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									Sleep Apnea—Not Just A Sleep Disorder
                                 Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder
                                 whereby the sleeper stops
                                 breathing several times an hour,
                                 all night long. If you have sleep
                                 problems that involve waking up
                                 frequently during the night
                                 gasping or your bed partner tells
                                 you that you snore, you may
have a sleep problem. Sleeping disorders are more problematic
than you realize, as they can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and a
host of other life threatening health problems. Sleeping problems
don’t have to be a problem; while there are no sure fire sleep
apnea cures, there is sleep apnea treatment.

Talking with your family doctor will get you a much needed
referral to a sleep disorder specialist. Sleep disorder doctors are
specially trained to uncover how you sleep. You spend time in a
sleep center overnight to get accurate data on how they can get
you the sleep help you need. Sleep aids like a sleep apnea mask
are often prescribed, and it has to be worn every time you sleep
in order to avoid the aforementioned health risks related to your
specific sleeping disorder.

A sleep disorders doctor will check up on you regularly to make
sure your mask is working and monitor any other health concerns
from obesity to fatigue, which are all related to your sleeping
disorder. A data collection card resides within your sleep apnea
machine that records how well the machine is working for you.
Your doctor downloads this information with every visit to
Southwestern Sleep Center
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determine if adjustments need to be made or other sleep aids like
medicine need to be added for you to get the most restful sleep
you can get.

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