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January 27, 2005

018-1179A King Street West (at Dufferin) Toronto ON M6K 3C5
phone: 1-888-568-5723 Toronto: 416-489-4121 fax: 416-489-9010


Accommodation is at McMaster University. To make a reservation please Contact Housing &
Conference Services at (905) 525-9140 ext 27222 or email: or visit our Website: to access the accommodation form and more general
information about McMaster.
There are several hotels in the Hamilton area. Links will be posted to for those
who prefer alternative accommodation.

Contact if you have accessibility needs you wish to discuss.
CUC Choir: Will be performing in the Sunday Service. If you plan to be part of the CUC Choir,
please contact Hamilton’s Choir Director Cindy Carey by email to

Exhibit Tables (6 foot long) are available at a cost of $30 for information; $60 for sales. Open at
various times throughout the weekend. Choice of placement and availability on a first-come; first-served
basis. Contact

Annual Meeting
Information for delegates will be sent to congregations in advance and posted on the web. There is on-
site delegate registration, where you will receive your voting card. Annual meeting rules of procedure
are available from

Concurrent Events
In anticipation of a larger-than-ever conference, we have scheduled 10-14 concurrent events including
several at same time as annual meeting. Please mark on your registration form which events you want to
attend, so we can plan appropriate space.
On Saturday Multi-generational day, events have been selected to appeal to all ages.

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May 19-20, 2005
The pre-conference days prior to the Annual Conference include sessions for congregational leaders in
various capacities. This year, for the first time, we have named these days “Shared Ministry Days”. As
well as the sessions below, there will be a Renaissance UU Identity program for religious educators; Lay
Chaplaincy training and Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice meeting and conference.

The definition of Shared Ministry which the Task Force developed is:

       Ministry is the act of serving. Shared Ministry is what we* do to serve our congregation and the
       broader community, individually and together. Each individual brings unique gifts to contribute.

       *includes members of the congregation, paid staff and ordained minister(s)

Developing A Passion for Possibilities:

An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry for Congregational Leaders
What is the value of a naturally and comfortably powerful human being? Someone who chooses to
exercise that power for the good of the whole? What is it about Appreciative Inquiry that liberates
people's power? What would emerge if you could move yourself and your congregation to a place of
appreciation, curiosity, and possibility? Come explore and experience the potential and the power of
Appreciative Inquiry, a wildly effective new approach for positive change, in a lively full-day workshop.
Discover how you can help your congregation to be its best, to dream the possible, and to
collaboratively build a bright and positive future.
Thursday, May 19, 2005 9am – 5pm
McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario
Workshop Facilitators: Sherril Gilbert and Glory Ressler
Registration: $75 (includes lunch and workbook)
For those who are have full registration at the Annual Conference and Meeting, the fee is discounted to

How to Write a Sermon
Have you always wanted to preach? Do you have a message yearning to be heard? In this day-long
workshop, I will help you articulate your perspective, write it in the form of a sermon, and get it ready
for delivery.
Workshop Leader: Rev. Donna Morrison-Reed
Friday, May 20, 2005 9am – 5pm
McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario
Registration: $75 (includes lunch)
For those who are have full registration at the Annual Conference and Meeting, the fee is discounted to

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CanCentric Young Adult Conference Fri.May 20 9-4 First UU of Hamilton FREE
Contact: YA/CM ROC for Canada, Elisabeth Bailey

Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice have their annual meeting and program on the Friday before the
CUC’s conference.

Lay Chaplaincy Days
Open to current and prospective lay chaplains and lay chaplaincy committee members. CUULCA
(Canadian Unitarian Universalist Lay Chaplains Association) hosts Thursday which will include
resource sharing and ceremonies for transitions, as well as the CUULCA Annual Meeting.
Free to CUULCA members; others pay $35.

Friday is sponsored by the CUC’s Lay Chaplaincy Committee provides enrichment training
opportunities. Kim Turner will present information on the legal issues involved with lay chaplaincy.
Kim was president in 2001 when the resolutions that changed the program came on stream.

