audio after the conference                     turbine supply chain

  To discuss having increased presence and brand                                 tHree wAYS tO BOOk:
  awareness please contact tim Lovatt,                                                                                                                     regiSter
  Head of Business Development.                                                  1. Online Click on the register button on the right >>                   OnLine Here

  tel: +44 (0)207 3757 218                                                       2. Call +44 (0)207 375 7164
  email:                                                3. Email

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