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Fried rice


									Fried rice is a food made from rice fried in spices and other ingredients. Fried rice is a
popular food in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
Rice is an important part of traditional Chinese cuisine, according to historical records
already existed since

4000 BC. Fried rice and then spread to Southeast Asia brought by Chinese nomads
who settled there and created the typical local fried rice which is based on the
difference in the spices and how to fry. Fried rice is actually emerged from several
properties in the Chinese culture, who does not like cold food tasting and also remove
the remaining food a few days earlier. Hence, the cold rice and then fried to be served
back at the table.

Fried rice is also known as the national dish of Indonesia. Of the many dishes in
Indonesia Cuisine vocabulary, there is little that can be considered a true national
dish. Indonesia is the national cuisine knows no boundaries of social class. Fried rice
can be enjoyed simply on the roadside stalls, vending carts, to the restaurant and the
buffet table in the party.
There are all kinds of fried rice recipes but the main element is the rice, cooking oil,
soy sauce. In addition, many other extras that can be included, ranging from
vegetables, meat, until the sauce, sauces, crackers and fried eggs.

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