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									Malaysia is an exceptional and an outstanding destination for both global
and local shoppers as it provides an extensive variety of products at
bloodthirsty or throwaway prices, says the information. In addition,
Malaysia has huge and colossal shopping arcades and hypermarkets,
cultural stores, duty-free shops and elite and stylish boutiques that can
lend a hand in it becoming the most favored shopping place in the area.
In a view to an examination carried out by Shopping Malaysia Secretariat,
a part of Tourism Malaysia, in 2006, Malaysia was graded as one of the
top shopping place in the area after Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and

The major magnetism of the year for worldwide shoppers is the Malaysian
jumbo and mammoth Sale Carnival, an affair prearranged and planned by the
Malaysian Tourism Ministry, Tourism Malaysia and the Shopping Malaysia
Secretariat. The affair that lasts for full one month and takes place two
times in a year - platforms promotion, good deals and discounts of nearly
70% on an extensive variety of products, services and famous brands at
shopping malls and complex all over the country.

The augmented in flow of travelers to Malaysia in the last few years is
for the reason of aggressive marketing and promotional movements by the
Malaysian Tourism.This mega event attracts numerous tourists especially
those who are preparing their trouseas. One such event was' Visit
Malaysia Year 2007 which was commenced couple of years ago to allure
national as well as the foreign country tourists. Such encouraging and
interesting activities are anticipated to shoot up the number of
travelers to nearly 20 Million by the end of 2010.

According to the information, it was predicted that around 24% of
travelers coming to Malaysia came for shopping, and Singapore, Thailand,
Brunei and Indonesia are major tourists that aim for Malaysia from
shopping point of view.

Opportunities in Galore in Malaysian Tourism Industry

It offers comprehensive information on the current and upcoming prospects
of the Malaysian tourism industry. It systematically and painstakingly
studies diverse parameters of the trade, such as inbound & outbound
tourism, spending costs, incoming & outgoing tourists, lodging &
transferring amenities, services and medical tourism.

The report also offers predictions on tourist arrivals, tourist arrivals
by country, outgoing tourism cost, outbound tourists and tourism total
admission money. It assists the customers to recognize prospects and
causes dangerous for the triumph of the industry.

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