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					Planning for Growth

Darren Dahl, of, talks about how to grow a small business into a large company. He
describes how the statistics show that this is a staggering project and that the likelihood that it
will happen is one tenth of one percent. This is an extremely small number. So what does one
First, we would like to display Dahl’s recommendation to the world. He talks about how to
grow your company over all of the hurdles that it is likely to encounter, and how to attack the
market from many different directions in order to achieve as high as a market saturation as
possible. We believe that he is experienced on this topic, probably having researched the success
of the small number of small business which grew into these large companies with over several
hundred million dollars in revenue. In Dahl’s mind, it is a matter of coming at the problem
hard, strong and fast. In other words, it is a matter of finagling into the good graces of your
customers, and then pulling various strings until you trick them into remembering you in the
Now we would like to bring up some points which were written by Henry Ford himself in his
autobiography, “My Life and Work.” He discusses how business is done in real life rarely
works and that many businesses fail because of their inaccurate principles. Ford talks about his
success and explains how the invention of the automobile had no market, no mass consumer
market, and very few people were interested in it. He was told by many people that advertising
was key and that multiple models at high prices would sell more cars. Interestingly enough, he
quoted numbers of the annual years of success of the Ford Motor Company, and described how
a business cannot function properly if the money (and the motivation of money) comes before
the service to the consumer. He says that if the service is forefront and maintained, then “the
money will take care of itself.” After he obtained controlling majority of the company’s shares,
he changed these principles to reflect his numbers, and the business skyrocketed.
So, planning for growth means that money cannot be the motivation for success and that the
purpose of the business cannot fully be to make money. It must be service and satisfying the
needs of the customer. And this, in part, is facilitated by protective measures guarding our
business’s assets. These measures include drug screening of your employees and doing this
prior to employment, as well as implementing regularly scheduled workplace drug testing
through employment.

Description: Our aim is to give you, our valued customer, the best available technology options, professional support networks and onsite drug testing.