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CALL for Papers, Session Chairs and Participants!                                          Registration Information
To be an active participant in the 2006 environmental cultural conference, “The            Registration will be coordinated through Selkirk College’s Conference Services,
Columbia Basin – a Cultural Environment & an Environmental Culture,”                       the conference’s Registration Sponsor. Registration forms can be accessed via the
please express your interest in one or more of the following activities and contact        2006 Conference link through during spring 2006 and
us the Conference Coordinator by E-mail at or,                 until the conference date.
Phone (250) 365-0575 soon! A Program Agenda will be completed mid June.
                                                                                           3-Day Full Conference Package $225. CDN $ October 19-22, 2006
√ Yes, I wish to make a Technical presentation for the conference! (The topic
needs to relate to one of the program focus areas. All presentations will require a        Includes admission to all sessions, includes most meals, breaks, admissions to the
title and an abstract (200 words or less), including a list of authors.                    Arts and Culture Showcase Performance, social events and the cultural banquet.

                                                                                           2-Day Conference Package            $175. CDN $
√ Yes, I wish to convene a Council or Committee meeting with this event.
                                                                                           Environmental: Mid-day October 19 to mid-day October 21, 2006 or,
√ Yes, I wish to submit a science-based poster in the Poster and Science                   Cultural, Arts & Heritage: Mid-day October 20 to mid-day October 22, 2006
Exhibit Session, October 19 - 20, 2006. All posters will require a title and an
abstract (100 words or less), including a list of authors. Prior notice of                 Includes admission to all sessions during a two-day attendance, most meals,
forthcoming submissions is required to ensure a spot as space will be limited.             admission to Arts & Culture Showcase Performance and one evening social event.

We are also seeking volunteers to serve as Session Chairpersons and individuals            Individual Event/Session or Workshop Tickets can be purchased separately.
to assist with conference logistics. If you are willing to participate in this capacity,   Advance purchase is strongly recommended to ensure seat availability.
please contact or, (250) 365-0575.
                                                                                           For Sessions/Workshops refer to Web site for details:          $30. Each
√ Yes, I wish to serve as a Technical or Workshop Session Chairperson during               Environmental Social & Keynote, Thursday, October 19:          $18. Each
the conference. In contacting us, please indicate your preferred topic areas.              Social, Showcase Performance, Friday, October 20:              $22. Each
                                                                                           Banquet and Keynote, Saturday, October 21:                     $30. Each
√ Yes, I wish to serve on a Plenary Panel during the conference. In contacting
us, please indicate your preference for an environmental or arts, cultural and             Participating Organizations                                                                   Final Call for Papers & Sessions
heritage session.                                                                          In developing this conference, the Conference Planning Committee is actively
                                                                                           consulting to seek partnerships with other organizations, which would attend the                          October 19 - 22, 2006
√ Yes, I wish to Volunteer to assist with logistics for the Conference.                    conference and potentially, in conjunction with their own scheduled meetings. To                  Sandman Hotel & Castlegar and District
(Registration fees will be waived for individuals who attend a training session and        date, the following organizations have committed to hold their technical
volunteer their time).                                                                     committee meetings, Annual General Meetings, chair or sponsor a plenary or                                Recreation Complex
                                                                                           session, serve on the Conference Planning Committee, or attend as a participant.
√ Yes, I wish to be recognized as a Participating Organization. Please contact             BC Hydro                                 Columbia Basin Trust
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada
us on how you can assist the conference and be recognized.                                 Castlegar Arts Council                   Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
                                                                                           Selkirk College                          Golder Associates Ltd.                           First Keystone Conference Sponsors:
Please Respond Soon! Program being finalized during June!                                  City of Castlegar                        Teck Cominco Metals Ltd.
                                                                                           Sustainable Fisheries Foundation         Northwest Power & Conservation Council
Margaret Birch – Conference Coordinator (250) 365-0575                                     Castlegar Chamber of Commerce            West Kootenay Regional Arts Council
                                                                                           Columbia Power Corporation               Zellstoff Celgar Ltd. Partnership
                                                                                           BC Ministry of Environment               Assembly of BC Arts Councils
                                                                                           British Columbia Arts Council            Cowan Office Supplies Ltd.
