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									                                   Jansen Piano Bench Review

Jansen Piano Bench Review

When it comes to piano bench, it is no wonder that
Jansen is one of the most trusted. This is the brand
that is preferred by most pianists especially those
who perform usually on stage. Their most popular
model is the Jansen Artist Concert Piano Bench.

There are actually some reasons why Jansen is
trusted by most musicians. Its Jansen Artist
Concert Artist Piano Bench has features that suit
the requirements of a piano player. Additionally,
Jansen Artist Concert Piano Bench is one of the
bestselling models due to the fact that this bench is
getting good feedbacks for various clients.

A piano bench from Jansen is making a great
demand in the market. Let us find out why by
reading this article.
Jansen Piano Bench

A piano bench from Jansen features comfort
and height variability which are considered to
be important factors in piano playing. Its
Concert Artist Concert Piano Bench for
example is built with comfortable design that is
liked by most musicians out there. When it
comes to durability, this Jansen is also resilient
thus it can sustain even the long hours of
practice or performance.

Jansen Piano Bench is made with high quality
construction. Also, Jansen Artist Concert Piano
Bench includes a wide seating that can hold
two persons. Hence, they can play with the
musical instrument together.

When it comes to models and styles of Jansen
Piano Bench, it is great to know that they do
come in several excellent models. Let’s get
review them all.
Jansen Grand Piano Upholstered Bench

This model is considered to be the highest
quality upholstered top bench for grand pianos
that is made in the United States. You will notice
its hardwood that is made of solid maple. It has a
padded top that is made from the premium vinyl.
Most people also admire this bench’s music
storage that is 2-3/4 deep. This bench can be
availed in the standard upholstered top or
diamond tufted.

Jansen Grand Piano Bench in Wood Top

Wooden piano benches are known for their
simplicity. Jansen Grand Piano Bench in Wood
Top is also constructed from strong American
maple Hardwood. This bench has a lid which
includes an elegant beveled edge to match with
its silky seat surface. Jansen Grand Piano Bench
also has music compartment which is supported
with sturdy brass hardware. This bench has
measurements of 14” wide and 33” long.
Jansen Duet Petite Artist Bench

Jansen is well known for its quality artist
concert piano benches. In fact, it has
produced a great model of artist bench
which is named as Jansen Duet Petite
Artist Bench. Despite of its more compact
size of 33” x 13”, this bench is made with
the same mechanism that can be seen on
full sized Artist Bench. Its “Micro-A-Just
close tolerance raise mechanism is
precise, durable, and has an easy height
adjustment from 19” up to 22”.

Jansen Duet Petite Artist Benches are
perfect for Baby Grand pianos, uprights,
and for other more compact pianos.

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