; Global Business Development Director in Chicago IL Resume John Albertson
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Global Business Development Director in Chicago IL Resume John Albertson


John Albertson is a strategic Global Business Development Account Manager with a proven track record in managing multibillion dollar international companies within the industrial, electrical / electronics, consumer, automotive and food & beverage sectors. His expertize includes engineering and commodity resins, TPE’s, additives and colorants.

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									                                             JOHN F. ALBERTSON

                                              Chicago, Illinois 60607
                                                312.733.9840 (home)


Strategic Global Business Development Account Manager with a proven track record in managing multibillion dollar
international companies within the industrial, electrical / electronics, consumer, automotive and food & beverage sectors.
Expertize includes engineering and commodity resins, TPE’s, additives and colorants.                 Diverse background
encompassing marketing, strategic planning, global R&D product development, engineering and sales management.
Highly effective in motivating and directing sales and business development account managers on how best to deliver
their products and services to complex global companies. Exceptional relationship building skills. Team player who
thrives in an environment that values problem-solving, leadership, innovation and taking initiative.

                                         PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A., 721040 VEDANO OLONA (VA) ITALY                                    1/2012 - Present
An independent European compounder leading the way in hi-tech thermoplastics
North America Consultant (independent agent)

PolyOne Corporation, Avon Lake, OH                                                                       2008 – 11/2010
A global provider of polymer materials, services and solutions that serve industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

Strategic Global Business Development Account Manager
Challenging new role formed by the CEO that required changing the attitudes and directions of multiple business units
responsible for their own profit / loss. This entailed moving its largest most important customers under one corporate
group responsible for setting the strategic direction and providing a central point of contact. Directed sales managers,
application development engineers, and corporate R&D worldwide through target focused in-depth customer analysis.
    Managed ITW, Emerson Electric, Kraft Foods and Motorola with combined annual sales of $25 million.
    Developed global strategies as complex as ITW with its 850+ companies in 55 countries to significantly increase the
    efficiency of the five business organizations competing in these highly competitive markets.
    Created $3MM in target opportunities through comprehensive analysis of existing business, sales translation
    programs, global team calls focusing on core competencies and corporate partnerships at active and new locations.
    Led a cross-functional team on a four-year / $6 million development food & beverage R&D project that required
    approval through the Chinese Ministry of Health, FDA and the European Union Regulatory Food Safety Authority.
    Managed a $9 million global R&D program to develop an environmentally friendly non-halogenated flame retardant
    engineering thermoplastic. Key attributes for the two year project included partnering with multi-national customer
    engineering teams to define material requirements, product testing, and pricing.

Ticona, Florence KY                                                                                         2006 - 2008
A division of Celanese, a global technology and specialty materials company.

Market Development Specialist
Directed application development engineers, market development managers and sales account managers working with the
major automotive companies and their tier suppliers. Managed the market development of similar applications in the
heavy truck industry. Transitioned over to a similar role concentrating on the Electrical / Electronic market.
    Increased annual sales by $5 million within a $20 million potential market over two years by leading the North
    American Automotive Interior Celstran® long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) business team charged with
    developing new door panels and dashboard applications.
    Created a $6 million market opportunity in the truck / commercial vehicle industry (Paccar, Freightliner, Navistar) by
    working with corporate R&D and engineering to formulate a “Class A” finish in LFRT.
    Added $2 million in annual sales revenue by developing a solid Electrical / Electronics strategic plan that included
    company presentations, sales materials and customer visits focusing on the highest returns / greatest growth potentials.
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LATI USA, Summerville, SC                                                                                 1997 – 2006
An Italian company specializing in the compounding of thermoplastics.

Electrical / Electronics Market Manager
Newly formed US venture requiring an industry expert to develop and implement an Electrical / Electronic business plan.
Successfully executed the market development and target account strategy, based on Lati’s core competency in the
compounding of engineering resins. Formed strategic alliances with Asian and USA resin manufacturers to further our
success in this segment.
    Highest rank sales contributor responsible for generating 58% of Lati’s sales in the USA.
    Negotiated multi-year, $20 million global contract with Schneider Electric to supply flame-retardant and glass filled
    compounded resins.
    One of only eight selected suppliers to be awarded “Supplier of the Year” to Schneider Electric (three years
    Negotiated multi-year, $10 million global contract with Emerson Electric to supply glass filled, lubricated, and
    alloyed engineering plastics.
    Selected as Emerson’s “Preferred Resin Compounder” by provide the best service, product value pricing & delivery.
    Coordinated the development of customer literature that introduced Lati USA into the North American market.

Eastman Chemical Company, Kingsport, TN                                                                    1991 – 1997
A world leader in the manufacture of chemicals and plastics.

Senior Account Development Leader
Accepted newly created position responsible for the sale of a new high-temperature Polyester ‘PCT’ polymer. Charged
with developing market and product strategies, product literature, and sales presentations, while determining which
segment niches offered the highest returns at the lowest entry barriers. Key customers included Molex, Lake Center
Industries, Cinch Connectors, Grayhill, Thomas & Betts, Methode Electronics, 3M, Seagate, Augat, Mallory, Motorola,
and Robinson Nugent.
  Averaged 125% sales growth yearly, after the first year.
  Managed complex projects that required multi-location sales and service at all customer levels.
  Annual sales of $8 million after four years in a highly competitive market.

                                    ADDITIONAL RELATED EXPERIENCE

Hoechst Celanese, Chatham, NJ                                  Senior CAD / CAM Design Engineer            1987 - 1991
World leader in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, chemicals and plastics.

Texas Instrument, Dallas, TX                                   Military R&D Plastics Engineer             1983 - 1987
World leader specializing in the development of semiconductors, automotive systems, and military defense.


M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, 1991
  Major: Mechanics of Materials // Minor: Engineering Management

B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 1982
   Major: Process Control & Instrumentation // Minor: Polymer Science

                                       PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Business Management, Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN, 1997
  Internal Business Management and Global Economics program consisting of thirteen classes

Six Sigma Training, Ticona, Florence KY, 2007

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