Jacquie Hamilton – CKCA – Castlegar Representative (250) 365-8026                          City of Port Alberni                     Kootenay Art Gallery                                                                  Environment Canada                       Sandman Hotel
                                                                                           Wild BC                                  City of Port Alberni
Krista Patterson – Program Coordinator, CKCA and WKRAC                     Pacific Coastal Airlines                 Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College
                                                                                           Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society    ArtStarts in Schools
John Harrison – Information Officer, Northwest Power and Conservation Council              Area J Advisory Planning Commission      Kootenai Tribe Fish and Wildlife Dept                                                                    Centre for Sustainability                Solutions Interactive
                                                                                           National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - Transboundary Gas Group
                  Mailing Address: Castlegar Arts Council                                  Upper Columbia River White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative – Technical Working Group
                            2006 Conference Host                                           Columbia River Integrated Environmental Monitoring Program                                                 View 2006 Conference Web site:
        PO Box # 3501, Castlegar British Columbia CANADA V1N 3W3                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                        View 2006 Conference Web site
Background                                                                            Program Focus                                                                          Conference Strategy
In 2000, the Columbia Basin Trust committed conference funding for the first          The Columbia Basin – a Cultural Environment & an Environmental Culture                 The Program Planning Committee has developed a conference framework to
fall conference for the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, which was held           conference will include:                                                               facilitate the organization and delivery of this conference. This framework
in Revelstoke. The key objectives were to hold a conference to:                                                                                                              consists of:
                                                                                      • Environmental and Cultural Plenary Sessions that will set the stage of the
• Expand public awareness and build stronger partnerships among artists and art           overlapping themes of working and living in a cultural environment as well as      • A Poster and Science Exhibit Session will provide participants with
  and cultural organizations;                                                             an environmental culture. These two plenaries will provide participants with the     opportunities to present key topics as reflected in the list of Technical and
• Enhance professional training for artists, cultural workers and arts and cultural       opportunity to be presented with key issues and concerns which need to be            Workshop Sessions.
  organizations;                                                                          addressed.
• Provide a forum for the exhibition of results of community projects as funded                                                                                              • Cultural and heritage and environmental, science-based Committees and
  by the Columbia Basin Trust;                                                        • Concurrent Technical and Workshop Sessions. The following themes have                  Councils will attend and convene technical meetings, Annual General and
• Increase capacity of an Arts Council to develop and administer programs; and,           been identified for consideration during the conference:                             business meetings in conjunction with the conference, thus enabling an array of
• Increase the sense of residents and artists as being part of Basin culture.                                                                                                  topics to be encompassed under one roof, while providing cost savings in travel
                                                                                      Culture, Arts and Heritage                                                               for members, and off-setting facilities and meeting costs.
For the fifth in this series of cultural basin conferences, the Columbia Kootenay
Cultural Alliance envisioned a 2006 forum whereby the cultural sector and the         •   Making Art about Science –“Teach the Teacher!”                                     • Keynote Speakers will address both the Environmental and Cultural
environmental sector would converge.                                                  •   Reflections on the Cultural Scan Process                                             elements of the conference. Senator Elaine McCoy, will address the science-
                                                                                      •   Embracing your local culture and heritage with the Columbia River                    based participants Thursday evening; and, Max Wyman will address
The Columbia Basin – a Cultural Environment & an Environmental Culture                •   Writers in and on the basin                                                          conference participants on Saturday evening following a hosted banquet.
will involve basin-wide participants with the view to expand public awareness and     •   Youth and Transboundary Arts and Environmental Activities
build partnerships among artists, art, culture and heritage organizations while                                                                                              • A Plenary Session, entitled “What you should know about water for the
drawing in scientists, academia and technical experts to exchange information on      Environment and Ecosystem Science                                                        future,” will be held Friday, October 20. Chaired by Kindy Gosal, Columbia
the state of science for water, fisheries and environmental issues in the Columbia                                                                                             Basin Trust, the panel will comprise an international panel of water experts.
