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									How to avoid Google Penalty?
It is essential for every SEO to have thorough information on how to avoid Google penalty. By using
reliable and effective penalty checker, you can eliminate this problem from the website. There are a
number of penalties checking software’s available in the market that checks the viability of the content
and SEO algorithms on the webpage. SEOs can also make the most of off page auditing schemes that will
be effective in eliminating penalties. As a SEO, if one want to get rid of Google penalty, then it is
essential that you review and modify the content of the website on regular basis.

Effective ways to avoid penalty

There are a number of ways by which you can free yourself from getting penalty. If the SEO is using link
building or reference links on the website, then it is essential that they do not use any kind of entrusted
and inferior quality websites or domains. If the website is inferior in quality, then it will definitely affect
the traffic on the primary domain. While writing the content, the writer must not overuse the keyword
or increase the density as it hampers the readability of the content. Avoid overloading the pages with
unwanted and irrelevant advertisements or scripts. When you run multiple scripts on the page, the
webpage consumes a lot of data and take more time to load which results in Google penalty. Overusing
the keyword and using dynamic URLs is one of the main reasons for penalty.

Recovering from Google penalty

A high percentage of website administrators and webmaster have to face ominous situation in which
they keywords do not show in search results. The ranking of the website goes down due to the failure of
algorithm or too many changes in the algorithm. If a webmaster runs multiple websites then it becomes
essential to check the viability of the content on the website. If all the websites have suffered Google
penalty, then it is advisable that one must make a proper analysis of the situation and determine the
reasons. Some of the most common reasons for penalty are unethical and irrelevant content and links
on the website. With the help of penalty checking software, one can know the reasons and rectify them.
This is why all the high quality and reliable website domains check on the quality of content on regular
basis. Use good quality content with viable links and scripts on the page and your website will run
smoothly without any penalties.

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