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dangerous form of alcoholism because it compromises your body's ability to function properly.

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									Alcoholism - Fact Or Fiction
Information is often presented as alcoholism fact. This is particularly true with the development of
online forums and discussion groups. Do you know the truth about alcoholism? Do you know the
falsehoods that exist around alcohol use? You are about to find out.
Fact or fiction: alcohol dependency and alcohol abuse mean the same thing. This is not true. The fact
is there are two main categories of alcoholism. The first category is alcohol abuse which is generally
considered treatable and curable. The other category is alcohol dependency. This is the most
dangerous form of alcoholism because it compromises your body's ability to function properly. While it
is treatable, it is not curable.
Dependency causes you to physically crave alcohol. It becomes an obsession. You are not able to do
anything without using alcohol. It rules your life. If you abuse alcohol, you can stop using alcohol
without experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms. With alcohol dependency, withdrawal creates
painful symptoms that often require medication and medical supervision.
Fact or fiction: alcoholics are born addicted to alcohol. This is not true. In fact, studies show that your
attitude toward alcohol use is typically established by early adulthood. You are influenced by your
home environment and your parents' use of alcohol. Peer pressure is a significant deciding factor in
your relationship with alcohol. Your professional life may impact your willingness to drink alcohol. If
you go out after hours with co-workers, you may feel pressured to drink socially.
Fact or fiction: alcoholism can cause a variety of physical and psychological problems in an individual.
This is definitely true. Most alcoholics experience a variety of physical symptoms ranging from dry
mouth to seizures. Alcohol poisoning is a very real possibility for alcoholics and can be fatal. Black
outs are common occurrences for alcoholics. These occur when you drink too much and remember
nothing about the time you spent drinking. Psychological problems range from delusions to extreme
It is important to know the difference between alcoholism fact and fiction. The information may help
you when faced with the decision to begin using alcohol. It can help you battle peer pressure when it
comes to social drinking. The best weapon against alcoholism is the ability to make good decisions
based on factual information.

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