Malaysia - A Country Of South East Asia by zerotech


									Malaysia is one of the important countries of Asia and the richest of
South East Asia which is divided into two main regions or divisions
Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia and is very close to the Equator;
therefore Malaysia is among those countries having a tropical climate.
The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur which is also a very well
established and a popular city of the world. Geographically the two
distinct part of Malaysia are separated by South China Sea giving this
country a source of international trade through sea routes as well. This
beautiful landscape contains several coastal planes, densely forested
hills and huge and some of the beautiful rain forests of the world.

Most of the visitors travel to Malaysia because of the outstanding beauty
and astonishing landscape and book their flights to Malaysia Malaysia has
become an important place for business professionals as well as many
foreign investors are putting their money to invest in the country and to
find out the heavy returns on their capital. Business professionals from
Korea, Nepal, China, The Philippines, and Middle East are working on
different mega projects in order to capitalize more and more to gain
profits and to increase their share capital. These business professionals
are always in search of their cheap flights to Malaysia and that's why
these people are working in all over the country.

The climate of this country is tropical and considered to have pleasant
and healthy effect for both the natives and the tourists traveling
through out the year. Thousands of tourists from different parts of the
world also visit Malaysia for their travel and tourism purpose and
because of this reason they search for their cheap flights to Malaysia.
There are two monsoon seasons in Malaysia as well, the first one is
between October and February and the other one is from April to October.
The temperature through out the year changes according to different
seasons and climatic conditions. The average temperature doesn't fall too
much and remains with in the range of 27 to 30 degrees Celsius so this
country can be ranked among the warm countries of the world.

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