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Russian GOST R Certifications - PDF

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Scope of Services Russian GOST R Certifications Russian Hygienic Certifications Russian Fire Safety Certifications Russian RTN Rostechnadzor Approvals Russian Exproof GOST R Certificates Russian Type Approval for Measuring Equipment Metrology Russian Medical Approvals and Certifications Russian Radio Frequency Approvals Russian Exemption Letters Ukrainian UkrSEPRO Certifications Ukrainian Hygienic Certifications Ukrainian Fire Safety Certifications Ukrainian GGTN Gosgortechnadzor Approvals Ukrainian Exproof Certification Ukrainian Type Approval for Measuring Equipment Metrology Ukrainian Medical Approvals and Certifications Ukrainian Radio Frequency Approvals Ukrainian Exemption Letters And similar Certifications in Byelorussia Kazakhstan

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									About our Company

      Certification Authority SERCONS today is the leading Russian company in the field of certification
and expert appraisal of industrial safety, and in consulting concerning certification and quality management
systems introduction.

      SERCONS has been accredited by Rostekhnadzor and Rostehregulirovanie, as well as enters the
Association of European Business (AEB). SERCONS has been a partner of German, Italian, and Austrian
CCIs. The Company has its representatives in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Japan, Turkey and

      Our 16 years experience in the market and more than 70 000 executed orders ensured our reputation
of a professional and reliable partner experienced in certification of different products, including those
produced by major manufacturers.

         Accreditation area of SERCONS certification authorities and expert companies cover almost the
whole scope of works in this field. This condition ensures our offering flexible and integrated solutions to our

        We are open to cooperation with new clients and positive that it will bring you rewards!
About our Company

                                The group of companies "SERCONS"

Certification authorities                                  Expert organizations
(certifications of products and management systems)        (industrial safety and energy audits)

The Certification Authority of products                    The expert organization
“SERCONS”                                                  (examination of industrial safety)

The Certification Authority of management systems          The expert organization
“AKADEMMASH”                                               (examination of industrial safety
                                                           and energy audits, fire safety audit)
                                                           “PROMMASH TEST”
                                                  OUR SERVICES:
           Certification of products                                             Industrial Safety
Certification for Russian market:                                     Industrial safety expert appraisal;
  Certificate and Declaration of Conformity to GOST R &               Permit of Use (Rostekhnadzor);
  Technical Regulation;
                                                                      Rostekhnadzor Licenses for Types of Activities
  GOST R Explosion-Proof Certificate;
                                                                      Technical terms.
  Fire Safety Certificate & Declaration;
  Fire Risk Assessment;                                                      Application & Certification
  Certification state registration of Customs Union (Hygiene);               of Management Systems
  GOST R Pattern Approval Certificate of measuring instruments
                                                                      Quality management systems (ISO 9001);
  GAZPROMSERT voluntary certification
                                                                      Environmental Management Systems
  Letter of Refusal;                                                  (ISO 14001);
                                                                      Occupational Health and Safety Management
Certification of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS):            Systems (OHSAS 18001).
  Certificates UKRSEPRO (Ukraine),
  GOST K(Kazakhstan),
  BELST (Belarus);                                               Also – energy audit, technical specifications and other.
About our Company

                       SERCONS’S issued certificates by country:

                    Russia   33%    Italy     4,5%          Finland     2,2%
                    China    9%     Japan     4%            Great Britain 2%
                    Germany 8%      USA       3,5%          Holland      2%
                    Turkey   7%     Ukraine   3%            Austria       1,8%
                    Korea    6,3%   Poland    3%            Denmark       1,3%
                    France   5%     Czech Republic   2,5%   others        1%
About our Company

                    Issued certificates according to industries:

                                         Mechanical engineering

                                         Petrochemical and gas Industry

                                         Electric equipment

                                         Instrument engineering


                                         Polymer production


                                                                    Licenses Rostekhnadzor for Certificate of
 Accreditations Certificate in GOST R System                        activities for the examination Recognition competence
                                                                    of Industrial Safety           in the GAZPROMSERT

Certification authority SERCONS has successfully passed
additional accreditation. So it has the right to conduct confirmation
of conformity to requirements in the consent with the Technical
Regulation «On safety of machines and the equipment», «On                Accreditation           Accreditation
safety of wheel vehicles» and «On security devices,                      of Emergency control    of Testing laboratory
operating on gaseous fuels».                                             ministry of RF

 Management System certification
Our Services

 Certificate of conformity (to GOST R / Technical Regulation)
 Certification is required to prove conformity of the product to the RF state standards and to execute
 customs supervision, in case of imported products. GOST R Certification is mandatory for any product
 manufactured in the RF or abroad (if imported to Russia). But now Russia passes through the reforms
 connected with the federal act “About technical adjustment”. Therefore new technical regulations are
 accepted. It is needed for harmonization Russian and international standards, for increasing
 competitiveness of home producers.

