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Digital Satellite Receiver by waterwolltoremilion


									                       CATV Digital Receiver (STB)

Functions and Features:
·Chipset: STi 5518
·Receives Digital cable broadcast
·1000 Channels Memory
·DVB, MPEG-2 Compliant
·SCPC/MCPC Receivable from cable
·Digital Tuner with Loop-through out
·MPEG-2 Main Profile at Main Level
·Easy Graphic MENU Interface
·RS232C Port for Updating Control Software and Additional Service (optional)
·Last Channel Memory
·English OSD/Chinese OSD
·Parent Lock Control
·Automatic PAL/NTSC Detection
·Quick Channel Display
·Small Screen Window Display
·Front Panel Key & IR Remote Controller User Interface
·Editing Functions(TV or Radio Channel, Channel Name, PID)
·3 Operation Modes (Digital TV, Digital Radio, 5 Favorite Groups)
·1-SCART Connectors (optional)
·21-69 UHF PLL Modulator (optional)
·TV Walker CAS built in. Supporting Tsing Hua Tong Fang CAS, ChinaCrypt.
Specifications (Fully DVB-C compatible)
          Part                        Type                           Specification
                                Input Connector                     1 X IEC female
                             Loop through Connector                  1 X IEC male
                                Frequency Range                   47MHz to 862MHz
                                   Waveform                    (16,32,64,128,256-QAM)
 CATV Tuner & Channel              Symbol Rate                        1~7MS/s
                           Loop through Out Impedance              75ohms nominal
                               Loop through Gain                     0dB Typical
                                Center Frequency                 36.15MHz nominal
                                    Threshold                         <35dbuV
                                    Bandwidth                       8MHz Typical
                                Transport Stream            ISO/IEC 13818-1 Specification
                                 Profile & Level                 MPEG-2 MP@ML
                               Input TS Data Rate                   90Mbit/S max.
                                   Aspect Ratio                4:3,16:9with pan vector
MPEG Transport Stream &         Video Resolution           720X576(PAL),720X480(NTSC)
    A/V Decoding                 Audio Decoding           MPEG-1 Audio Layer 1,2,Musicam
                                                        Stereo,Dual Channel ,Joint Stereo, Mono
                                  Audio Mode            Available to separate left and right sound
                                                               track and memorize status
                                   Sample Rate                    32,44.1,and 48KHz
                                  Flash Memory                           1MB
                                     SDRAM                               4MB
       CA System             Type            Embeded        Tsing Hua Tong Fang (optional)
                                  Smart card I/F                 ISO 7816 compatible
                                      S-VHS                             S-VHS
                                      CVBS                               RCA
   A/V & Data In/Out                Audio R/L                            RCA

                                 Data Interface                 9 Pin S-Sub, RS232C,
                                                                Baud Rate 115200 Max
                                  Input Voltage                    AC150-240V,50Hz
                                      Type                           Linear PWM

                               Power Consumption                        25W max.
      Power Supply                                         (Under 7W max. at stand-by mode)
                                                        -     Separate Internal Fuse and Chassis
                                   Protection             -    Grounding The Input shall have
                                                            Lightning or Electric Shock Protection
  Physical Specification        Size(W X D X H)                370mm X 260mm X 70mm
                             Operating Temperature                    +5C~+55℃
                              Storage Temperature                     -40C~+65℃

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