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									An insight into convertible tops
If you are here then it is very obvious that you are a car lover. A car is one of the most precious
and valuable asset that we all posses. But, most of us fail to do up the car and keep it clean all
times. This article is all about the convertible tops and its key points.

Convertible tops are a sort of auto top that has the ability of either folding or retracting. They
are available in both hard and soft types but the fact is that many folks prefer soft tops conjointly
there are several other set of people who opt for hard tops to show their distinctiveness.

The basic difference between the soft tops and hard tops is that the hard tops are not often
referred as convertibles and they have the ability to fold inwards. Since the frames are made out
of steel they are generally named as retractable hard tops. Usually they are made from canvas
or vinyl that fits over steel or a strong plastic frame.

One can also find replacement soft tops in the market but the thing to be noticed is the fit and
size which best matches the car.

The Convertible Top Accessories include the top hold down cables, the frame bow tacking strips,
the convertible top pad, the top's rear well liner and possibly other items. The convertible tops
can be distinguished by the fabrics used.

Different combinations of materials are used to come up with the convertible tops. Materials like
vinyl with cotton and woven acrylic with cotton or nylon.

 If the top has not been cleaned for a long time then there are loads of possibilities for it to result
in ingrained dirt which quite difficult to clean out. In order to avoid that shabby look it is a must
to clean it quite often. It is a must to follow a separate set of procedure to clean up the tops.

The convertible tops are available in wide ranges and the difference can be seen in the folding
techniques. Some of the tops are electrically equipped and some others need manual operation.

Electric tops are also known as power tops that are made available with retraction mechanism
that is specially designed to fold and unfold the frame. The process is quite big when it comes to
manual convertible tops whereas the electrical top simply needs to be pushed and the process
gets over. On the other hand the manual tops needs the driver support and in that the top latched
must be removed from the windshield and then it must be pushed downwards. If he person wishes
to put the top up then he has to pull the top upwards and then attach the latches to the

To make the top look brand new make use of shampoo while cleaning it. After the cleaning
process gets over let the top to dry up thoroughly before you fold down as this will preventing
from molds and mildew.

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