 The list of products, which are subject to mandatory certification (Certificate of conformity) is given in
 decrees of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology (ROSTEKHREGULIROVANIE)
 of the RF. The products which are not indicated in ROSTEKHREGULIROVANIE decrees may be
 certified voluntarily. Certificates of conformity can be mandatory and voluntary. Certificates of conformity
 are regulated by Decrees of ROSTEKHREGULIROVANIE of the RF.

Declaration of conformity (to GOST R / Technical Regulation)

 RF Government Resolution dated December 1, 2009 N 982 came into force on 15th February. The
 Resolution specifies a new list of products subject to mandatory certification and products subject to
 conformity assurance by making a declaration of conformity. The list of products is posted on the web
 site of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology.

 An updated list of products subject to mandatory conformity assurance when placed under customs
 procedures is also posted on the Agency web site. The list specifies Foreign Economic Activity
 Commodity Nomenclature Codes.
Our Services

   Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union
   To implement the Agreement on Circulation of the Goods Subject to Compulsory Conformity
   Assessment in the Customs Territory of the Customs Union, the Regulation on Procedure for Inclusion
   of Certification Authorities and Testing Laboratories into the Unified Register of the Customs Union was
   approved by Decision No. 319 dated 18.07.2010. The SERCONS certification authorities were also
   included into this Register. Since March 2011, SERCONS has been engaged in execution of conformity
   certificates and declarations which are unified for all countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus,
   and Kazakhstan).
   Certificates/declarations are executed using the new form and entered into the Unified Register of the
   Customs Union based on the decision of the CU’s Committee.
   However, national permits still remain in force but applicable only within the territory of the country
   where a certificate or a declaration was issued.

  GOST R Explosion-Proof Certificate

  Technical devices, including foreign-manufactured, used in hazardous production facilities should be
  certified to prove their conformity to the industrial safety requirements set by the Russian Federation

  The list of technical devices used in hazardous production facilities and subject to certification are
  elaborated and approved according to the procedure established by the Government of RF (List
  approved by GOSGORTEKHNADZOR of the RF and GOSSTANDART of the RF dated August 3 and
  10, 2001).
Our Services

  Fire Safety Certificate of conformity to Technical Regulation
  Fire Safety Certification requires product’s conformity of standards «Technical Regulations on Fire
  Safety Requirements» that entered into force on 01.05.2009). There standards are used for products
  manufactured in the RF and imported products. The list of products, which are subject to mandatory
  certification (Certificate of Conformity to TR) is provided in the RF Decree dated 1.05.2009. The goods
  which are not stated in the above mentioned decree can be certified voluntarily.

  Declaration of Fire Safety of conformity to Technical Regulation
  Declaration of Fire Safety is form of confirmation of fire safety of an object that is valid on the territory of
  the Russian Federation in accordance with the provisions of «Technical Regulations on Fire Safety
  Requirements» that entered into force on 01.05.2009. The form and the rules of the declaration
  completion are described in the Order №91 of EMERCOM of RF (03/2007) registered in the Ministry of
  Justice on 23.03.2009. In Fire Safety Declaration the applicant (the declarant) or the expert agency
  indicate which fire safety requirements are fulfilled at the given object and in accordance with which
  legislative document.

  Fire Risk Assessment
  SERCONS offers new service of Fire risk assessment, which might be conducted as one of the step for
  the declaration of fire safety, or on customer’s request. The main purpose of Fire risk assessment is the
  compliance with fire safety requirements on object. This assessment intends particularly to get the
  unbiased information on current condition of fire safety of the object and improve the protection level.
Our Services

  Certification state registration of Сustoms Union (Hygienic Conclusion)
   In coming into force from 01.07.2010 the Customs Union - Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus on sanitary
   measures the issuing of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions is stopped.
   Document, confirming the quality and safety of the product, now would be a Certificate of state
   registration of the Customs Union (CSR CU), which will be valid on the territory of the Customs Union of
   the three countries.
   Certificate of state registration, sustaining the safety of products, which in a single form issued by the
   Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare to the narrow list of
   products - this procedure may exercise territorial bodies of the Rospotrebnadzor. The applicant may
   himself apply to the Rospotrebnadzor or use the services of an accredited certification body.

   SERCONS officially launches the new service of certification state registration of Сustoms Union
   (CU SGR).

  Letter of Refusal
  A refusal letter is an official document issued by a certification authority which states that no mandatory
  certification is required for the product or that the product belongs to a group of products for which
  compliance can be confirmed with a compliance declaration.

