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									                                               viaVerio Partner Success Story:

                                      Accrisoft Empowers Small-to-Medium-Sized
                                      Companies to Grow Their Business Online
                                       The road less traveled could be the          Hosting Synonymous
                                       way to describe the business ventures        with Electricity
                                       of Florida entrepreneur, Jeff Kline.
                                       Kline found himself heading a Boca           Once Kline defined Accrisoft’s core
                                       Raton Web-development company. He            competency, he had to make a business
                                       explored the industry for more than half     decision concerning Web hosting. “We
                                       a year and, in the process, found it         knew we could host our own solution
viaVerio Partner                       to be an uncertain path. Keeping up          and save some money,” he explains.
Accrisoft Corporation                  with customers’ requests for highly          “But we realized we didn’t want it to
                                       customized work proved to be more            be a focus since it wasn’t the core
                                       than a full-time job and also difficult to   value-add to our customers.”
Challenge                              stay profitable.
                                                                                    With this decided, Kline began looking
Find a reliable and complete           So Kline took another road and founded       at different hosting options. Ultimately,
hosting solution that allows           a software company – Accrisoft – that        he selected Verio, because of its
Accrisoft to focus on Web-             has grown to become a major player           longstanding relationship with his
enabling their customers’              in the fast-growing Software as a            company and because Verio “gave us
businesses.                            Service (SaaS) industry. The company         root access to everything we were
                                       develops software packages with              interested in.”
Solution                               approximately 80 modules including
                                       content management, email marketing,         For Accrisoft, selecting a hosting
  Verio Signature Solutions
                                       e-commerce, interactive calendars,           provider proved a simple process.
  Verio Virtual Private Server
                                       forms and communications, requested          “With many of the other hosting
                                       by customers.                                providers, you have to configure
  Verio Managed Private
                                                                                    your own computer or platform,” he
  Server Solutions
                                       Today, Accrisoft is in the Software-as-a-    explains. “We were looking for a simple,
                                       Service (SaaS) business and builds out       best-in-class, reliable solution so we
Results                                modules that let customers manage            could stay focused on our software,
                                       their own Web content. More than 80          sales and marketing. Technology and
  Competitive pricing and
                                       different modules exist for billing,         platforms should be very complex in
  technology support
                                       e-mail marketing, content management         the background but simple to use for
  Seamless reliability for             and Web-site design. “Small-to-medium-       solution providers and their end users.”
  Accrisoft customers                  sized business customers have
                                       access to turnkey solutions that are         Pricing and technology support were
  Reliable platform with
                                       typically only available to much larger      also important factors for Accrisoft,
  optimum performance
                                       organizations,” says Kline, its chief        and Kline found Verio to be very
  to support Accrisoft
                                       executive officer and president.             competitive as well as easy and
  software applications
                                                                                    enjoyable to work with. “We have found
  15-20 percent new                                                                 Verio pricing to remain very competitive
  customer acquisition

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                                           viaVerio Partner Success Story: Accrisoft

                                       in the market, and the company’s           are set up with dedicated VPS or MPS
                                       solutions to be among the best in the      servers while smaller companies are
                                       industry both in terms of reliability      set up with Verio Signature solutions
                                       and support. This likely has something     or as multiple tenants on shared VPS
                                       to do with its parent company,             environments.
                                       Japan’s NTT Communications. That
                                       Verio is backed by one of the largest
                                       telecommunications companies in the
                                       world means a lot to us.”
                                                                                  Joining Forces for Success
                                                                                  One of the solution providers with
                                                                                  whom Accrisoft works, Michael
“Early on, we realized we
did not want to be in the              Seamless Reliability                       Reynolds of SpinWeb, has a Web
                                       for Customers                              design and development company in
hosting business. To me,                                                          Indianapolis. Reynolds is a devoted
hosting is like electricity.           For Accrisoft customers, the migration     Verio customer and attends many of
I don’t want to know how               to Verio proves a very fluid process.      its Reseller Partner Advisory Council
                                       “We sell our solutions direct to end       meetings.
the power plant works;                 customers, we also sell through
I just want to throw the               solution providers or resellers. We        “Reynolds always thought he needed
switch and my lights turn              insist that they use Verio’s Web hosting   to develop his own software to address
                                       solutions because we know they are the     the business needs he and his clients
on. We leave hosting to
                                       best out there and that our applications   faced, but I kept urging him to try
Verio as the expert in the                                                        our software because I knew he’d see
                                       perform optimally on them. Verio is
business so we can focus               a major hosting provider with highly       the value once he tried it. He finally
on our core competency:                reliable solutions and a proven track      did and, in less than 12 months,
                                                                                  he completely converted his entire
providing Software as a                record of performance,” says Kline.
                                                                                  business over to Accrisoft. Today he’s
Service.”                              “Once customers realize that hosting       an advocate while, ironically, he wasn’t
                                       is like electricity when it operates       interested just three years ago.”
Jeff Kline, Founder, CEO and
                                       properly, it becomes one of the minor
President, Accrisoft                                                              Kline doesn’t see any value in “going
                                       points in their overall discussion with
                                       Accrisoft, its CEO says. We provide        it alone” on the hosting or application
                                       clients with complete, turn-key            side. Partnership is key. “Where you
                                       business solutions that require little     win is by building relationships with
                                       to no technical expertise to implement     the customer, and creating beautiful
                                       and use.”                                  customized designs on top of the
                                                                                  application. This makes for a very
                                       Accrisoft operates Verio Shared            strong Web strategy from start to
                                       Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS)     finish.”
                                       and Managed Private Servers (MPS) to
                                       provide its customers with the software
                                       applications they require to strengthen
                                       their businesses. Larger customers

