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vocab #1

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					                     Vocabulary To kill a mocking bird #1

1. ramrod- noun. Rigid"Mr.Radley's posture was ramrod straight." (p.16)
2. foray- verb. to ravange in search of spoils. "not waiting to see if his foray was
sucessful." (p.19)
3. assuaged- verb. to lessen the intensity of. "Jim's fears of never being able to play
football were assuaged." (p.7)
4. tacitum- adjective. tensley disclined to talk.
5. indigenous- adjective. having originated living be produced or occuring naturally
in a particual region or enviroment. " The class murmered aprehensively, should she
prove to harbor her shares of her partiular indigenous to that region." (p.21)
6. erratic- adjective. chacteriszed by lack of consistantcy, regularity or uniformity.
"She was furioius, and when she was furious Clapurnia's grammer became erratic."
7. perserve- to keep safe from injury harm or destruction. "Apparantly she had
revived enough to preserve her proffession." (p.30)
8. monosyllabic- adjective. consisting of one syallable or monosyallables. "My replies
where monosyllabic and he didn"t push me." (p.33)
9. contentious- adjective. likely to cause an contention.
10. vexation- noun. the act of harrasing. "Entailment was only part of
Mr.Cunningham's vexations." (p.25)
11. irked- ver. to make weary, annoyed or angry. "Jem's free dispension of my
pledge irked me." (p.27)
12. dictum- noun. a noteworthy statement as.. "So Simon, forgotten his teacher's
dictums on dictums of human chattels, he bought three slaves." (p.8)
13. predillection- noun. established preference for something. " The Radleys,
welcome anywhere in town, kept to themselves, a predilection unforgivable in
Maycomb." (p.13)
14. spittion- noun. rectable for spit. "Atticus's courthouse contained a little more
than a hat rack, a spittion, a checkerboard and an unsullied coppy of Code of
Alabama." (p.9)
15. sojourn- noun. a temporary stay. " My sojourn in the corner was a short one."
16. diminutive-noun. affix or name. "He was one of the most dimminutive of men."
17. fractious- adjective. tending to be troublesome. "she had finally seen the error in
her fractious ways." (p.33)
18. onslaught- noun. an especially fierce attack. "His fists were half cocked, as if he
expected an onslaught from both of us." (p.27)
19. amiable- adjective. naturally agreeable. "He waited in amiable silence." (p.34)
20. ambled- verb. to go at or as if at an amble. "they ambled across the square"
21. eaves- noun. the lower part of the roof that hangs over the wall usally used in
plural. "Rain rotted roof shingles drooped over the eaves of the veranda." (p.13)
22. discernible- verb. tocome and reconise mentally "...a man who sat on the flag
pole for no disconerable reason." (p.36)
23. breathern- noun. used to address members of a society. "In England, Simon was
irritated by the percecution of those who called themselves the Methodists at their
hands of their own liberal brethern." (p.8)
24. apothicary- noun. One that sells drugs for medicial purposes. "All we had was
Simon Finch, a fur trading apothicary from Cornwall whos piety was only exceeded
by his stingness. (p.8)
25. beadle- noun. a minor parish officer whose duties include ushering a
preserving services and sometimes civil functions. "Maycombs ancient beadle, Mr.
Conner." (p.14)

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