Which Prime Lens Must I Buy_ Canon 50Mm 1.8 Versus 50Mm 1.4 Versus 50Mm 1.2_ by Julie34Chavez


									Which Prime Lens Must I Buy? Canon 50Mm 1.8 Versus 50Mm 1.4
Versus 50Mm 1.2
So you have invested some money right into a nice Digital slr but that packagelens is not performing
any longer. Or you are just searching for a pleasant lens forportrait and low light photography. Three
lens fit that category nicely, threedifferent prime contacts, all within the 50mm range. Just Searching
the costs on eachlens you will find the 50mm 1.8 will cost you about 100.00, the following, 50mm
1.4,about 250.00 and lastly the 50mm 1.2 completely within the 1000 dollar costrange! More or less
obviously. What exactly exactly separates the large cost range?Somewhat extra blur? To begin, I've
only personally possessed the 50mm 1.8.However I have tried personally the 50mm 1.4 for a few
days. And also the 50mm 1.2 for anycouple of hrs. Simply using them for that short time I can tell why
somepeople would invest all that extra money. That saying, you receive that which you payfor, is sort
of true within this situation. Keep i believe I do not place the 50mm 1.8lower in almost any sense
since it is cheaper. What everybody must understandhowever is the fact that when purchasing a lens
it's a true investment. Cameras can comeand go they're also outdated rapidly. Your lens however will
be sharpand will also continually be there to go with the digital camera. So let us dive intoit!
The50mm 1.8 was the very first lens I bought after recognizing the package lensdid not satisfy me. I
needed to consider nice crisp portrait shots and that ialso desired to record HD videos in low light. (I'd
the t1i at that time)
The50mm 1.8 would be a dream lens in my experience because at that time almost every other lens
was frommy cost range. The 50mm 1.8 was just 100 dollars at that time.To
My first impressions from opening this area were the lenswas inexpensively made. It had been
completely plastic also it was very light. Used to dounderstand what I had been getting since i had
read many reviews before hands but guyif this was at my hands I had been already starting to have
buyers remorse. I had been just a little skeptical about using titsince i heard tales concerning the lens
getting stuck to the camera.
Theperformance of the lens was makes me recommend this lens to anybody on the hugebudget.
Bear in mind, I had been from the package lens and also the first shots I requiredusing the 50mm 1.8
I had been stunned. The shots looked great in my experience. The look amcrisp and also the fuzzy
background just provides the image some focus. My images nolonger looked Flat I'd say.
Now after i required it for many nice shots it genuinelysurprised me. The package lens was great
within the sunlight but anything in lowlight conditions, with no exterior flashes, they simply drawn. The
50mm 1.8only being 100 dollars did the best job: less noise, less grain as well as an overallmuch
sharper image.
Videorecording wasn't any different. I am a huge fan of horror movies so its considering thatI plan to
shoot in low light. Sharp and crisp in low light conditions.
Basicallyhad any grudges it might you need to be nit picking. For 100 dollars I can not complain onthe
quality whatsoever. The performance managed to get worth it after whichsome. Off target after testing
out another two contacts I recognized something I preferredalternatively 2 compared to 50mm 1.8 but
thats confirmed.
If however I would nit pit Idthe lens would be a tad bit noisy while by hand concentrating on video
mode. Unless of courseyou possess an exterior microphone or plan to give a seem track on your
video,you'll hear the main focus ring submiting the recording. And when youre inside a quietroom
recording it will likely be a noisy one.
Keepin your mind these are PRIME contacts which means you aren't likely to have the ability to
focusor out. Yes, the real horror.
Nextup was the 50mm 1.4 that my pal bought. Hereally did not utilize it much. He explained Just wish
to have it since i mightrequire it automatically. And So I lent it for some time. Now after i put my
handsaround the 50mm 1.4, I instantly FELT the main difference. The quality wasso much Far better.
My pal stated he'd purchased for around 250 and when Iunderstood it had become likely to believe
that a lot more durable I'd have certainlybecome that myself.
The main focus ring was much quieter also it just switched much softer.The main focus ring around
the 50mm 1.8 was completely right in front from the lens andevaluating it towards the 50mm 1.4 the
main focus ring between your two wasn't any competition.The exam shots I required arrived on the
scene great however i didnt really notice when the shotswere much better than 50mm 1.8.
Personally, I did not notice an excessive amount of adistinction between the shots however i have
appear online test between your two andyes the 1.4 did possess a much deeper blur along with a
Small bit sharper image.
Myfirst encounter using the 50mm 1.2 was my cousin's. She'd the objective ii using the50mm 1.2.
She does lots of professional photography. My first impressions werethis factor is big. The glass was
enormous. I'd seen pictures before buttil you have it with you its confusing precisely how large it's.
Andobviously using the size comes additional weight. However it didnt bother me whatsoever. Ijust
know many people put that into account when you are traveling.
Thequality, becoming an L series lens obviously causes it to be the very best quality lens. And That
Irapidly recognized why the L series cost much. Clearly, in most aspects the 50mm 1.2 triumphs
another two lens. The main focusring was MUCH quieter and far softer compared to 1.2. Even if
taking photosthe main focus about this lens was considerably faster compared to latter and focused
The depth of area was much much deeper and also the images were justmuch sharper. Just playing
around by using it at 1.2 you will see how great itis. Basically required benefit of the cameras full
potential using the 1.2 I am positivethe outcomes from the shot could have been outstanding.
However I did not must muchtime using the 50mm 1.2 to place it to the max sadly.
Soexactly what do I suggest? I'd appear at first sightall ideal for portrait shots. All ideal for low light
shots. But I'd need toprovide the best to buy towards the 50mm 1.4. Great picture quality and great
build for anyreasonable cost. Sure it does not haveexactly the same build because the 1.2 but thats
apparent thinking about the 1000 costdifference.
This doesn't takeaway everything from the other two contacts. In case your just
beginningphotography and also you cannot raise an additional 150 go for that 1.8. Yeah thequality
isnt nearly as good however it has remained in keeping with me and also the picture qualitystill does
great justice. A great starter lens should you only plan toapply it mainly photography. I'd say if you're
planning to perform a large amount of videorecording and you do not have an exterior microphone
then I'd say wait and savefor that 50mm 1.4. In the reasons above obviously
Now if you possess themoney, which Im sure many do nowadays, and when you've already had
experiencethat has a lot contacts and you've got had knowledge about cameras generally, by
whichyou most likely wouldnt be reading through this hub, then I'd say choose the 50mm 1.2.The
50mm 1.2 is much more for individuals taking their photography seriously. As with youget some form
of earnings by using it. For the reason that situation obviously you need to purchasesomething which
can last some time, not too another two wouldn't. In case your absolutely taking photographyserious.
HOWEVER if you're doing studio shots i quickly personallywouldn't recommend the 1.2 to not take
any credit from it but I'd say withthe perfect lighting, something you'd usually get in a studio, the
50mm 1.4would just do as fine.So have fun with the acquisition and that i hope thishub assisted you
choose the best lens!

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