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									Handy Advice Before You Buy a Home
Getting into the real estate market requires preparation and focus, and there are many dos
and don'ts that one must be aware of. If you're planning on buying your own home, read
on. Below are tips that will let you go about the process smoothly; things that you may
want to keep in mind before you even start viewing houses.

Don't make major purchases.

Unless you really need to, don't spend your money on major purchases. Prioritize on what
you need to buy first--while you can have loans for big purchases, paying them all at the
same time will make it very difficult. Remember that you also have to cover other
expenses such as association fees, insurance, and taxes so there will be a need for tight

Don't change jobs.

One of the things that you must have before you secure a loan for buying a property is
financial stability. Changing jobs would mean restarting with employee benefits like
health plans, relocation assistance, insurance plans, child care plans, etc. Losing these
employee perks will mean you have to spend more money and possibly be in more debt,
and therefore delay your house payment. If you have a stable job and you're buying a
home, staying will be a wise idea.

Check your credit report.

Before applying for a loan approval, you must check your credit report. This will be the
main thing that lenders will refer to when you're applying for a loan, and a factor where
the interest rate will based. This could be done online for free.

Start saving for a downpayment.

Once you've got your job secured and credit report updated, start saving up for a
downpayment. Also start reading up on how mortgages work--its structure and laws, so
you'll have an idea even before you speak to a lender. In addition, you must look into
various loans available out there--don't rush and make sure you're 100% comfortable with
the offer before you seal the deal.

Do your research.

One of the main reasons why people make bad house purchases is lack of research. Take
your time in weighing your options; begin with different choices and gradually narrow
them down. For the most part, all you need is the internet--this is where you'll find the
details of things like photos about the neighborhood, news, attractions, local crime rate,
etc. These days, home-buyers rely on online sources when they're looking for home pegs,
realtors, and lenders. Visiting the neighborhood and talking to the people living in the
neighborhood will do wonders as well, as they're the ones who know all about the
goings-on in the area.

Home-buying is a process that is as exciting as it is challenging, and it will surely be an
utterly rewarding experience to see a house turn into a home. Do not just leave the job to
your real estate agent--keeping an eye on the whole buying process is best for any future
homeowner, so make sure you're always aware of what's going on as you move forward.

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