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									Hand MCQ

The ring finger
   a) Has 2 proper digital nerves, continuations of the ulnar nerve.
   b) Has shared C7-C8 dermatomal supply
   c) Would have loss of sensation to the nail bed with injury to the superficial
       branch of the radial nerve
   d) May have altered sensation in carpal tunnel syndrome
   e) Is supplied by the deep ulnar nerve over the medial half of the finger

Regarding the thumb
   a) Abductor pollicis longus is only involved in abduction of the thumb
   b) The first metacarpal is rotated medially by opponens pollicis
   c) Ulnar nerve compression in the guyon canal will lead to significant thenar
   d) Its blood supply is usually a direct branch from the deep palmar arch
   e) Abductor pollicis longus passes between the heads of Abductor pollicis brevis

Flexion of the 4th finger     Is primarily the role of             Is assisted by
   MCPJ                       Dorsal Interossei
                              Palmar Interossei
   PIPJ                       Flexor digitorum Longus
   DIPJ                       Flexor digitorum Superficailis
                              Flexor digitorum profundus
                              Flexor Carpi radialis
                              Flexor Carpi Ulnaris

Which nerves are required for normal flexion of the 4th finger?

4) Regarding compartments of the hand
    a) The Lateral fibrous septum is bound to the anterior border of the 5th
    b) The thenar space lies deep to the adductor compartment
    c) The thenar space is a potential space, continuous with the forearm via the
       carpal tunnel.
    d) The central compartment contains most of the interosseous muscles
    e) The palmaris longus tendon runs distally deep to the palmar fascia
1) d
2) b
MCPJ – Lumbricals assisted by PAD , DAB, FDS, FDP
Nerves – 3rd lumbrical, PAD and DAB = deep ulnar n
           - FDS = median n
           - FDP – medial half = ulnar nerve

4) a

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