CC and int pinout by HC120620004755


									Pinout of the two Altera’s.

A. CHIP"top_10k".
List of all pins of the CHIP"top_10k" (DEVICE="EPF10K30RC240-3") and
their connections to the CHIP"topcc" (DEVICE="EPM7256SRC208-7") on
the processing board (PB):

"top_10k"          "top_10k"    Name of the        "topcc"           "topcc"
pin name           pin number   signal on the PB   pin name          pin number

"APE_EXC":          IN=182;      PbExc             "EXC":              OUT=19;
"APE_HALT":         IN=43;       PbHalt            "PCIHALT":          OUT=18;
"CBE_pci0":         IN=76;
"CBE_pci1":         IN=65;
"CBE_pci2":         IN=236;
"CBE_pci3":         IN=225;
"CLK":              IN=211;
"FRAME_out_pci":    IN=196;
"DUMMY0":           IN=106;
"DUMMY1":           IN=107;
"SlotAdd0":         IN=118;
"SlotAdd1":         IN=119;
"SlotAdd2":         IN=126;
"SlotAdd3":         IN=127;
"IRDY_out_pci":     IN=128;
"REFRESHING":       IN=162;      CcRefExecute      "REFEXECUTION":     OUT=66;
"DUMMY2":           IN=163;
"DUMMY3":           IN=168;
"TRDY_out_pci":     IN=194;
"DUMMY4":           IN=195;
"FRAME_in_pci":     IN=212;
"GNT_pci":          IN=206;
"HARDRESETIN":      IN=91;       CcHardResOut      "HARDRESETOUT":     OUT=48;
"IDSEL_pci":        IN=226;
"IRDY_in_pci":      IN=90;
"LOCK_pci":         IN=31;
"REFOVRF":          IN=187;      CcRefOverflow     "REFOVRF":          OUT=204;
"TRDY_in_pci":      IN=92;
"REFTODO":          IN=193;      CcRefToDo         "REFTODO":          OUT=3;
"REQ_pci":          IN=207;
"RST":              IN=210;
"SOFTRESETIN":      IN=40;       CcSoftResOut      "SOFTRESETOUT":     OUT=194;
"TZBUSY":           IN=214;      TzBusy
"TZFEOUT":          IN=191;      TzFeOut
"TZFFCMD":          IN=181;      TzFfCmd
"TZFFIN":           IN=111;      TzFfIn
"EXTBUSDIR":        OUT=18;      PcFTrxDir         "DIR":              IN=172;
"HARDRESETREQ":     OUT=46;      FlHardResIn       "HARDRESETIN":      IN=144;
"INTA_pci":         OUT=204;
"LCLKEN":           OUT=7;       FlPciClkEn        "PCICLKEN":         IN=138;
"LED_EXC":          OUT=136;      FlExcLed
"LED_HALT":         OUT=44;       FlHaltLed
"LED_TRXRD":        OUT=19;       FlSysReadLed
"LED_TRXWR":        OUT=53;       FlSysWriteLed
"OPCODE0":          OUT=17;       FlexOpCode[0]    "OP_CODE0":         IN=170;
"OPCODE1":          OUT=51;       FlexOpCode[1]    "OP_CODE1":         IN=169;
"OPCODE2":          OUT=62;       FlexOpCode[2]    "OP_CODE2":         IN=171;
"PCFCMDWR":         OUT=103;      PcFCmdWr
"top_10k"          "top_10k"     Name of the        "topcc"          "topcc"
pin name           pin number    signal on the PB   pin name         pin number

