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creative wedding photography


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									Some Tips for Creative Wedding Photography

Who wants to decorate their living room so that it looks like everyone else's? Or who wants to show up at a
function wearing the same outfit as everyone else? Unless you're the waiter dressed like all the other waiters
you would probably be mortified to be caught wearing what everyone else is wearing! And this type of
thinking is true when it comes to creative wedding photography - a good photographer will realize that no
bride will want her photographs to look exactly like everyone else's.

Think about all the time and effort a bride puts into the details of a wedding you'll better understand how
important creative wedding photography really is. A bride will shop for literally dozens if not even
hundreds of hours to pick out just the right dress, flowers, decorations, food, wedding favors, wedding cake,
and so on. Why go through all of that if your photographer can't capture the feeling and personality of all
your details with some creative wedding photography?

So if you're a photographer, how to do that? How to make your photos unique and different? Here are some
quick tips when it comes to creative wedding photography.

One good thing you can do is to study the techniques of other photographers. Don't feel bad about this;
artists study the work of others all the time. Young movie actors and directors study other films, painters
study the work of famous painters, etc. So study the creative wedding photography that catches your eye.
What is it about the photos that appeals to you? Is it the pose, the use of other elements in the photo such as
the flowers or the bride's veils, or the location? How did they dress up their work so that it is not flat and
boring but gets to the next level of creative wedding photography? Learn to be critical and detail oriented
with these photos. Pick them apart and really study what makes them appealing.

Practice your creative wedding photography techniques even when you're not at a wedding. Take pictures
of sporting events so you get better at taking action shots. Ask a friend to pose in front of different buildings
so you can learn how to get landmarks in a frame without overwhelming a subject. Get some cheap objects
from the dollar or discount store and stage them the way a wedding table would be and snap away; this
might include a plate, champagne flute, and flowers. When you practice your creative wedding photography
techniques in the comfort of your studio or home you can try a few different angles, different ways of
staging items, and practices such as these.

Of course you need to be a good photographer to begin with if you want to get better with your creative
wedding photography. Make sure you're skilled with the software needed to improve your pictures on the
computer and with your camera and equipment, including lenses, flashes, and everything else.

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