House Blessings, Dedications and Cleansings - U*U Style
Some people want to celebrate with their family and friends when they move into a new/old/different
living place. For some it is a way of declaring their home as a place of commitment, love, rest and
creativity. for others it is a time to pause and give thanks and affirmation for having found a space that
will encourage growth of mind, body and spirit. Jane Bramadat, Minister to the First Unitarian Church
of Victoria congregation, will share some of her experiences and rituals.

Friday 9-5 – no fee for current and selected lay chaplains and lay chaplaincy committee members.
Others welcome $50 if registered for conference; $75 if not.

Renaissance Program
UU Identity
The program will run all day and into the evening (9am–9 pm) Thursday May 19 and all day (9am–4pm)
Friday, May 20
This is a 15-hour intensive, shared-learning, participatory training geared to religious educators and
those supporting RE programs.
Held at McMaster, Mary Keyes Hall
Contact: Sylvia Bass West
Cost: $175 includes accommodation, meals, program and reader Child care can be arranged. Separate
registration required see web site for details.

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CUC for Young People
Childcare for ages 0-5 will be provided on the conference site Sat and Sun 8-5, Monday until noon
during conference events for pre-registered children. All meals are with families. Optional arrangements
can be made if you provide the food. Cost: $35
Separate registration required see web site for details.
Young Fun Children’s Program: Full program for ages 6-11, Sat and Sun for the full
day 8-5, Monday until noon. The program will be based at McMaster. Includes lunch, social action
content, human and animal rights, a field trip to African Lion Safari, crafts and games, swimming. Pizza
and movie night on Sun 5-9 pm for kids in Young Fun. Cost: $60 Separate registration required see web
site for details.

NEW!! For junior youth ages 12-14 (grades 7 and 8)
The program will be based at McMaster. Getting to know UU, touch groups, social action content,
multigenerational workshops, human and animal rights, a field trip to African Lion Safari, swimming.
Includes lunch and Empty Bowls dinner Sat, lunch and supper Sunday.. Separate registration required
see web site for details. Cost: $75

CanUUdle v Youth Conference
Spread the word to every UU youth in this country: CanUUdle V is coming!
Youth (age 14-20) from across the country will gather at our home base of First UU church of Hamilton.
Multigenerational Day Saturday at McMaster. Empty Bowls dinner. Youth-led worship. Come spend
time with us as we explore the possibilities of what it can mean to be a UU youth in Canada. Together
we’ll worship, build community, explore social justice and much more. Details will be sent out in CUC
March mailing and at as “news breaks”. Cost $85 youth $45 advisors. Separate
registration required. Questions? Ideas? contact

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Orientation Session
Linda Thomson, Director of Regional Services - East

Banner Parade and Ingathering Ceremony All ages are invited to join in a joyous celebration of
music and song at this opening worship, offered by the Hamilton Church’s Local Hosting Committee.

Sacred Circle Dancing

Spiritual Practice Session 1 Saturday 7:30am to 8:15am
Sacred Circle Dancing (South Peel Group) – Cassie Rawlinson

8:30-9 am Morning Hymn Sing Start your day on the right note with your favourite hymns

Keynote Speaker: Susan Walsh, Executive Director of USC Canada (Unitarian Service Committee)

Bouncing Back and Moving Forward: Embracing Resilience, Rights and Respect
As USC Canada (Unitarian Service Committee) celebrates its 60th anniversary, we take stalk of our
origins, values, lessons learned and future directions. The keynote will begin with a brief overview of
the early years of work and challenges at 56 Sparks Street with Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova at the helm. It
will then move to a discussion of the organization's current challenges and strategic framework featuring
Resilience, Rights and Respect. Unitarians' role in shaping the agency's identity and social justice
orientation will be highlighted as will stories from the current Executive Director's travels in Asia and
Africa on behalf of the agency.

