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Report: Bekki Sowerby, CriminalInjustice, Justice For The Children
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Bekki Sowerby, CriminalInjustice, Justice For The Children Claims to be an advocate for children. Is abusive and a scammer Ironwood Michigan

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Bekki Sowerby, CriminalInjustice, Justice For The Children
Phone: Fax: Ironwood, Michigan 49938 U.S.A. Submitted: Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Modified: Monday, August 24, 2009

Lady Lake, Florida

Ripoff Report Verified Safe

There has been much talk on the Internet about a person who claims she is involved with advocay for children. One would think that if you are involved with such a highly dignified cause, you would conduct yourself as a dignified person. No. Bekki Sowerby is well known around the blog communities and chat rooms for her vile mouth of vulgarity and her ugly disposition toward anyone that steps on her toes. Do not confuse this for a determined young woman trying to climb the Washington steps to pass a bill. No not Ms. Sowerby. She will cut you up with a few sentences and then begin to harass, stalk, intimidate you on the internet. When she does find your personal contact information she begins to stalk you this way. Allow me to give you a background on Bekki Sowerby. Rebecca Sue Sowerby (Giackino) is from Ironwood, Michigan where she resides with her two small sons and her non employed husband. Some question if her husband is here legally or not. I have not looked into her hubby, just on Bekki alone it will take you days if not weeks to uncover all the trash that is under her feet. Bekki is not employed either. Infact, I cannot find employment records for either of them to date. It has been suggested that the family has been on welfare for quite some time. Bekki, in her words, attends college to obtain a nursing degree. It is believed the college pays her for going to school. This is not an uncommon practice.

Bekki Sowerby attended LL Wright High School where she was not very liked there also. After speaking with a few of her past classmates, it appears her behaviours have not changed. This seems to be a stigma where ever Bekki goes. Bekki has caused so much damage to Willaim Murtaugh that there are pending charges against her. Earlier this year she posed as a newspaper reporter, Brenna Abbott. (You can find this fictional person in Bekki's book she is trying to publish) She indulged Mr. Murtaugh known to the web community as "Murt," in an one on one PalTalk interview, whereas her paltalk name was "Maldaptation." Murt felt this person was being sincere and honest. Quite the contrary. Bekki Sowerby, under cover as Brenna Abbott, decided to post Murts interview throughout the Internet. Posting mainly on When the owner of got wind of Bekki, she was banned. Here are just a few of the owners "Princess" comments with regard to Bekki, known as "SourBee" on Here is a link to SOURBEES rants on Bekki Sowerby introduced herself back in July of 2008 to the Chatango program. This is where others gather and chat. Many groups formed when the news broke out about a missing toddler in Orlando Florida, Caylee Anthony. In one particular group, who were made up of Christian women, Bekki would visit this group. Her name then was MichiganPrincess. Bekki was notorious for getting banned out of all the chatango groups due to her outbreaks of anger and fighting. Calling people names and insulting them. While she was in this Christian chat room, Bekki decided one day to place a video of her dancing on a strip pole. Can you imagine a dozen women talking about a possible deceased child, and Bekki drops the Stripper video? Needless to say she got banned from there too. What she commenced to do thereafter was change her name continuously, not realizing the chat rooms were able to get her IP address. That is when she would use a proxy changer or IP changer to get into the rooms. She went to all extents to get into chat rooms. It was like a mission for her. She spends all her time on the internet and not tending to her children. That is a red flag as well. Then, Bekki found Paltalk as her home. There she resides as CriminalInjustice. Under such name she has numerous blogs out, all mainly against Murt. She also has one for her free internet radio station Justice for the Children on On this show she broadcasts weekly from her home in Michigan. If you listen to past shows all they are full of is Bekki cussing at the computer and making statements such as "it does not work. Can you hear me? WTF is going on? What missing child?" to name a few. What bothers us is that Bekki is now attempting "events" in honor of Caylee. Now mind you she is noted for bashing others talking about a "dead child" in a chat room. Here is a excerpt of such:

wishingandwaiting (05:11:28 PM): this is all just terrible...especially considering what brought everyone together in the first place MichiganPrincess (05:11:29 PM): what are we supposed to do sit around all day long talking about a dead kid? flgrandma (05:11:29 PM): SHE IS BANNED wishingandwaiting (05:11:30 PM): yeah, she's insane I think wishingandwaiting (05:11:30 PM): then she always causes trouble when she gets banned...I was thinking at first that she was teh lowestlane person...but I dont know She takes money from others to blow up balloons to release to the sky. For .. Caylee. Hmm.. and other missing or deceased children. Please look back at the link you just saw. Is she really doing this for the "cause" or is she doing this so she can "belong?" I think the latter. The reason I say this is that Bekki Sowerby is a cruel mean person. She is all over And is on many other blogs and chatrooms where they are discussing her erotic acts, her mood swings and her cruelity to man kind. She has been caught in numerous lies, and still continues in the face of the lie to not tell the truth. She undergoes and takes on many alias' and will only when CORNERED does she finally confess that it is her. Here is a 'partial' list: CriminalInjustice Maladaptation GiggleSneeze MorningGlory BEKKIBITCH MichiganPrincess SourBee Murtilicious LowestLane SerenityFare BekkiBelle FindTheFraud AngelVida Twuntology Brenna Abbott saddemed saddened ima_b1tch_belle jftcradio Crim Criminjust and of course her real name Bekki Sowerby

