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									               Hello Puppy Moms and Dads!
It won’t be long before your new baby will be home! I've attached some very
good articles to help you
prepare for his or her arrival! Also, if you plan on paying through Paypal, you
will need to sign up for an account and make the payment at least 3 days before
pick up to ensure that it clears. You'll want to get on to the Paypal website and
call them if necessary to ensure that everything goes through okay. Sometimes
they will want you to add the credit card 3 days before using it so they can
verify the card. If you are planning on bringing your payment please bring cash
only. You can give me a call if you have any questions about payment. When
you pick up your puppy you'll get the puppies AKC registration form and your
puppies first shot record.

Here's what you'll need to prepare for your puppy’s arrival:
   1. Wire dog crate. You can buy this at Walmart for about $75.00. The
      length of the crate should b 42", you may decide to get one slighty
      smaller (36" or slightly larger, 48") Its up to you. What have learned is
      this is not a time to go cheap because you'll use this crate for a long time.
      yards sales or the newspaper for used crates. I suggest you get the
      collapsible kind for easy storage. You can also try Ryan's Pet Supply.
      This is a wholesale supplier and not a regular store, when you visit, it is
      set up like a warehouse. Their You need to make sure that the crate has a
      puppy divider. It's a wire piecethat goes in the middle of the crate so you
      can make the crate smaller. When you first put your puppy in you will
      need to make the crate just big enough for them to turn around in. If it's
      small, their "den instinct" will kick in and they will not want to go to the
      bathroom in their den. I have attached a house training document that will
      outline this in more detail.
   2. A Few Towels or blankets for inside the crate. I recommend a white
      towel, you can buy them at Walmart for $2.00. Then if the dog has an
      accident you can bleach it. You should get more than one, that way if the
      dog has an accident you have spares. Do not use towels with holes or
      towels that are ripping. Small puppies can get their heads stuck in the
      holes or swallow pieces of it if the towel has strings on it.
   3. Dog dishes (optional) you can just use a bowl from your kitchen if you
      want. If you want to buy something, I like the stainless steel bowls.
   4. Collar and Leash I like the martingale collars or no-slip collars, you can
      find them at Petsmart. The martingale collars are mostly material with a
      little bit of chain, they are good for puppy obedience classes. If you ask a
      trainer at Petsmart they can point you in the right direction. You should
      also get a dog tag. I recommend that you write REWARD and then your
      phone number. Keep in mind that it may not be safe to leave the collar on
      when the dog is in the crate and you’re not home. The collar could get
      stuck on the bars and the dog could choke.
   5. Dog Food. The puppies are now eating Pelican Bay Grain Free Salmon
      and Sweet Potato. I buy this at Costco and it’s about $1 per pound. This
      is the cheapest Grain Free food I’ve found. Grain (such as corn and rice)
      is simply cheap filler that dogs don’t need. Many dogs are allergic to the
      corn and rice and this will manifest as itchy skin. I recommend you get
      something is grain free. Grain is very hard to digest and it's very cheap.
      When there is corn and rice in the food it makes the dogs poop more
      (because their body is absorbing less nutrients.) There is more “waste” in
   6. Ear Plugs! Your puppy has never been alone before and so he or she will
      cry their first few nights in the crate. You can put on a radio with soft
      music, (no heavy metal!) and cover up the crate with a blanket to help.
      You may also want to put a radio on white noise in your own room to
      block out the noise. And don't forget the ear plugs.
   7. Resolve Carpet Cleaner (NOT the pet kind, just the regular kind in a red
      spray bottle) If your little baby has an accident , absorb the pee with a dry
      cloth and then spray the Resolve on it, let it sit for minute and soak it all
      up with a dry towel. The kind specified to pets took the color out of my
      rugs but the regular Resolve works fine, of course you should test it in a
      corner or closet to make sure it does not remove the color of your carpet.