                      Visit at www.viaverio.com or call 1-888-224-9346 to learn more about us
                                                         viaVerio Partner Success Story: Accrisoft

                                                     Embracing Core                               in today’s economy.” Verio facilitates
                                                     Competencies                                 the formation of strategic alliances
                                                                                                  and sharing of best practices through
                                                     Accrisoft works to forge strategic           its strong reseller partner community,
                                                     alliances so it can concentrate on           partner summits, and its partner portal.
                                                     software development and business
                                                     consultancy with its clients. “When
                                                     you try to build your own Web hosting
                                                     infrastructure from the ground up, you
                                                                                                  About Accrisoft
                                                     end up cobbling things together. The
                                                     result is a lot of headaches,” says Kline.   Accrisoft is changing the rules when
“The Verio platform is tried                         “The Verio platform is tried and true.       it comes to creating, building, and
and true. It’s a complete                            It’s a complete solution that brings         maintaining Web sites that increase
solution that brings us                              us peace of mind and a competitive           profits, enhance productivity, and
peace of mind and a                                                                               improve communications. Accrisoft
                                                                                                  Freedom™ web empowerment software
competitive advantage.”                              Verio allows Accrisoft the latitude
                                                                                                  enables all types of businesses and
                                                     to embrace its core competency:
Jeff Kline, Founder, CEO and                                                                      organizations to rapidly and cost-
                                                     assisting customers to Web-enable their
                                                                                                  effectively create, build, and manage
President, Accrisoft                                 business. “The value we bring to our
                                                                                                  their own websites to increase
                                                     customers resides in the relationships
                                                                                                  revenues, decrease expenses and
                                                     we’re able to establish and the domain
                                                                                                  enhance customer communications.
                                                     expertise we have in helping them
                                                                                                  Accrisoft Freedom customers can
                                                     to grow and manage their business.
                                                                                                  easily transform their websites in
                                                     We help them bring more of their
                                                                                                  order to market products and services,
                                                     business online. Our SMB customers
                                                                                                  automate business processes,
                                                     are able to leverage the Web to
                                                                                                  capitalize on e-commerce, and leverage
                                                     increase revenue, decrease expenses,
                                                                                                  the full power of the Internet via a
                                                     enhance productivity and improve
                                                                                                  modular, pay-as-you-grow model.
                                                     communication in the same way that
                                                     Fortune 500 companies do.”                   Accrisoft is a privately held company
                                                                                                  headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.
                                                     Accrisoft has continued to grow in
                                                                                                  Accrisoft serves a wide range of
                                                     acquiring more customers, attributing
                                                                                                  customers including retail establishments,
                                                     its relationship with Verio to driving
                                                                                                  government departments, healthcare
                                                     15-20 percent of its business growth.
                                                                                                  facilities, trade associations, educational
                                                     “In this economy and in the technology
                                                                                                  institutions, media companies, not-for-
                                                     business, the rules of the game are
                                                                                                  profit organizations, chambers of
                                                     constantly changing,” he explains. “You
                                                                                                  commerce, along with a growing roster of
                                                     go to sleep with your clothes on. It’s
                                                                                                  other businesses.
                                                     important to create strategic alliances

       PA R T N E R P R O G R A M
                                                     and exchange best practices in order to
                                                     ensure success and continue to grow
                                                                                                     For more information, visit:

                                    Visit at www.viaverio.com or call 1-888-224-9346 to learn more about us

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