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					                                         Intel Conference Call
                                            March 14, 2006

SAC – Kathy
EAC – Karma
RMC– Marco
SWC –Jay
WBC – Randy
NRC – Colleen
OSC – Bruce
ONC – Mike
AKC – Sue
NIC – Charlie, James, Robyn
Dan Ervin

                                        HAPPY ST. Patrick’s Day!

SIT Report Update - Dan

The protection and ownership screens have been finalized and alpha testing has been completed.
To view these changes go to: Click on the SIT button and login as

When you click on the Unit ID in the Daily Fire Statistics screen, a new window will open giving the user
the opportunity to use dropdown menus to split up the fires and acres by ownership. It also gives the
user the opportunity to update the year-to-date tables at the bottom of the screen. See screen capture

You can view the same screen from the YTD Stats Tab also when you click on the Unit ID. See screen
capture below.

When you go to the GACC Detailed report, you will see a blue line which sums the Total fires and acres
for the reporting Unit. Below that line is a green line which will sum the total fires and acres of the
Agency. See the screen capture below.

There was discussion about having 2 separate detailed reports, one showing ownership and one showing
protection to avoid confusion about what you’re looking at.

Problem is how do we want the data grouped? By Agency, Dispatch Office, Unit?

Or do we want just 1 report with both tables included?

Discussion about data changing daily due to better mapping, better breakouts of acreage by agency and
official vs SIT Report data.

Look at the Test website, play with it and be prepared to discuss at the next conference call.

Kathy asked Dan about the issue of the Incident Number being able to be overwritten in the 209 Report.
Dan said that something could be made that would alert the user that a unique Incident Number already
exists in the database.
Intel’s role at the NSAW

What information is needed from the Intel group in the Seasonal Assessment? What other needs do we
have/want at the workshop, i.e., training, etc. Charlie, Randy, Bruce, Sue and Marco are going to attend
this year’s workshop. Randy agreed to head up a meeting to resolve this issue and put notes out for
those that don’t attend the NSAW.

Robyn - there have not been any topics from Intel submitted for the agenda. Intel will have all of the first
morning and part of that afternoon to meet as a group and have breakouts if we wish.

Jay – is looking for standardization of what Intell’s contribution to the SA actually is, what part of it is our
responsibility to write?

Colleen - will not be participating this year, commented that she’s not that involved in the process,
partially budget driven, partially because there aren’t topics that are Intel oriented

Bruce – works well with Ron Hamilton who does the weather portion of the SA and Bruce provides the
fuels component (which is weather driven), good mix

Mike – thought that this issue was worked out at the PSG meeting in Tucson. Didn’t we agree that Intel’s
contribution to the SA was fuels and resources? This is to be spelled out in the PS Handbook. Time is
available at the NSAW for us to pound this out.
Once again it was asked who would be willing to take over as the NPSG rep from the Intel group. We
must have someone selected by the fall meeting and Colleen will continue to bring up this subject until
somebody steps up to the plate!

PS Handbook - Mike

Mike will schedule a call for next week to discuss progress.

GIS Technology / Web site - Charlie

Brad Quail and Kim Kelly from the Remote Sensing Lab in Salt Lake City will be at the NSAW.
They want to discuss what we can use from the existing GIS technology. Charlie and Tom Wordell are
thinking along the lines of an internet map server / ARC I website that we could all use to put data and
maps onto for everyone to use. What are we currently using or what requests are we getting for map
products that fits this use?

Randy – we get asked for and are using fire perimeter maps. We also have tree mortality maps that have
been complied over the last 4 years by the forest health folks that we are bringing to the NSAW to use in
conjunction with the East Basin.

Charlie – the NICC is being tasked to provide more GIS related products. We all need to come to NSAW
with our needs and ideas. Tom Wordell is looking at how to get money to fund these projects. Lightning,
fire data, etc. could be put onto this site for use by everyone, including researchers. We need to include
the METS in this discussion as they are already doing more with GIS technology (gridded forecasts, 7
day fire potential product).

IMT SIT/209 username spreadsheet -

If you haven’t already done so, please update and send back to Charlie.

Fall PSG meeting in Orlando

Kathy needs to know who’s coming and who wants to go to the Kennedy Space Center? She has
reserved 50 rooms.
Detailer for Charlie - Charlie needs somebody during the two week period around June 7 or 8 . Deb
says that she can probably do part of the assignment, but still need someone else to cover the full two
weeks. Let Charlie know if you’re interested and available.

                              Next call – April 11, 2006 @ 1200 Mountain

                                       Phone: 866-778-2539
                                       Passcode: 3058949#

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