What to do when you get your puppy home:
I recommend that you pick up your puppy in the morning, that way they have
all day to get used to their new home before bed time. When you first arrive
home, go straight to the backyard and encourage them to go to the bathroom.
Also give them water. The more they run and get exercise, the sooner they'll go
pee. Once they go to the bathroom you can play inside for awhile. I would take
them out again in half an hour. When they're loose in the house they should be
taken out every half an hour. When the puppy starts to lay down in the house
and act tired, put them in the crate and let them go to sleep. They may go right
to sleep, they may cry. No matter what, DON'T TAKE THEM OUT OF THE
CRATE WHILE THEY'RE CRYING. They will remember this and cry even
more!! If you don’t already have the information, the trainer that I use and
recommend is Greg Hornby at Dog University. His number is 480-917-DOGS.
Their puppy video is entitled, “Your Puppy, 8 Weeks to 8 Months” and can be
purchased at The Leerburg site also has many, MANY free articles and training
advice. You could spend all day reading and not skim the surface. As far as
grooming goes. If you are looking for inexpensive grooming, try Petsmart.
They do not do nearly as good of a job, but will be less expensive. You can also
try alternating between grooming them yourself and taking them in. If you do
groom yourself, don't forget about the ears! The hair in a poodle's ear grows in
the ear canal and if not removed can cause yeast to grow, giving the dog an ear
infection. When a poodle is groomed, (every 4-8 weeks) the groomer will
remove the hair. If you groom yourself you can take them to Petco (not
Petsmart) and they will remove the hair for $6. I recommend that you take your
puppy in for their first ear hair pulling by the time they are 9 weeks old, and
every four weeks after that. You can ask your vet about this, but make sure that
they are familiar with the breed. Standard poodles can be prone to ear infection
if the ear hair is allowed to grow too long. Prevention is the best medicine. I
highly recommend having your puppy spayed or neutered before your female’s
first heat cycle. Normally 6 months of age is safe for both males and females
but consult your vet. I have had a few puppy owners tell me that their vet has
wanted $300.00-500.00 for a spay and I think that is way too much money.
Recently I have used the Spay Neuter Clinic. They have discounted spay/neuter
surgeries and they also do shots and micro chipping for a fraction of the cost of
a regular vet. They have offices, in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Tempe. I use
different vets for different procedures so don’t feel bad about “cheating” on
your vet. ☺ It’s okay to go different places. Even my vet Dr. Caldwell
recommends going to the spay/neuter clinic for your spays and shots. My
veterinarian is Dr. Caldwell, he works mostly with kennels and breeders and
makes house calls! His number is 480-517-9986. Most vets recommend that
your dog has three to four rounds of puppy shots (distemper/parvo.) One at 6
weeks, 9 weeks and 12 and 15 weeks. Consult your vet for their own schedule.
Your puppy will receive his/her first shot from me at 6 weeks. Don’t forget, you
can get low cost shots at the Spay/Neuter clinic. Most vets recommend that
your dog have a rabies shot at 4 months. This shot will be good for one year.
The second rabies shot is good for three years. Once your dog has had a rabies
shot they can be registered with Maricopa County. The county will charge you
less to register your pet if they are spayed or neutered so you may want to wait
until you’ve spayed or neutered to register the dog. You can contact Maricopa
County. Another place you can go to get low cost vaccinations is Petco. Most
Petco’s have a shot clinic one day a week. Check Petco’s website for stores in
your area that have shot clinics. Enjoy your puppy! And don’t forget to
socialize, socialize, socialize! Get that puppy out of the house and introduce him
or her to new people and sounds! Before your puppy has had at least three
rounds of shots they are at risk of catching a doggy-disease. There are different
schools of thought on this. My recommendation is that you still take your puppy
out to socialize, but you AVOID places that have a high concentration of dogs.
So avoid the park, petsmart/petco (carry them in if you go for shots) , the dog
park, the lake, the pet store, the pound, boarding facilities, the vets office, etc.
Try to take your puppy to places like Home Depot, Lowes, friends houses,
schools, the airport, anywhere you can get away with it!

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