Incorporating Golf Into Your Travels

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					                    Incorporating Golf Into Your Travels

Many people enjoy golf as it is one of the greatest past-times around. The slow economy
has not put a damper on the number of newbies taking up golf year in year out.
Incorporating golf into your vacation is one of the easiest ways to find time for it. Playing
golf while on vacation gives the golfer the opportunity to play new courses in some
beautiful and even exotic settings.

One of the biggest concerns lately in this country is the number of overweight people.
Doctors have long known that exercise is one important component to leading a healthy
life. Often people are sedentary on their vacations, spending time tanning on the beach
and consuming high calorie alcoholic beverages. Incorporating golf into your vacation is
a great way to get the added benefit of exercise. With today's emphasis on health and
exercise, there is no reason not to enjoy your exercise while traveling. Golfing in an
exotic location just heightens the pleasure whether it's Hawaii or New Zealand. The
possibilities are endless. I recommend skipping the golf cart and instead walking the
course if your physician permits that level of exercise for you. Don't pass up the chance
to burn a few calories so that you can enjoy that luau or other special dinner later on.
Wearing a pedometer will give you an idea of how far you've trekked on your golf

One decision a golfer needs to make is whether or not to take their personal golf clubs
along on the trip. The cons for taking your own clubs is the effort and expense of getting
them to your destination as well as the always present possibility of losing them whether
due to mishandling by the travel personnel or theft. The pros for taking your own is that
you have the clubs you play best with. Renting golf clubs once at your destination is
usually not a problem. So you decide.

Short weekend trips all the way to a 2 week cruise, there are always opportunities to get a
round of golf in. The internet is a great way to search for the optimum package for you.
There are great deals to be found. Several sites allow you to travel cheap now online and
make money promoting their travel. Earning a passive income with your home based
business while enjoying the benefits of discounted travel. A reputable company will walk
you through how to take advantage of both the discounted travel and the income

Happy golfing!

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