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					Driving traffic to your website can be a time consuming task. However, these simple tips
can help you increase traffic and convert those visitors into actual customers.

   1. Title of the URL of your main and secondary pages

   Originally, my title was to learn the techniques of SEO | SEO Learning Urdu Book |
   Expert SEO and PageRank Pakistan. If I wanted the first two words Learn SEO
   techniques currently using Overture (no longer available but can be replaced
   AdWords Google) I found a little over 4,000 keyword searches. By using this tool,
   entered several keywords and found that the term education and training had more
   than 210,000 searches for the previous month. The research also recommends that the
   length does not exceed 77 characters title and so continued the investigation of the
   most effective keywords on par with my first two terms. In addition, further reading
   suggests that indicate the location within this title. Although the title may be
   completed over the recommended length, this is fine because search engines do not
   read more than 77 characters. Furthermore, as the construction or revision of each
   page, make sure you have the title of the right keywords. I am currently doing for my
   site, because as mentioned above Learn SEO techniques are not a popular search

   2. Content

   Both my coach and my internet marketing marketing consultant acknowledged that
   the content of my site I wrote the editorial quality was exceptional. His praise made
   me feel great. However, both told me that the content does not "sell an igloo to an
   Eskimo." This was not what I wanted to hear after spending hundreds of hours
   writing this exceptional content. I am currently reviewing each page and rewrite the
   content using a content marketing approach rather than a publisher. I had not
   achieved a basic lesson in marketing - write to the public needs through the
   identification of potential benefits is not your experience.

   3. The search words

   Again using the site mentioned in tip # 1, I started writing the content and then
   checked the words and phrases to ensure they are included in the content. Writing in
   Microsoft Word, the writer can go to the Edit button and navigate to the Search icon.
   When you enter a word or phrase, this useful tool will check how many times in the
   document. A note of caution - Be careful not to overload your content with the search
   words because the robots are highly sophisticated and can distinguish this overload.

   4. Call to Action

   Within the content of each page must be a call to action. Visitors are encouraged to
   sign up for a free newsletter or contact your office by phone or email. It can also
   provide links to other pages within your website, such as "click to listen read more

5. Thematic Approach

Using a theme attracts search engines to go through every page of your site. The issue
may be your unique selling proposition. In addition, a thematic approach encourages
visitors to visit more than one or two pages.

6. The use of images, graphics and Flash

The images are much more effective than clip art. Remember to use a variety of
genres and ethnicities, because your Internet audience is very diverse. Beware of flash
and other graphics that are time consuming as it may consume too much time to
download. Many visitors leave the site if the site is downloaded in seconds. Time is
money not only for you, but visitors as well.

7. Free offers

Visitors like to receive offers free brochures to ezine articles to the recommendations
of books and other sites. Attracting visitors with gifts and have to come back for

8. Regular updates

This place has to be updated regularly to encourage search engines to visit your site
continuously. A static site is not good for web traffic or building relationships with
your visitors. Build a plan to revisit your pages to create new content for the search
engines. TIP: Remember to check the keywords as they update their pages.

9. Perfection and construction

Since web sites should not be static, perfection is an ongoing experiment. Do not wait
until the content is perfect. Load and then watch your stats. Construction should not
be forever, however, prioritize the pages to update first. If you need to add a page, do
it and mark it as "Under Construction". Right now I have several new pages "Under
Construction" and still have yet to check all my pages. Working with a plan (see tip
8), I have plans to complete the entire site within the next 30 days. And then again at
least 2 pages each month to update the content.

These last two months have been an incredible learning experience for me, and to
keep working on my site to expand the traffic and therefore potential customers. For
example, one of the most visible has been a 300% increase in one of my pages
checked. Although the site is still under construction has pages, I know that after
these 9 simple tips that continue to multiply traffic and ultimately increase my
customer base.

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Description: Driving traffic to your website can be a time consuming task. However, these simple tips can help you increase traffic and convert those visitors into actual customers.