This is not even a completed list! Why would someone go to all this trouble to hide herself? Does she use these names to crucify others? Yes. But what is ridiculous is everyone knows it is her. Yet, she continues. How can a person who STANDS up and says I am going to fight this fight of child abuse and awareness, yet she is so abusive to others??? Goes out of her way to hurt other human beings. HAS ADMITTED on her show that she did not supervise her autistic child who is only 5 years old and left him in the care of a 9 year old boy, outside. The police were called on that date if anyone would like to look up police reports on the dates of June 1-3, 2009 in Ironwood, Michigan. Why were the police called? Children, one being Bekki's 5 yr old son, was left unattended in the middle of the street. Neigbors called for the kids were not supervised by ANY adult. And this person is a CHILD ADVOCATE? My goodness, she needs to learn how to be an advocate to her own children first! Oh and yes she openly states there is a registered sex offender living on her street too. The bashing and outragous disposition of Bekki Sowerby is a poor example of what is suppose to be representing a worthy cause. Say something to Sowerby that she does not agree with and her response will be F*** off or suck on my tit, for example. This blog describes Bekki Sowerby to a T. go to MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER a/k/a DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER post. It is all about her and the blogger did an excellent job of portraying Ms. Sowerby. Bekki is on there as "Crim" commenting but admitting to also doing drugs. On her Chatango profile it states Eat sh*t and die Other links: (Where she stalks Murt) (where she is MorningGlory now) (tried to be an actress) Wordpress AngelVida HERE she claims up and down it was not her blog. (10:44 PM) CriminalInjustice: if that was my site most people know me well enough to know it would have been bigger (10:45 PM) CriminalInjustice: the owner of the blog is angel thats all i know i dont know personal info i dont know her last name and as far as i know angel is her actual first name (10:45 PM) CriminalInjustice: she doesnt chat in paltalk only chatango (10:46 PM) CriminalInjustice: i do know that wordpress logs ips to the admin because i do have a wordpress blog which is why i dont post comments i dont want her having my ip address

(10:46 PM) CriminalInjustice: <<< has said from the beginning im not part of whatever she writes while im in class shes writing 5 fricken blogs (10:46 PM) Lexus118: What is the name of it Bekki? (10:49 PM) CriminalInjustice: its findthefraud but thats all on angel i am not even on that blog i dont even comment on blogs This link is her sign up info where it shows clearly it is her blog. _____________________________________ Other group chats to give you an idea. CHATS: Wiremonster: What are you doing Bekki? CriminalInjustice: What you dont understand wire is i DID F*CKING STICK UP .. I pmed his a**.. i sent the first group of pms to brook CriminalInjustice: and he mic locked the room .. CriminalInjustice: and he still has NOT answered my pms.. Wiremonster: I'm not getting in the middle of the rest of it I was answering you because you asked me a question. I am tired of the drama crap and yes making fun of Murt in the beginning was fun but the rest i can do without. CriminalInjustice: Well im glad i know what people are like now rather than later.. woulda expected someone to say something to me.. instead of unleashing me on cathy and lex .. last time i stick up for ppl.. last F*CKING time.. Wiremonster: I don't know who unleashedthose idiots on you but I am not getting in the middle of the rest of it. CriminalInjustice: wow wow wait. i cant be trusted because im in the bh room im hearing?? wow.. CriminalInjustice: paranoia? damn.. this is some sh*t.. Wiremonster: seriously move along will you and stop bothering me. CriminalInjustice: F*ck off and die ____________________________________________ MOMMIESDOLLIES1: who is maladaptions mom screen name again Jesse774: I don't know her mom MOMMIESDOLLIES1: what was the name that you said was on the chat something coins MOMMIESDOLLIES1: who was that MOMMIESDOLLIES1: person MOMMIESDOLLIES1: coins Jesse774: I don't know who babycoins is, but I know she hates me MOMMIESDOLLIES1: ok thanks MOMMIESDOLLIES1: bbycoins is the mother to someone yut old me before or the daughter to someon e in room, Jesse774: agranny2 is misstb76 mother MOMMIESDOLLIES1: sourbee /criminalINjustice/maladaption are all the same bekki sowerbye MOMMIESDOLLIES1: all the same person?

Jesse774: i've already told her to fuck off MOMMIESDOLLIES1: is this maladaption ??? Jesse774: I know we WERE friends MOMMIESDOLLIES1: what does that mean you were freinds ? Jesse774: we use to talk everyday Jesse774: I don't wanna discuss it I don't want to even go there. ______________________________________________ Just some examples of the person that is representing child advocacy. I don't know, between hearing about her asking for monetary help for the ballon release and her outlandish behaviour, I would reconsider taking this person seriously. Anonymous Lady Lake, Florida U.S.A.

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