"PCFINWR":          OUT=209;      PcFInWr
"PCFOUTRD":         OUT=131;      PcFOutRd
"PCICLOCK":         OUT=152;      FlPciClk          "PCICLOCK":        IN=149;
"PERR_pci":         OUT=33;
"REFGRANT":         OUT=200;      FlPciRefGnt       "PCIREFGRANT":     IN=130;
"SERR_pci":         OUT=34;
"SERVICE_WRITE":    OUT=120;      FlWrite           "WRITE":           IN=113;
"SOFTRESETREQ":     OUT=159;      FlSoftResIn       "SOFTRESETIN":               IN=117;
"TZFRESET":         OUT=199;      PcFifoReset
"AD_pci0":          BIDIR=87;
"AD_pci1":          BIDIR=86;
"AD_pci2":          BIDIR=84;
"AD_pci3":          BIDIR=83;
"AD_pci4":          BIDIR=82;
"AD_pci5":          BIDIR=81;
"AD_pci6":          BIDIR=80;
"AD_pci7":          BIDIR=79;
"AD_pci8":          BIDIR=75;
"AD_pci9":          BIDIR=74;
"AD_pci10":         BIDIR=73;
"AD_pci11":         BIDIR=72;
"AD_pci12":         BIDIR=70;
"AD_pci13":         BIDIR=68;
"AD_pci14":         BIDIR=67;
"AD_pci15":         BIDIR=66;
"AD_pci16":         BIDIR=235;
"AD_pci17":         BIDIR=234;
"AD_pci18":         BIDIR=233;
"AD_pci19":         BIDIR=229;
"AD_pci20":         BIDIR=231;
"AD_pci21":         BIDIR=230;
"AD_pci22":         BIDIR=228;
"AD_pci23":         BIDIR=227;
"AD_pci24":         BIDIR=222;
"AD_pci25":         BIDIR=223;
"AD_pci26":         BIDIR=221;
"AD_pci27":         BIDIR=220;
"AD_pci28":         BIDIR=219;
"AD_pci29":         BIDIR=218;
"AD_pci30":         BIDIR=217;
"AD_pci31":         BIDIR=215;
"APECHANNEL0":      BIDIR=116;    Channel[0]
"APECHANNEL1":      BIDIR=183;    Channel[1]
"APECHANNEL2":      BIDIR=202;    Channel[2]
"APECHANNEL3":      BIDIR=203;    Channel[3]
"APECHANNEL4":      BIDIR=39;     Channel[4]
"APECHANNEL5":      BIDIR=98;     Channel[5]
"APECHANNEL6":      BIDIR=184;    Channel[6]
"APECHANNEL7":      BIDIR=11;     Channel[7]
"APECHANNEL8":      BIDIR=94;     Channel[8]
"APECHANNEL9":      BIDIR=55;     Channel[9]
"APECHANNEL10":     BIDIR=208;    Channel[10]
"APECHANNEL11":     BIDIR=15;     Channel[11]
"APECHANNEL12":     BIDIR=61;     Channel[12]
"APECHANNEL13":     BIDIR=239;    Channel[13]
"top_10k"         "top_10k"     Name of the         "topcc"           "topcc"
pin name          pin number    signal on the PB    pin name          pin number

"APECHANNEL14":    BIDIR=166;   Channel[14]
"APECHANNEL15":    BIDIR=49;    Channel[15]
"APECHANNEL16":    BIDIR=41;    Channel[16]
"APECHANNEL17":    BIDIR=164;   Channel[17]
"APECHANNEL18":    BIDIR=175;   Channel[18]
"APECHANNEL19":    BIDIR=134;   Channel[19]
"APECHANNEL20":    BIDIR=138;   Channel[20]
"APECHANNEL21":    BIDIR=137;   Channel[21]
"APECHANNEL22":    BIDIR=139;   Channel[22]
"APECHANNEL23":    BIDIR=201;   Channel[23]
"APECHANNEL24":    BIDIR=154;   Channel[24]
"APECHANNEL25":    BIDIR=23;    Channel[25]
"APECHANNEL26":    BIDIR=26;    Channel[26]
"APECHANNEL27":    BIDIR=142;   Channel[27]
"APECHANNEL28":    BIDIR=158;   Channel[28]
"APECHANNEL29":    BIDIR=25;    Channel[29]
"APECHANNEL30":    BIDIR=108;   Channel[30]
"APECHANNEL31":    BIDIR=156;   Channel[31]
"APECHANNEL32":    BIDIR=99;    Channel[32]
"APECHANNEL33":    BIDIR=238;   Channel[33]
"APECHANNEL34":    BIDIR=173;   Channel[34]
"APECHANNEL35":    BIDIR=157;   Channel[35]
"DEVSEL_pci":      BIDIR=29;
"PAR_pci":         BIDIR=35;
"SERVICEBUS0":     BIDIR=56;    CcFlServBus[0]      "SERVICE_BUS0":     BIDIR=24;
"SERVICEBUS1":     BIDIR=141;   CcFlServBus[1]     "SERVICE_BUS1":      BIDIR=22;
"SERVICEBUS2":     BIDIR=8;     CcFlServBus[2]     "SERVICE_BUS2":      BIDIR=20;
"SERVICEBUS3":     BIDIR=171;   CcFlServBus[3]      "SERVICE_BUS3":     BIDIR=26;
"SERVICEBUS4":     BIDIR=105;   CcFlServBus[4]     "SERVICE_BUS4":      BIDIR=25;
"SERVICEBUS5":     BIDIR=12;    CcFlServBus[5]      "SERVICE_BUS5":     BIDIR=39;
"SERVICEBUS6":     BIDIR=185;   CcFlServBus[6]      "SERVICE_BUS6":     BIDIR=40;
"SERVICEBUS7":     BIDIR=63;    CcFlServBus[7]     "SERVICE_BUS7":      BIDIR=42;
"SERVICEBUS8":     BIDIR=24;    CcFlServBus[8]     "SERVICE_BUS8":      BIDIR=43;
"SERVICEBUS9":     BIDIR=21;    CcFlServBus[9]     "SERVICE_BUS9":      BIDIR=44;
"SERVICEBUS10":    BIDIR=88;    CcFlServBus[10]           "SERVICE_BUS10":     BIDIR=45;
"SERVICEBUS11":    BIDIR=9;     CcFlServBus[11]           "SERVICE_BUS11":     BIDIR=46;
"SERVICEBUS12":    BIDIR=174;   CcFlServBus[12]           "SERVICE_BUS12":     BIDIR=47;
"SERVICEBUS13":    BIDIR=6;     CcFlServBus[13]           "SERVICE_BUS13":     BIDIR=49;
"SERVICEBUS14":    BIDIR=45;    CcFlServBus[14]           "SERVICE_BUS14":     BIDIR=31;
"SERVICEBUS15":    BIDIR=13;    CcFlServBus[15]           "SERVICE_BUS15":     BIDIR=29;
"STOP_pci":        BIDIR=30;
B. CHIP"topcc".
List of pins of the CHIP"topcc" (DEVICE="EPM7256SRC208-7") which are not connected to the
CHIP"top_10k" (DEVICE="EPF10K30RC240-3") on
the processing board (PB):