  A refusal letter must be written on the letterhead of the authority that issues it and must bear the coat of
  arms seal of said authority. It follows from the above that there can be too kinds of refusal letters for the
  customs and for business partners.
Our Services

  Industrial Safety Expert Appraisal
  Industrial Safety Expert Appraisal is held to prove that the object appraised is conformed to the
  requirements and rules of industrial safe.

  As a result of such appraisal IS conclusion is issued. On the basis of approval of the expert
  appraisal report ROSTEKHNADZOR issues the Permit of Use.

  Permit of use is a document that confirms
  correspondence of the equipment (technical devise or
  material) including equipment of foreign manufactures to
  the requirements of industrial safety and allows the
  appliance of such equipment in hazardous production
  facilities, controlled by Federal Service for Ecological,
  Technological and Atomic Supervision of the RF
Our Services

 Rostekhnadzor Licenses for Types of Activities
 Execution of any license of Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear
 Supervision) is made according to the Federal Law No. 128 dated 8.08.2001 “On Licensing of Certain
 Types of Activities”.
 Rostekhnadzor licenses are issued without limit in time. They are applicable within the whole territory of
 Russia. But there is an essential condition: a company which obtained a license must undergo a yearly
 inspection to be carried out by Rostekhnadzor.
  The following types of activities are subject to licensing:
 • production, use, storage, transportation and supplies of explosive substances and materials for
    industrial applications
 • operation of production facilities considered to be fire and explosion hazardous
 • operation of production facilities being classified as chemically dangerous
 • activity on organization of industrial safety expert examination
 • land surveying works
 • operation of heat supply-, gas distributing- and electrical networks
 • storing of oil and gas, and their products
 • oil and gas processing
 • transportation of oil, gas, and their products
 • operation of major pipeline transport and oil and gas extraction works.
 The types of activities specified above are subject to compulsory licensing for the purpose of exercising
 state control of industrial safety, environment and human health protection in order to avoid any
 accidents and technogenic catastrophes.
Our Services

 Rostekhnadzor Licenses for Types of Activities: Additional Services

 Elaboration of Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
 When production activity is related somehow to the operation of potentially hazardous facilities, one of the
 necessary actions is elaboration of ERP – Emergency Localization and Response Plan. Only a clearly elaborated
 sequence of actions in such situations makes it possible to timely bring under control the source of emergency and
 to promptly liquidate its possible consequences.

 Elaboration of Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP)
 The purpose of the oil spill contingency plan is to determine all actions and measures to be taken for identification,
 liquidation and prevention of any subsequences of various emergency situations resulted from oil and oil products
 spill at enterprises and other facilities. The OSCP is the main document that determines the sequence of actions of
 enterprise’s personnel and its emergency rescue service, as well as inhabitants of local settlements.

 Registration of Hazardous Production Facilities (HPF) in the State Register
 Registration of hazardous production facilities is a mandatory procedure for enterprises and organizations which
 activities are related to such facilities. The procedure is performed by Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for
 Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision), and the companies accredited by Rostekhnadzor.
Our Services

  Technical specifications

  Technical specifications is a document that sets out the technical specifications that the product, process
  or service must conform to, if necessary the technical specifications must also specify the procedures
  for establishing whether a product conforms to these specifications.

  The technical specifications determine the main parameters, dimensions, properties, and operational
  characteristics of a product, list the components, spare parts or any additional items that must be
  included with it, specify its quality characteristics etc.

  Test Program and Methods

  When the equipment is used in hazardous production facilities, it must be tested before the direct
  appliance. All the documents, concerning testing devices include special testing program and methods
  (in conformity with Rostekhnadzor).

  Testing programs are issued on the base of requirements specification, in-line and engineering
  documentation. All sort of typical methods, programs and other referenced data are also used.
Our Services

  UkrSEPRO Certificate (Ukraine)

  UkrSERPO Certification system – is Ukrainian system of standards. It is analogous to the Russian
  System GOST. UkrSERPO certificate proves conformity of certified products (services) to the stated
  requirements and standards. UkrSERPO can be mandatory and voluntary.

  BELST Certificate (Belarus)
  BELST – Byelorussian expert appraisal – was developed in 1992. BELST certificate can be mandatory
  and voluntary. Consumer goods, goods and services that pose a potential hazard to life, health or the
  property of citizens, and a potential danger to the environment are subject to mandatory certification.

  GOST K Certificate (Kazakhstan)

  GOST K Certificate (Kazakhstan) is applied to the product importation in Kazakhstan and to the
  exportation to Russia. GOST K certificate proves conformity of certified products (services) to the stated
  requirements and standards. The secondary objective of the GOST K certificate is the recognition
  procedure carried out when exported products must be accompanied by a foreign certificate of
Our Services

 Quality management systems (ISO 9001:2008)
 Our company is pleased to present a project concerned with quality management systems (QMS) and its
 certification in accordance with All-Union State Standard ISO 9001:2008 (Russian’s standard GOST R
 ISO 9001--2008).
 A quality management system allows improving the quality of products and organization processes, as
 well as to reduce the production costs and improve the rate of customers’ satisfaction.
 The period of the project’s realization and QMS introduction in your company followed by certification will
 take from 4 to 9 months. The final term depends on the level of correspondence of the existing system
 with the All-Union State Standard requirements, as well as on the personnel’s competence in the sphere
 of quality management.

