Use HBr and CO 2 to show the by 0Ccf04c


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                                        Review Ch. 6
Write the: Name, Draw the Lewis structure, Shape of molecule, Draw the molecule for the
    CH4, H2O, BF3, C2H4, C2H6, NO2-1, NH3, O3, SO42-, SF6, SF4 XeCl2, PF5, CO32-
    1. What is the difference between a polar, non-polar, and ionic bond.
    2. What does bond length tell about a bond? Explain.
    3. What electron configuration do atoms usually achieve by sharing electrons to form
        covalent bonds? Use HBr and CO2 to show the orbital diagram representation.
    4. Classify the following compounds as ionic or covalent:
                  a) MgCl2
                  b) Na2S
                  c) H2O
                  d) H2S
    5. How many electrons do two atoms in a double covalent bond share? How many in a
        triple covalent bond?
    6. Explain what is meant by bond dissociation energy.
    7. How do electronegativity values determine the charge distribution in a polar covalent
    8. Explain Draw the electron dot structure for each molecule. Identify polar covalent
        bonds by assigning slightly positive (δ+) and slightly negative (δ-) symbols to the
        appropriate atoms.
            a. BrCl
            b. HBr
            c. H2O
    9. Not every molecule with polar bonds is polar. Use CCl4 as an example.
    10. What is an Alkane? Alkene? Alkyne?
    Draw the following:
    25. 2,2 diethyl 4 heptene                              26. Propanoic acid
    27. cylcopentane                                       28. Methyl benzene
    29. butyl hexyl ether                                  30. 2-pentynal



            C     C    C    C      Br


   32.                 OH OH

            C     C    C    C
33.                                               O

        C    C       C       C    C       C       C       OH

34.          CH3             OH           OH          OH

        C    C       C       C    C       C           C        C       C



         C       C       C    C       O       C           C        C       C   C

 36.                         Cl   Cl                  O

                             C    C           C       C        C           C

 37. Make an organic structure from the following C3H7O2 .
 38. The following are incorrectly named…Why? And rename the structure.
        a. 3-methyl 1-butanone
        b. 2-ethyl propane
        c. 1-propyl hexane
        d. 4-methyl 3-pentene
        e. 4,4-dimethyl 5,6 hexandiol

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