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What to Look for in a Golf Resort


									                       What to Look for in a Golf Resort

When planning a golf resort vacation, people must look beyond the golf course. After all,
the point in going to the resort is not merely to hone one's golf skills, but also to enjoy
and relax. That being said, it is only right to set some parameters when choosing a golf
vacation resort.

The following factors can help ensure a great vacation for the whole family:

1. Luxury - How luxurious a golf resort is should be on top of any one's list of
consideration. The purpose of going to a resort is to pamper oneself. This is the time
where one is supposed to enjoy, relax, and recharge. A resort that cannot give guests the
luxurious lifestyle that they seek does not deserve a single penny the usually expensive
fees that resorts charge.

2. The views - A golf resort must not only offer relaxation for the body, but also for the
eyes and the senses. Hence, in choosing a resort for a weekend vacation, the environment
should be considered. For people who want the serenity of the sea, coastal resorts should
be on top of their list. On the other hand, those who prefer the majestic beauty of rock
formations and mountains will have a blast at desert resorts in such places as Arizona.

3. The Golf Course - What is a golf resort without great golf courses? Some resorts offer
more than one course, giving guests a variety of choices. Pebble Beach Resorts, for
instance, offer visitors four courses to choose from, with varying degree of difficulty.

4. Lodging Service - Every guest deserves a good night's sleep after frolicking under the
sun. As such, no golf vacation resort would be worth going to without elegant lodging
spaces. The beauty and elegance of the resort inns must match, if not exceed, the
expectations of guests.

5. Good Food - If there is one thing that can drive guests away from a golf resort in a
whim, it is bad food. This is why resorts with the best food choices always land at the top
of list of vacationers.

6. Service - All the luxuries that a resort provides would be for naught if the people
supposed to deliver those luxuries are rude and untrained. The staff can make or break the
reputation of a resort. Hence, a golf resort must have well-trained staff not only to attract
guests, but also to convince people that the place is worth coming back.

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