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					                       The middle east and Asia


                                   South Asia:
                          £ triangular subcontinent
                          - aka Indian subcontinent
                           * 8 independent nations
           * northern mountains northern plans Deccan plateu
                           * hindu kush, Himalayas
                                  * kyber pass
                     * Kashmir valley- goats cashmere
                               - northern plains
     * Indus, Ganges, ( holiest river in all of south Asia) Brahmaputra
                             * densely populated
                                * rivers= sacred
                                  * thar desert
                                 -deccan plateu
                                 * high flat land
                                * vindhya mnts
                                   * ghat mnts
                        - monsoons= seasonal winds
                           *wet monsoon=summer
                            *dry monsoon=winter
                                *key to farmers
                          * effect south Asia evenly
                    - temperature rainfall vary greatly
                       -variety of mineral recourses
 *iorn ore, manganese, bauxite, copper, coals, mica, limestone, gympsum
                              -1.1 billion people
               *3/4 of people depend on farming for a living
                              -cultural diversity
                             * variety of religions

                               Southeast Asia
 - mainland SE Asia: peninsula between south china sea and Indian ocean
* 5 independent nations (Myanmar Cambodia Laos Thailand and Vietnam)
                         - includes mass of islands
                  * many small islands,5 major islands
                        * located on the ring of fire
                      + many farm need the volcanos
                          - most lies in the tropics
                                * hot humid
                        * affected by the monsoons
                          * subjected to typhoons
                          - natural resources
                            * 1/2 worlds tin
                  * aluminum nickel oil natural gas
                     -most important crop= rice
               -coffee tea coconuts spices=cash crops
                       -ethnic cultural diversity
*currently struggling to create unified nations due to diverse peoples

     -ancient times believed themselves the center of the world
                         *vast physical barriers
                *one of the largest nations in the world
                       -home to 1.2billion people
               -mountains, plateaus cover 80% of china
                      *many live in eastern china
                            -6 main regions
     * north, south, northeast, Mongolia, xinjiang, Xizang (Tibet)
                  - north and south china=heartland
                           *densly populated
                   - outlying reigns lots of resources
 3 important rivers huang he yellow river river or sorrow, Chang, xi
                        Transportation irrigation

                              -2 nations
                  Cultural bridge china and Japan
                     2 major physical features
                            Mnts, plains
                    Mnts cover 70% of country
                    25% ppl live in mountains
                     Most live in costal plains
                   6000 coastline, good harbors
                       Make living by fishing
                        Temperate climate
                    Hot summers, cold winters
           Difference in climate depend on crop output
               South Korea 60% land is for farming
         North korea minerals coal iron, lead, copper, zync
              Biggest recourse: educated population.
                         Literacy rate 95%
                   Archipelago: chain of islands
                           4 main islands
                         3,000 tiny islands
                    Seas have played a big role
                             Ring of fire
              Affected by as many as 1,500 tremors a year
                           30 active volcanos
                           125 million people
                       4/5 of Japan is mountains
                   Mild climates, long growing season
             Intensive farming using every available space
                             Major crop rice
                      Complex irregations systems
                      Fish major source of protein
              Few minerals resources coal copper oil iron
                       Dependent on world trade
                      Homogenous ethnocentrism
                    Strong sence of national identity

                              Middle east
        Cross roads of three continents Africa Asia and Europe
                   Nations command vital sea routes
                        5 main physical regions
Northern tier Arabian peninsula fertile crescent Nile valley and Maghreb

                            Northern tier
                             Turkey Iran
                          Mountains plateaus

                  Arabian peninsula 1/3 size of the us
                   Red sea Arabians sea Persian gulf
                    Small population. Lack of water
                         Most is barren desert
                    Major role in world economy oil
                          Birth place of Islam

                            Fertile crescent
                        Tigris Euphrates rivers
                       Rich soil abundant water
                         Few natural barriers

                           Northern Africa
                           Major crossroads

                        Climate and resources
                      Dictated where people live
               Well water areas of coasts river valleys
              Had to adapt and build irregations systems
                         Variety of resources
                      Salt phosphate and copper
                      Most valuable is oil
          Variety of languages, religions, traditions
                       Majority of arabs
Terms used to describe anyone whose native language is Arabic
                Home to many ethnic groups
                    Majority follow Islam

        Also home to christianity and   Judaism

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