10:30-12noon – Annual Meeting Part I

Concurrent Events A                Saturday           10:30am to 12noon
1)   The Everything Seed – Exploring Our Place In The Universe – Carole Martignacco
2)   Ministering With Youth: How Youth Can Be Included In Your Congregation - Jesse
3)   CUC Gender And Sexual Diversity Monitoring Group Networking Session - Art
4)   Wisdom Circle – Our Desires for U*U’s Impact on the 21st Century - Glory Ressler
5)   Sharing the Ministry with Everyone – Michael Tino
6)   Getting to Know a UU Poet – David Hillen
7)   Spinning Values Into Tales: Harnessing The Power Of Allegory Pamela Wagner and
     Jonathan Shuve
8)   CUC Choir Practice – Cindy Carey

12:00-1:45 – Lunch (cost not included)

Story Time Luncheon - Pamela Wagner and Jonathan Shuve tickets: $20.00

Some groups will meet in identified rooms over lunch including:
Imagine Canadian Democracy Mini-Plenary – Brian Kiely and Study Group

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Multi-generational Day
Youth from CanUUdle V will be at McMaster from after lunch for Saturday, participating in all
events—and leading many. This was the recommendation of the Youth Advisory Group after
discussions last year about how to include youth in ways that work for them.

1:45-2pm – Icebreaker Games with Youth
                           The Statement of Principles Task Force

This winter our congregations were asked to review a first draft of a new Statement of
Principles developed by the Board Task Force. You were asked if the draft text
‘resonated’ or ‘irritated’. In this lively session you'll hear what the combined response
was and how we'll move forward towards a vote next year in Saint John.

Concurrent Events B              Saturday          3:15pm to 4:45pm
1) How World Religions Define God, the Universe and Reality – JW. Windland,
    Encounter Centre
2) Great Meetings, Great Minutes – Janine Lewis
3) Resolution on CUC Policies RE BGLT Issues – Gender & Sexual Diversity
    Monitoring Group
4) Free Radicals And Random Acts: Writing That Can Save Your Soul – Jo-Anne Elder
5) Grassroots Democracy and the Global Commons - David McNally
6) Is What We Said What We Heard You Say? – Statement of Principles Task Force
7) Youth Advisor/Youth Ally Gathering – Jesse Jaeger, UUA
8) Young Adult Outreach – Michael Tino, UUA
9) Finding, Being, Keeping a Minister (RSCC) Rev. Susan van Dreser, Chair
10) Child Haven: Working With Children And Women Overseas – Fred Cappuccino
11) Dare To Be Religious In All That We Do – Yes, That Means The Board Too – CUC
12) Wise & Wild Artists Part II: Entering the Wild – Meg Roberts
13) What is Religious about Sexuality Education - Samaya Oakley


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Concurrent Events C Saturday 7:15pm to 8:45pm
1) Confluence: A Lecture Series – Rev. Susan van Dreser
2) Volunteer Screening Or High Trust Ministries? Nancy Hutchins Gaylor
3) Making The World Part Of Your Community Susannah Cole
4) Money: Teaching New Attitudes – Grace Flesher and Sylvia Bass West
5) Follow Your Own Path – The First Unitarian’s and Others’ Destiny Margot Young
6) Youth Empowerment Through Leadership – Dale Brydon and Samaya Oakley
7) The Golden Rule Across The World’s Religions – Paul McKenna, Scarboro Missions
8) Use Television To Get The Message Out - Michael Hotrum and Yvonne Greig
9) Pride Rainbow Project Workshop Christine Michell and Cora Bailey(UCCalgary)
10) Walking The Labyrinth – A Spiritual Meditative Experience – Margo Holland
11) Economic Injustice, An Interactive Game – Reva Kazemi
12) Three R’s Of Sustainable Community Development: Resilience, Rights And Respect
    (Susan Walsh, USC-Canada)
13) YRUU Games – Nate Ohl & Phillip Pike (Youth Advisory Group)

9 pm Youth-Led Worship

10 pm – UU Coffee House hosted by First Hamilton talent – Bring a song and come along!

