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					                                 WORLD CLASS TALENT AND CREATIVE MEDIA

                                        DAN JANSEN
Dan Jansen is a world-class speedskater whose performance at the 1994 Winter Olympics in
Lillehammer, Norway, earned him the Gold Medal for the 1000 meter and set a new world's record. The
winner of over thirty World Cup races and over 50 World Cup medals, Dan Jansen is nonetheless
probably best remembered for his surprisingly disappointing performance at the 1988 Olympic Games
and the tragic circumstances surrounding it. A sports hero who has endured and overcome personal
tragedy, his presentations are deeply personal and highly motivational.

Jansen began his Olympic career representing the United States at the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo,
Yugoslavia. He went on to compete and place very highly in World Cup and World Sprint
Championships in 1985 and 1986.

But it was during the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada, that his sister Jane died of leukemia the
morning that her brother was favored to win the gold medal. In an agonizing personal decision, Jansen
ultimately decided to skate...and fell twice.

Despite a barrage of media coverage that focused much more on his 1988 defeat than his many career
accomplishments, Dan Jansen continued to skate competitively and earned international admiration in
1993 when he won the World Cup Championship in the 500 meter and again in 1994 when he went on to
win the Olympic Gold Medal.

A small-town boy from a solid family background, Dan Jansen achieved every young American's dream
in spite of very difficult personal circumstances. The hardships he was forced to overcome along the way
have made him much more than a sports hero -- he is an inspiration to each of us who must reconcile
personal adversity with professional goals. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Jansen takes time out of his rigorous training schedule to raise money for the Milwaukee Leukemia
Society and appear in various marketing campaigns. In addition, he is a seasoned public speaker whose
dynamic and inspirational presentations have impressed audiences representing a broad spectrum of
corporate and civic groups.

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