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									How to Avoid Computer infections & Stress
What most computer owners have to realize is that computer repair is inevitable, whether
it's for a small problem or a big one. However there are some steps that computer owners can
take to minimize these problems, make the jobs of the IT department less irritating and in the
end, keep the bill from skyrocketing.

How many times have you heard someone say, "back up your data"? And how many times
have you not listened? While there's always a way to recover lost material it's a tremendous
hassle to do so and there isn't much certainty. Remove the risk of losing your important
pictures and school projects, and save yourself the stress. Take a few minutes out of your day
to install a backup program.

If you don't wish to download or install a backup program, then store your important files on
a USB stick. If you can, buy an extra USB specifically for holding files that you may not ever
need to open unless your computer goes awry. With properly backed up files you save the IT
department unnecessary computer repair time in searching the depths of your computer. You
also pay less by the hour or work load. And oh, that person who warned you about backing
up your data is not joking. Back it up, it doesn't take long!

Be sure to keep your computer safe and secure in the first place. Viruses are one of the
leading causes of computer damage and a constant recurrence at computer repair shops.
Installing good antivirus software will prevent malware from creeping in. Scan regularly and
keep up with new program updates.

Your computer can undergo serious problems with irresponsible internet browsing. Use
trusted sources to download software or any other types of files. And of course, follow the
age old internet rule of ignoring files you aren't sure about. With website browsing there is
also the threat of malicious spyware which you can help prevent with programs such as
Spybot Search and Destroy and Hijack This. With protective systems such as those watching
your back, internet browsing will be paranoia free. I’m not saying that these are the only
protection out there but to list them all would be silly the ones I mentioned are only examples
as your browsing privacy is vital and will prevent harmful codes and hackers from entering
your computer. It will prevent damage and lessen trips to computer repair shops when certain
measures and discipline practices are put in place.

Consider adding other layers of security. Download and install a firewall. Other security
precautions you might want to consider are choosing a good and safe web browser. Keep in
mind that a lot of malware comes in via web browsers. Google Chrome is an excellent choice
that will keep you feeling safe. Implementing strong passwords to your user and router
account is another key item to keep in mind.

We all know that computer repair is a hassle and not only for the owner. Let's make all of
our lives easier and stress free by keeping our computers safe and internet browsing secure.

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