 Environmental management system (ISO 14001-2007)
 Environmental management is a part of the common system of enterprise corporate management. The
 objective is to create distinct common organizational structure of the company capable to implement
 environment protection programmes and correspond to ecological norms.
 GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004) is a standard raising a demand to ecological management
 systems. These norms are applicable to organization of any size and various types of activity.

 Occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS
 OHSAS 18001 is an international standard of occupational health and safety management system. In
 Russia national standard GOST 12.0.230-2007 “Labor safety standard system. Labor safety
 management systems. General requirements” has been developed.
 Conformity certificate GOST 12.03.230 (OHSAS 18001) proves that the enterprise carefully controls
 factors of production and occupational risks for its workers and takes care of staff’s safety at their jobs.
Our Services

GAZPROMSERT voluntary certification. About the system:
SDS GAZPROMSERT was developed and implemented by the open joint stock company Gazprom (order No.10
on February 6, 1999). This certification system was developed and registered (No. РОСС RU.3022.04ГO00 on
17.07.2000) in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation “On the certification of products and services.”
The GAZPROMSERT system of voluntary certification was created to allow voluntarily conformity assessment
in the form of voluntary certification:
     • products and management systems of subsidiaries and organizations which are entities of Gazprom;
     • services rendered and products supplied by other companies to Gazprom, OJSC;
     • management quality systems in companies which render services and supply products to Gazprom.
The main objectives of voluntary certification in SDS GAZPROMSERT:
     • to verify the conformity of products, management systems and services to standards as defined in the
     GAZPROMSERT system;
     • to assist purchasers select the correct products and services;
     • to improve the competitiveness of products and services of companies which are entities of Gazprom.
The main principles of GAZPROMSERT voluntary certification
     • openness of information on regulations on voluntary certification;
     • a clear set of forms and certification schemes in the GAZPROMSERT system;
     • agreement with the applicant about the timing of the voluntary certification;
     • lack of compulsion to obtain voluntary certification in the GAZPROMSERT system;
     • protects the interests of the applicant (including property);
     • ensures compliance with trade secrets of information that was obtained during voluntary certification.
Product certification in the GAZPROMSERT system:
SERCONS is an accredited product certification body in the GAZPROMSERT system – a certificate of
recognition of the competence of the body for certification with the registration number ГО00.RU.1135.
Verification of conformity of products to the GAZPROMSERT system takes the form of voluntary
Our Clients
                                                                                                  Expert of SERCONS:
                                                                                                                                       Development                    Certification
     Certification of products                                  Industrial Safety Expert Appraisal                              of technical documentation      of Management Systems

      GOROKHOVSKIY Yuri Genrikhovich                                                                                                     ALEKHIN Andrey              BARKANOVA Tatiana Anatolievna
                                                              VOLKOV Vadim Zhorovich
                                                                                                   SHACHKOV Alexander                      Viktorovich           Certification of Quality Management Systems
      Certification of Electrical Engineering           oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals,
                                                                                                          Sergeevich                  Technical documentation
          and Information Technology                                   oil refining
                                                                                                  Oil Industry & Gas Industry

                                                         VOROBJOV Gennady Vasil’evich                                                   CHEPELKIN Dmitry
         LUKYANOV Anatoly Nikolaevich                                                                                                                               POLYAKOV Aleksandr Viktorovich
                                                            oil and gas; facility boilers                                                 Gennadievich
Certification of chemical, petroleum equipment and                                                                                                               Certification of Quality Management Systems
                                                                and gas monitoring                                                    Technical documentation
       products from plastic household items

            HALFIN Salavat Maulitbaevich                                                                                                  TITOV Vladimir
Certification of agricultural machinery and equipment                                                                                     Alexandrovich
                                                                                                                                      Technical documentation
                        Our Advantages:

Wide range of accreditation areas;
Integrated solutions;
Best work performance terms;
Services quality guarantee;
Control and execution of all authorization documents;
Great experience in certification;
Professional advice on all the           questions      concerning   planning
and compliance with works’ schedule;
Loyalty programs for regular and VIP customers.

   We will be happy to cooperate with you!
       Our Contacts:

For cooperation:
International Client Manager

Phone: + 7 (495) 782-1708 ext.304
Mob.: +7 (909) 679 01 91
Fax:   + 7 (495) 782-1701
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