Spiritual Practice Session 2   Sunday   7:30am to 8:15am
Meditative Walk (Hamilton)
Concurrent Events D       Sunday 9:00am to 10:30am
1.  Canadian UU Historical Society AGM and Mark Mosher DeWolfe Lecture
2.  Socially Responsible Investing For Unitarian Congregations – Ahti Tolvanen
3.  Making Good Church Websites - Bert Christensen
4.  Project Ploughshares
5.  Common Voice: Investigating Social Responsibility – CUC Social Responsibility
    Task Force
6. Develop Your Own Chant Service - Elora-Fergus Group - Don Beals and Jennifer
7. Building Bridges: Supporting our Youth as they become Young Adults – Michael
    Tino and Jesse Jaeger
8. International Partnership Transforms Lives– Cathy Cordes and Susan McLeod
9. The Awareness Wheel: A Tool for Mutual Respect - Don McFayden
10. Planned Giving: How To Start And Grow An Endowment – Grace Flesher
11. Choir Practice – Cindy Carey

11-12 Sunday Worship Service “One Warm Line” Rev. Allison Barrett and Many Others
Gathered here as one body from many different places, committed as a religion to both the inward
search for meaning and outward call to action, what does it mean to live our loving, free, faith at this
moment in time, at this point in our growth, in this beautiful country that all of us call home?
McMaster University

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12:15-1:45 – Beyond our Borders International Lunch and panel presentation
Our religious community is not limited by the borders of North America. Many Canadian U/Us have
been enriched and challenged by the experiences they have had abroad. Come and hear their stories, and
perhaps be inspired to seek an adventure of your own. More details from
Sunday Lunch (extra fee: $20)


Annual Meeting Part II

Concurrent Events E               Sunday          2:00pm to 3:30pm
1. Getting UUs to know the UN – Rev. Fran Mercer, Peggy Montgomery and Eryl Court
2. Songwriters On Songwriting – John Lubert and others
3. Once Upon A Time In Ontario, Universalism Then And Now – Wilf Innerd, Louise
    Foulds and Christine Hillman
4. Participatory Meeting Processes For Congregations – Glory Ressler
5. Connecting The Canada’s Coast To Coast to Coast – Jo-Anne Elder
6. Learning To Design A Banner To Represent Your Congregation – Sarah Ohl
7. Small Group Ministry Revolutionizes Lifespan Learning - Helen Zidowecki

4:30-5:30   Regional Networking Sessions

(BC & Western combined; separate for Central and Eastern)
Time to meet with other folk in your CUC regions & hear about events and happenings.
“Inclusivity within congregations” will be a session focus; how do we unintentionally include and
exclude others while at church? See you there!

5:30-7:00   Book signing and sales

5:30-7:00   UU UNO Reception

Hosted by UU United Nations Office – wine and cheese reception

7-9 Getting to Know UU Dinner and Contra-Dance Shake hands with neighbours of all ages
in this fun, interactive event, featuring the “Old-Fashioned Canadian Bush Swing” of “Flapjack.”

9:30 pm
Soulful Sundown Worship Service – Young Adults Network

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Spiritual Practice Session 3   Monday 7:30am to 8:15am
Buddhist Meditation Practice - Engo and Tim Law
Concurrent Events F Monday 9:00am to 10:30am
1) IARF Canadian Chapter AGM – Christine Johnston/Ellen Campbell
2) Refugee Sponsorship – Barbara Treviranus, Refugee Sponsorship Training Program
3) deMystifying Meditation – Vivianne LaRiviere and Rev. Wayne Walder
4) Shared Ministry - What’s That? – Shared Ministry Task Force (Elaine Roberts)
5) LREDA – Professionalism And Support – Audrey O’Callaghan and Sylvia Bass West
6) The ICUU Ten Years Later – John Slattery
7) Board Presidents and Management – Cameron Linton & Bev Ball
8) Singing Our Way Home (tba)
9) Our Goal: Ken Morrison
10) How a Local United Nations Association (Hamilton Branch) Works at Global Peace -
    -The UNAC Hamilton Branch (Ray Cunnington)
11) Developing Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education in your congregation –
    Joan Turner and Monica Bennett

10:45 12:00 – Closing Ceremony and Worship – CUC Board
Passing of the Soil; Installation of CUC Board; Knight Award

Concurrent Events G               Monday           2:00pm to 5:00pm
1. Democracy Resolutions: What’s Next? Formation of a Democracy Monitoring Group
   – Imagine Canadian Democracy Study Group (Philip Symons)
2. Walking The Labyrinth – A Spiritual Meditative Experience (repeats) – Margo
3. Small Group Ministry and Religious Education 2-4pm - Helen Zidowecki

UU Ministers of Canada meet for a 4-day retreat following the ACM.

