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									           Digital ATSC TV Tuners
                         Changes in the US Market

          Love it or hate it, it is going to happen. As of June, 2009 the FCC will terminate analog
          transmission and switch to all digital (ATSC) transmissions. A Consumer Reports Na-
          tional Research Center found that 36% of Americans did not know about the upcoming
          switch to DTV. As of 2008, 10% of households are not ready for the transition. The FCC
          and other organizations have done campaign blitzes to make sure that everyone is
          ready for the DTV switch. All focus has been on the TV market. Those that use their
          computers for viewing have been forgotten by the major consumer awareness groups.
          With all of the buzz, over the past year and the future discussion, once the transition
          occurs, MANHATTAN stands with a good product set to suit the needs of the laptop and
          desktop market.

                     “I want my PC-TV!”

                                    Digital ATSC TV Tuners
                                    Changes in the US Market

What does the Analog to Digital change mean?
Simply put, the FCC will be moving all cur-
rent free-to-air Analog programming to free-           Who Would Want PC-TV Tuners
to-air Digital signals. Older receivers that
accepted only analog signal will no longer be          •    Travelers and commuters
able to receive signals, without updating dis-                  Frequent public transportation users
plays or adding converter boxes. The federal           •    Students and families with compact living quarters
government is poised to spend close to $500                     Dormitory residents
million dollars to help people make this tran-                  Urban apartment dwellers
sition.                                                •    “Entertainment PC” users
                                                       •    Video and TV editors
How will that effect the computer market?
There is an increasing trend of people that
are using or incorporating their computers
into their entertainment centers. The idea of
using your PC as an entertainment tool has
                                                       Typical Applications
opened up new applications and market.
                                                       •    Popular for viewing TV on PC or other display device
                                                       •    Key component in “Entertainment PCs”
                                                       •    Pushing the “media convergence” trend
                                                       •    Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) propelling growth

Don’t let the customer be fooled by ‘cheaper’ Internet solutions
Too many times do people get the idea of
Internet TV and ATSC receivers confused.
Internet TV requires the use of an internet Internet TV v.s. USB ATSC Receiver
connection and goes to a website that
streams the video. Sites that offer live feeds • Internet TV can allow Mal-ware, data-miners and other
are often pay-for-view sites, loaded with ad-     software to get installed. The USB to ATSC Receiver does
vertising, or potentially offer choppy images     not use an internet connection, so forced installs of such
(at best) because of bandwidth usage.             malicious software is not possible.
                                                • ‘Free’ sites usually do not offer live programming or pro-
The USB ATSC receivers do not suffer with         grams from the major networks. ATSC will offer the full ar-
these problems. They do not rely on the Inter-    ray of digital programs that are available in your area.
net for signal, so connectivity is never an is- • Quality of images on the Internet depend on bandwidth,
sue. This also means that there is not the risk   and how the file was saved. The ATSC receiver delivers
of mal-ware getting installed because of the      DTV signal for HDTV quality images, the only limitation is
receiver’s use.                                   the system’s video display.
                                                • Internet TV relies on your internet connection. Without con-
Since the only advertising is in the form of
                                                  nection, you view nothing. The ATSC receiver does not
commercials, the risk of forced downloads,
                                                  need the Internet, so it can be viewed anywhere.
and the annoyance of pop-up ads are not an

             Portable Digital TV                 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ATSC                   Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ATSC
             Antenna                             Hybrid Stick                            Hybrid With FM Stick
             Receives ATSC and                   Full-function remote con-               Full-function remote control
             DVB-T Signals                       trol and antenna                        and antenna
             Item: 164214                        Item: 177191                            Item: 177160

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