Life As an Expatriate in Malaysia

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					If there is a single word that best describes Malaysia that would be the
word "magnificent". This country reveals the true Asian spirit. In one
way or another, Malaysia has been a favorite place for everyone around
the world. Go any place in the world and ask about Malaysia, they would
definitely give the best positive answers. This country is a place for
all, making it an ideal place for expats. People coming from different
parts of the globe have been living in Malaysia for many years now. Some
are foreign workers who were designated to Malaysia, and others have even
chosen to stay in Malaysia for good.

Working abroad is a bit difficult for others for the many adjustments
they have to cope up with once they live away from home. No one would
want to have a job in a place they are not familiar with. But Malaysia is
different from the rest. This country is probably the best place a
foreigner could live in without him feeling too away from home.

Being a rapid developing country, Malaysia has always various jobs that
are open for engineers, architects, and IT specialists worldwide. This is
the kind of country one would love to be for both work and satisfaction.
There are also lots of vacancies for school teachers in several
international schools in Malaysia. Others have even built their own
businesses in the country like restaurants, pubs, cafés and others.

The main reason for the Malaysians hiring for workers coming from abroad
is for them to have employees to fill in for the positions which the
Malaysians have shortage of. There are not so many engineers and
architects found in Malaysia so a help of a foreign knowledge will be a
pretty big help for the development of the country. These jobs are
discussed and arranged right from the country the foreigners came from
and then bringing them to Malaysia having their specific positions and
jobs to carry out.

Malaysia is a beautiful country with such elegance that nobody could ever
resist to live in. one would be very thankful for the opportunity itself
in working in this amazing country. Working here does not even feel like
working at all. One will just feel like a tourist all the time with the
things he or she could find here, and one's day will always be about
exploring and discovering new things about the country.

Ms. Pinky is a mom of 3 school children. She is a Systems Engineer, a
Technology Researcher and an Independent Medical Billing and Coding
Consultant. She and her family is well-traveled all over the world!

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