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              WEB SITE                                                        WEB ADDRESS
BLM National SEAT Web Site                
AMD Web Site (DOI-AM)                     
Aviation Management System (AMS)          
Information (Log-in, New User, etc)
Information on AMD 23-E                   
USFS Fire and Aviation Management :       
BLM Aviation Management:                  
IAT Training Home Page:                    
Safecoms Web Site:                        
Interagency Aviation Mishap Response      
Guide and Checklist:                      
Aviation Lessons Learned                  
(Safety Alerts, Bulletins, Pilot Read Files, etc)
USFS Retardant Information:               
(Qualified products, MSDS, Retardant testing
Information, Quality Assurance Program, etc)
USFS Retardant Contract:                  
USFS National TES maps for avoidance areas for
threatened, endangered, proposed, candidate or      edw_AerialFireRetardantAvoidanceAreas_01/MapServer
sensitive (TEPCS) species.
Interagency Airspace Web Site:            
(TFR Information, Flight Planning, etc)
NIFC: (National Interagency Fire Center)  
NICC: (National Interagency Coordination Center)
NWCG Home Page:(SEAT Taskbook,, etc)      
National Weather Service                  
Sunrise / Sunset Tables:                  
Code Federal Regulations (CFRs)           
Department of Transportation (DOT)        
Per Diem Rates                            
US Official Time                          
NFPA Home Page: (NFPA publications 407 / 10 )
Automated Flight Follow (AFF)             
Aviation Radio Information                
Airport Maps                              
Base Ops                                  
Airport Identifiers                       
Density Altitude Calculator               
Graphical Locator                         
Lat / Long Search Web Site:               
(Can look up hospitals, towers, airports, etc)

Lat / Long Look Up                        
Art’s Aviation Web Site                   
Aero Planner (Flight Planning)            
See and Avoid / Flight Safety             
                           SEAT REFERENCE MATERIAL MATRIX 2012
         REFERENCE                                             ORDERING INFORMATION
                                        SEAT     SEAT
                                        Web      Hand
        Reference Title          NFES   Site     book                                     Other
                                   #             (Hard
Interagency SEAT Operations      1844    X     
Guide (ISOG) 2011
Required ISOG Forms 2011                 X        X      Same as above
Interagency SEAT Operation               X               Same as above
Procedure Handbook 2009
SEAT On Call                             X     
Contract and Source List 2011
SEAT Exclusive Use Contracts                             Copies to the using unit awarded the contract and the contractor.
Aviation Technical Assistance    2512          
Directory (Annually Updated)
Interagency Airtanker Base       2537                    Can get some base information from:
Directory (Annually Updated)                   
Aircraft Dispatch Form           2657
AMD 23E (Aircraft Use Report)    0406          

Aircraft Contract Daily Diary    1088                    AMD-137 Daily Diary (not available from AMD), cache only.
Evaluation Report Contract               X     
Performance (AMD Form)
Retardant Information                          
Retardant Contract                             
Lot Acceptance, Quality          1245          
Assurance (LAQS)                               
Interagency Retardant Base       1259          
Planning Guide
Ten Principles of Retardant      2048                    (Wallet-sized cards)
National MOB Guide               2092          
Interagency Standards for Fire   2724          
and Aviation operations
Interagency Airspace Guide                     
Interagency Airtanker Base       2271          
Operations Guide                                         Under “Manual, Guide and Handbooks”
NFPA 407 / 10                                  
                                                         NFPA 407 2012 Edition / NFPA 10 2010 Edition
Interagency Aviation Mishap      2659          
Response Guide                                           Under “Aviation Safety”
Risk Management Worksheet :              X        X
-SEAT Manager Position
-SEAT Base Operations
Incident Response Pocket         1077          
Fire Traffic Area Poster and                   
Powerpoint (FS / BLM)                          
READ Files                                     

Safety Alerts /Bulletins                       

Accident Reviews                               

                                                         Download forms OAS-34 / FS-5700-14

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