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									A long time ago in a village lived a family consisting of father, mother and a beautiful
teenage girl named garlic. They are a happy family. Although garlic dad just ordinary
traders, but they live in harmony and peace. However one day mom garlic ill and
eventually died. Garlic is very grieved as did his father.

In the village lived a widow who also has a son named Onion. Since the mother died
Garlic, Shallots mother often visited the house garlic. He often brought food, helped
clean the house or garlic Garlic and just accompany her father to talk. Finally my
father thought that garlic may be better if he had married only the mother Shallots,
Garlic is not so lonely anymore.

In consideration of garlic, the Garlic father married the mother of red onion. Mother
initially red onion and the garlic is very good. But over time the original nature they
began to appear. They often scold garlic and give him a tough job if the father was
going to trade Garlic. Garlic should be doing all the housework, while the red onion
and the mother just sitting around. Garlic, of course dad did not know it, because
Garlic is never told.

Garlic One day my father fell ill and later died. Since then the Onion and his mother
more powerful and abusive towards Garlic. Garlic is almost never at rest. He had to
get up before dawn, to prepare the water bath and breakfast for Onion and his mother.
Then he had to feed livestock, watering gardens and washing

clothes in the river. And he still had to iron, clean the house, and many other jobs. But
Garlic is always doing his work, rejoicing that he hopes one day her stepmother would
have loved him like his own child.

This morning as usual Garlic carrying basket of clothes to be washed in the river.
With a little singing him down a path on the edge of the woods the usual path. The
day was very sunny. Garlic immediately wash all dirty clothes he was carrying.
Because too much fun, Garlic does not realize that one of the clothes have been
washed away. Unfortunately the washed clothes are his stepmother's favorite shirt.
When aware of it, dress her stepmother had been swept away too much. Try the garlic
down the river to look for it, but did not manage to find it. In despair he went back
home and tell his mother.
"Basic careless!" Snapped the stepmother. "I do not want to know, you just have to
find that dress! And do not dare go home if you have not found it. Understand? "

Garlic is forced to indulge ibun stepfather. He quickly washed down the river where
he was. The sun was rising, but the Garlic is yet to find his mother's clothes. He put up
his eyes, a careful examination of each root panhandle that juts into the river, who
knows his mother's clothes caught there. After stepping away and the sun was leaning
to the west, Garlic saw a shepherd who was bathing water buffalo. Garlic then asked:
"O my good uncle, is uncle to see the red dress that swept through here? Because I
have to find and bring him home. "" Yes I had seen my boy. If you chase him quickly,
maybe you can catch him, "the uncle said.
"Well, uncle, thank you!" Said Garlic and immediately ran back down. It was getting
dark, Garlic was getting desperate. Soon the night will come, and Garlic. From a
distance the light appears to come from a shack on the riverbank. Garlic immediately
went to the house and knocked.
"Excuse me ...!" Garlic said. An old woman opened the door.
"Who are you boy?" Asked the old woman.
"My Garlic Nan. Just now I'm looking for my mother's clothes are washed away. And
now too late. Can I stay here tonight? "Said Garlic.
"Sure kid. Are you looking for clothes that are red? "Said the grandmother.
"Yes, Grandma. What ... the grandmother found him? "Said Garlic.

"Yes. The dress was caught in front of my house. Unfortunately, and I liked that shirt,
"said the grandmother. "Well I'll be back, but first you must accompany me here for a
week. I have not talked with anyone, how? "Pleaded white nenek.Bawang thought for
a moment. Grandma looked lonely. Garlic also feel sorry for. "Well grandma, I would
accompany my grandmother for a week, from grandma does not get bored with me,"
he said with a smile Garlic.
Garlic week-long stay with the grandmother. Every day Garlic helps with housework
grandmother. Of course, the old woman happy. Until finally even been a week, she
called the grandmother of garlic.
"Son, have you lived here a week. And I'm glad that you are diligent and dutiful son.
According to my promise that you can bring your mother's clothes to go home. And
another thing, you may choose one of two pumpkins this as a gift! "Said the
Garlic initially refused to be rewarded but it forced her grandmother. Garlic finally
chose the smallest pumpkin. "I am not afraid to take a big strong," he said. Grandma
smiled and Garlic deliver up to the front of the house.

At home, Garlic handed his stepmother's red shirt as he went into the kitchen to split
the yellow squash. Surprise garlic when the pumpkin was split, inside it contains a lot
of gold jewelry. She screamed and was so excited to tell this wonderful stepmother
and onion langsun greedily grab the gold and jewels. They forced the garlic to tell
how he could get the prize. Garlic was told the truth.
Hear stories of garlic, onions and her mother plan to do the same thing but this time
the onions will do. In short onion finally got the old grandmother's house on the edge
of the river. Such as garlic, onion was asked to accompany him for a week. Unlike an
avid garlic, red onions for a week it's just lazy. Even if there is done then the result is
never good because it has always done poorly. Finally after a week's grandmother
allow onions to go. "Should not grandma gave me a pumpkin as a reward for a week
with you," asked the red onion. The old woman had ordered onion choose one of two
pumpkins on offer. Onion quickly take a large pumpkin and without thanked him
walked away.

When I got home to his mother shortly onion and pumpkin happily showed he was
carrying. For fear will ask for the garlic, garlic telling them to go to the river. Then
eagerly they divide the pumpkin. But it was not gold jewels out of the pumpkin, but
venomous animals such as snakes, scorpions, and others. The animals were
immediately attacked the shallots and his mother to death. That is the reward of the

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