Distinction between physical and moral courage by umaagar26


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    Physical courage and moral courage have their own significances.
These two differ widely. To compare spiritualists like Swami
Vevekananda and Mahatma Gandhi with wrestlers and racers is like
comparing moral courage with physical courage. Gandhiji and
Vivekananda were men of thin lean figures, yet their deeds, utterances
and speeches reflected the courage of a high order, which is quite
different from physical courage.

    Physical courage is the courage based on physical strength, which
depends upon physical exercise and training while the courage of the
heart and the mind is either a born one or a created one. Physical
courage comes through the exercise of the body while mental courage
can be cultivated through mental exercise or by remaining in touch
with great spiritualists.

     For the cultivation of moral courage, we shall have to shun the
sensual desires of the materialistic world. By hating sensual desires, we
shall rise in spirit. By foregoing the petty temptations of wealth, power
and position, we shall have the strength of spiritualism and morality in
ourselves. But this gigantic strength should not be used for selfish ends
but should be used the most civilized and humanitarian way.

    Moral courage is more effective than physical courage. Mahathma
Gandhi adopted the path of non-violence in our domestic and
international relationships. Physical courage must be supported by
moral courage otherwise the usage of physical courage is beastly and
barbarous. It is most uncivilized and uncultured. All the great social
reformers, religious divines, scientists, statesmen, saints and sages
cultivated the spirit of moral and mental courage. Many people have
been successful in impressing humanity and this is a rich tribute to the
principle of moral courage.

    Those people, who use physical courage, have been labeled as
tyrants and despots, blood-suckers and marauders of humanity.

     Persons must develop moral courage. It is more powerful than
physical courage. Will-power is the key word for moral courage. It was
the will of Kennedy, which made him President of America. It was the
will of Napoleon Bonaparte, which made him an Emperor. And Gandhiji
with his will-power, uprooted the mighty British Empire from India.
Therefore, moral courage is more appealing and forceful than physical
courage. Moral courage wins at the cost of physical courage.

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