basin. This conference offers a heightened understanding about the values of the      •   Environmental health of the Columbia River
basin for arts and cultural participants, hopefully expanding new ways of thinking    •   Water & environment initiatives in the Columbia River basin                        • An Arts and Cultural Showcase Performance by a selection of 2005-2006
for promoting arts and culture delivery.                                              •   Breaking down the barriers to ecosystem-based management                             and 2006-2007 funding recipients will be held on Friday, October 20, 2006. A
                                                                                      •   “Water Use Planning” in the Columbia River basin                                     visual Arts exhibit of funded recipients will be displayed during the showcase
The environmental component of the conference will build upon the good work of        •   Columbia TGG matters – update from Transboundary Gas Group                           performance.
the Transboundary Group and its Columbia River basin partners, living and             •   Recovery initiatives for endangered fish and wildlife in the Columbia basin
working on both sides of the international border. The 2002 international                                                                                                    Who Should Attend?
                                                                                      •   White sturgeon recovery initiatives in British Columbia and Washington State
workshop, Toward Ecosystem-Based Management: Breaking Down the Barriers
                                                                                      •   Integrating cross-boundary interests in a new Columbia River Treaty
in the Columbia River Basin and Beyond provided opportunities to share                                                                                                       This conference will be of interest to a wide range of individuals who are
                                                                                      •   Mitigation approaches for fish and habitat and basin hydroelectric facilities
information on a diverse array of topics related to the management of aquatic and                                                                                            concerned about the Columbia River basin, its environment and ecosystem, arts,
terrestrial ecosystems, and faced challenges with participants to identify key        •   Integrating Sub-basin planning across boundaries–reporting out on progress
                                                                                                                                                                             culture and heritage.
barriers to implementing ecosystem-based management in the Columbia River             •   Columbia River Corridor Strategic Land Use Planning Project
basin. It is intended that this dialogue will continue at this 2006 conference.       •   Implications for fish, professionals and developers – Riparian Area Regulation     Artists and Writers                     First Nations and Tribal organizations
                                                                                                                                                                             Community & citizens                    Environmental and Stewardship groups
Purpose of the Conference                                                             Community, Government and Business                                                     Scientists and academics                Industrial organizations
                                                                                                                                                                             Local Governments                       Committees and Councils
The conference organizers hope to achieve five central conference objectives:         •   How to Deliver Cultural Tourism in the Kootenays on a Community Scale              Chambers of Commerce                    Educators and Youth
                                                                                      •   Cultural Funders - Finding partners to promote Culture, Art and Heritage           Other interested groups
• Build the partnerships needed to support and sustain a healthy cultural and         •   Making a Living as an Artist - Making Art a financially successful career
  ecosystem-based environment in the upper Columbia River basin.                      •   Working with Volunteer Boards –Theresa Kingston                                    Sponsorships
• Enhance professional development opportunities for artists, cultural workers
  and arts, cultural, heritage, scientific and environmental organizations;           This Final Call for papers for sessions will develop these topics and themes.          The Conference committee is actively seeking additional potential sponsors and
• Share information on watershed basin planning and related processes in the                                                                                                 participant organizations from the culture, arts and heritage area, environment and
  upper Columbia River basin in Canada and the United States;                         The Environmental focus of the conference will extend from Thursday through            ecosystem science community, government, industry and business. A
• Report on the progress that has been made on the specific commitments that          Saturday and the Arts, Culture and Heritage focus will extend from Friday              partner/sponsor recognition strategy has been developed to recognize contributors
  were offered at the 2002 Transboundary Group conference; and,                       through Sunday. The Friday evening and Saturday sessions and events have been          providing financial and in-kind support to the conference as a keystone
• Effectively engage arts, cultural and scientific participants in a greater          organized to enable both a separation and a melding of groups sharing topics           conference partner, conference, session and activity sponsor. Please visit our 2006
  awareness of the environmental culture and cultural environment of the basin        about environment with arts, culture and heritage.                                     conference web link at for sponsorship options or contact
  through technical and workshop presentations, artistic visual displays, science                                                                                            the Conference Coordinator at
  exhibits, and a special Arts and Cultural Showcase Performance event.