"top_10k"        "top_10k"    Name of the
pin name         pin number   signal on the PB

"CHEXC0":         IN=140;     ChExc[0]
"CHEXC1":         IN=153;     ChExc[1]
"CHEXC2":         IN=163;     ChExc[2]
"CHEXC3":         IN=167;     ChExc[3]
"CHNETB":         IN=146;     ChCnb
"DUMMY0":         IN=7;
"DUMMY1":         IN=27;
"DUMMY2":         IN=38;
"DUMMY3":         IN=56;
"DUMMY4":         IN=79;
"DUMMY5":         IN=87;
"DUMMY6":         IN=90;
"DUMMY7":         IN=110;
"DUMMY8":         IN=115;
"DUMMY9":         IN=129;
"DUMMY10":        IN=188;
"DUMMY11":        IN=197;
"DUMMY12":        IN=206;
"FCLK":           IN=184;      EpmClkF
"GLBCLKEN":       IN=142;     RtClkEn
"GLBREFREQIN":    IN=173;     RtRefresh
"GLBRTRESET":     IN=177;     RtReset
"JNEXC0":         IN=145;      JnExc[0]
"JNEXC1":         IN=141;      JnExc[1]
"JNEXC2":         IN=162;      JnExc[2]
"JNEXC3":         IN=161;      JnExc[3]
"JNEXC4":         IN=160;      JnExc[4]
"JNEXC5":         IN=154;      JnExc[5]
"JNEXC6":         IN=175;      JnExc[6]
"JNEXC7":         IN=168;      JnExc[7]
"JNIFIN0":        IN=166;      JnIf[0]
"JNIFIN1":        IN=178;     JnIf[1]
"JNIFIN2":        IN=159;     JnIf[2]
"JNIFIN3":        IN=147;     JnIf[3]
"JNIFIN4":        IN=136;     JnIf[4]
"JNIFIN5":        IN=135;     JnIf[5]
"JNIFIN6":        IN=132;     JnIf[6]
"JNIFIN7":        IN=151;     JnIf[7]
"JNSTRETCHRQ":    IN=150;     JnStretchRq
"PCIREFREQIN":    IN=148;     GenPciRefGnt
"PWRUPRESET":     IN=123;     ResetCc~
"REFMASKCODE":    IN=119;     Gt1PmCode[70]
"RTCNB":          IN=121;     RtGCnb
"RTGIF":          IN=120;     RtPbIf
"SCLK":           IN=181;     EpmClkS
"S_O":            IN=126;      ChSysOn[0]
"TZ_EXC":         IN=131;     TzExc
"TZHALTIn":       IN=133;     TzHalt
"TZ_HAND_EXC":    IN=139;     TzHandExc
"BCNB":           OUT=80;      PbCnb
"BGIF":           OUT=55;      PbIf
"CCENPM":         OUT=6;      CcEnPm
"top_10k"       "top_10k"    Name of the
pin name        pin number   signal on the PB

"CNB":           OUT=84;     CcBfGCnb
"FASTAPM0":      OUT=28;     CcApeMode[0]
"FASTAPM1":      OUT=37;     CcApeMode[1]
"FASTAPM2":      OUT=35;     CcApeMode[2]
"FASTAPM3":      OUT=36;     CcApeMode[3]
"GIF":           OUT=91;     CcTzIf (to Ch and Tz)
"LED_REMOTE":    OUT=61;     CcRemoteLed
"LED_RUNSYS":    OUT=164;    CcRunSysLed
"PARFASTAPM":    OUT=34;     CcApeMode[4]
"PARSLOWAPM":    OUT=196;    ChApeMode[4]
"READY":         OUT=201;    PbReady
"RUNSYS":        OUT=193;    CcFlRunSys
"SLOWAPM0":      OUT=190;    ChApeMode[0]
"SLOWAPM1":      OUT=187;    ChApeMode[1]
"SLOWAPM2":      OUT=192;    ChApeMode[2]
"SLOWAPM3":      OUT=195;    ChApeMode[3]

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