Post-Conference Tours—Monday
There are a myriad of interesting things to see and do in the Hamilton/Niagara area: boat tours, the new
Marine Museum, the Haida, Dundurn Castle, the Warplane Museum, walking tours round this historic
city and on the Bruce Trail, art galleries, birding, to say nothing of all the activities in and around
Niagara Falls. Your hosts will have a comprehensive list with costs ready to go on the net by the end of
March. Be sure to save some time to see our interesting part of Canada.

Register with host committee.

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CUC ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING 2005 – EVENTS LISTINGS                                           PAGE 10

Name (as it will appear on your name tag) ________________________________________________


City: ________________________________               Province: _____     Postal Code: __________

Email: _____________________               Phone: _____________________________

Congregation: _______________________________________________________________________
NOTE: complete one of these forms for each adult registration. For children and youth, give name
and birth year here and fill out separate registration forms provided by Director of Lifespan Learning.
REGISTRATION FEES Check all relevant items for one individual on this form
                                                                   before Apr 1 after Apr 1 after May 12*
Adult Full Conference (no meals included—see below for options) q $150             q $175        q $200
Full-time students (Young adults 18-35 can apply for subsidy)         q $100       q $125        q $150
Day-rate: $75 per day q Sat. q Sun. q Mon.
After May 12, registrations will not be confirmed before the event. If you mail, fax or email your
registrations, bring a copy with you to the site, as they may not be processed in advance.
YOUNG PEOPLES’ PROGRAMS (additional separate registration required)
q CanUUdle V Youth program name(s): _______________________ birth year ........... $85
q CanUUdle (advisor) name _________________________________ ...........................$45
q Junior Youth name _______________________________________ birth year ............$75
q Young Fun     name(s): ___________________________________ birth year ............ $60
q Childcare     name(s): ___________________________________ birth year ............ $35

q Sat Story Time luncheon $20.00 q Sat. Empty Bowls dinner $20.00 children under 12 $10
q Sun International luncheon $20.00 q Sunday party (dinner & dance) $35 q adult/youth q children
under 12 $20
Prefer __ vegan ___ meat q allergies ____________________________
Accessibility: q Please contact me regarding special needs
Events: This helps us provide appropriate space. Early registration ensures your first choice.
A ____ Annual Meeting or Event #___ B___ C___ D___
E ___ Annual Meeting or Event #____ F ____ G _____
q CHOIR If you plan to sing in choir check here and choose choir option for events A & D
Shared Ministry Days (Pre-Conference Events)
q Renaissance Program $175 q Appreciative Inquiry $50 /$75 for non-registrants $150 q Writing
Your Sermon $50 /$75 for non-registrants
q CUULCA Meeting Thursday $35 (no charge to CUULCA members)
q CUC Lay Chaplaincy Enrichment Training Friday no charge to current, retired or prospective lay
chaplains and lay chaplaincy committee members; Otherwise $50/75
Post-conference tours contact
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PAYMENT total FOR THIS INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION:                                  $___________
If this registration payment covers multiple registrations, please note here the cheque total amount and
the name of the person who has signed the cheque.
total amount $_________ q cheque q VISA # ___________________________ Expiry: ___/___

Name: _____________________________ Signature: ______________________________________

q includes registration fee of $ _____ for ____________________________________ .
q If payment has been made by someone other than registrant, give name on cheque or VISA

Include fees for all young people named above, and mark name of fee-payer on their separate
registration forms.

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