; BlackBerry HP Health care Tips
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BlackBerry HP Health care Tips


BlackBerry Guidelines Looking after collection

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									                                BlackBerry HP Health care Tips

BlackBerry Guidelines Looking after collection:

1. Get used to pushing the Convert Energy Off before disconnecting battere (wait about 5-10 a
few moments after a new take off battere).

2. After disconnecting battere time period 10-15 a few moments before changing it.

3. Do a obvious log as often as possible by pushing the Alt key and select Clear Log LGLG.

4. Restart your BB do at least 1x a day by pushing alt aA del or may revoke jg with batt.

5. Do the Clear Storage cache whenever out to look through with pushing choice and Storage
cache functions.

6. Prevent the use of NON ORIGINAL charger (CHG).

7. Do all your programs set up on your BB. Must be assured the program ineffective for
anything, Because it can be set up programs that do not fit the same BB OS that could cause

8. Get used to renew let me come back to regular efficiency. Refresh can be in various methods,
varying pake program QuickPull let restrart automated and planned, or packaging your keyboard
mixture to media ALT + CAPS + DEL.

9. Back-up schedule, most quickly Set up Pc Administrator on the PC. Pc Administrator is
involved in its program bodyweight, there is a CD in the box. After the install run, and then
connect it BB. There is a Back-up choice. Simply click on it straight. For those who do not have
a PC / Mac, can be put on how to set up Search engines Synchronize on his BlackBerry and then
backup only using googlemail e-mail, and petrol for the backup record is put in the way of on the
internet backup petrol.

10. Use SD Storage Card is true. Because the use of SD cards that are less able to intervene with
true career BB. Nghang can create, so select the SD Card is a fantastic company assurance,
assistance is also excellent, and excellent product.

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